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deleted 31 points ago
PyroSphere 29 points ago

This guy has no business running for president. He couldn't run a lemonade stand without a staff to help him. Trump is going to devastate JoePedo.

dancn 5 points ago

The only people who can crush joe are the people who go out and vote. If you wanted to know when the time is to start coordinating efforts to get people out to vote, its now.

GuacBowls 3 points ago

I think Dems are secretly fine with Chinese Virus devastating public life just in time to hide the fact that their candidate belongs in a nursing home. Their best bet is to cancel the conventions and debates and hope people vote for him because he's a (D).

donald_zuramp 20 points ago

If you have been watching Biden during these primaries. There has been a noticeable change in him after Iowa. They started pumping him full of uppers to combat the "Sleepy Joe" label Trump slapped on him.

And it worked sorta. He has had more energy for sure, but too bad it didn't make him smarter. It made him more irritable and he started snapping at randos at events just left and right.

He looks like a zombie in this clip. Either he couldn't get his meds, or he's building a tolerance too fast and they aren't working.

To be completely honest his own team might kill him before the election because they are pushing him too hard.

Thenew23rd 7 points ago

Good analysis.

FreeBased1 6 points ago

Literally Hitler

(Hitler's Doc pushing all those drugs into him)

Thenew23rd 4 points ago

That's really not a bad analogy. If candidates had to be drug tested, 99 chances out of a 100 Biden's campaign would come to a screeching halt.

deleted 4 points ago
ProudConservativeNY [S] 16 points ago

What a joke.

He is helpless without a teleprompter.

PhantomShield72 2 points ago

Hey, why are we dragging Obama into this?

spez_inthe_turdpond 16 points ago

Holy shit, Fat...

incogneato 14 points ago

This is all just a setup for Hillary to the Rescue. Watch. It's coming.

the_bird 7 points ago

They are drugging him not to help him. They are now drugging him to look bad at the right time so you can put a last minute candidate in.

incogneato 3 points ago

I could completely believe that. He's gotten much worse lately, and very unpredictable. Deliberately drugging him to get the reactions they think they want.

Biden is a criminal but this is not how civilized people handle that

It's all about HRC


ed_shaw 11 points ago

"These crusher cases"?? WTH was that all about?

Siteless_Vagrant 10 points ago

Whaaaat the fuck was that? Are they supposed to be feeding him lines or something?

Kyro5411 3 points ago


sickofaltspin 1 point ago

The idiot running his teleprompter was scrolling too slow. He has the worst A/V team in all of media.

hollow_fang 8 points ago

Wonder how he's going to do in the debates against Trump...

donald_zuramp 5 points ago

there's a 50/50 chance he won't live that long.

He's very very old. And they are pumping him full of drugs to keep him semi coherent and conscious.

If he contracts the Chinese Coronavirus from China, he's dead. If they pump him full of too many uppers, his heart's gonna fuckin explode.

Wheredidiputit 3 points ago


The_kool_mom 8 points ago

Agreed he is wanting teleprompter to go. What is he even talking about, anyway? “Activate the reserve Corp of doctors and nurses”? My good friend is a nurse and she said they aren’t short staffed at her hospital, they are short of personal protection equipment! What reserve of doctors and nurses is he talking about anyway?

ArchieInTheBunker 5 points ago

Exactly. Somebody said "they should activate the doctors/nurses in the reserves!" I'm like, uh.....they are the ones already in the hospitals. Do people think we have a strategic reserve of truck drivers with medical degrees?

LibertyorDeath45 4 points ago

You didn't know it was your turn next week?!

basedmama 7 points ago

Yes, he didn't lose his train of thought, his teleprompter wasn't right.

Pepe 6 points ago

The blurred biden logo. kek.

YDS2016 4 points ago

Honestly the first thing that struck me was they setup a campaign podium in his living room? hahahaha lame.

The kitchen table would be a much better choice.

Cardinal451 2 points ago

Wearing a suit . At home.

Cardinal451 3 points ago

Imagine a president giving daily addresses to give the nation confidence and that happening. Every day.

Kyro5411 3 points ago

let's beef up the number of doctors and nurses.

Ok there, bucko. It's not like there's been a medical staffing shortage of over a million people for decades. "Wave a magic wand, it something?!"

deleted 3 points ago
Lawless 2 points ago

This is the best the dems have

jtiger 1 point ago

Nice tie

sickofaltspin 1 point ago

This fucker can't manage a modern high school level A/V nerd team.

He's waving because the teleprompter operator is scrolling too slow.

Look at the early media from his campaign, every microphone is over modulated.

Look at the embarrassing "press conference" where he ended up having to use an iPhone as a mic and walked off camera. The Zoom system they used has a 9 page manual. 9 pages. Average of two sentences per page and pictures. They couldn't figure out how to remove hiss with the built in compression then left the fucking mics open so the baby crying took the focus away, then ended up having the audio out of phase leading to the emergency iPhone when manually muting the mics would have fixed it.

And the fucking libs want this shit head in CHARGE of the Executive branch!?

flabbyfanny1 1 point ago

Yaaaaaawn - so dull. This video should be prescribed to people with insomnia.

stylecouncilor 1 point ago

Low ceiling Joe.

Deplorable_Badger 1 point ago

Is it just me or does Biden look like he was the banjo boy in the movie Deliverence? "Hey Joe, where's your banjo?".

OMC-RADIO 1 point ago

You know... I don't even like this fucker but still can't stand to see a wounded animal suffer.

His brain is broken.

The sad irony of it all is that the democrats believe he's our best choice to lead the United States.

Trumpdidit 0 points ago

Another Democratic Historical Moment in history, that will never be forgotten.