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Scalpmaster 5 points ago

I live in Florida and run in very mixed circles. People are impressed with how the White House is handling this and know we are about to be shut down. They seem to be blaming the media for hysteria and are accepting of whats going on.

EricCiaremella [S] 2 points ago

And no, fucking pricks drinking beer on the beach running through some whore's ass crack are not heroes.

They're fucking morons endangering everybody - and especially hurting Trump.

thupertheriousth 1 point ago

I’m interested to know why some are openly advocating we suspend all rights and liberties of citizens in a free society. Seems as if we’re comfortable now with how the Chinese do things. Should we next start enforcing lockdowns with the business end of a rifle? I’m sure the North Koreans would approve of that as well.

deleted 1 point ago
45forever 0 points ago

bars have been closed since 3/16.

deleted 1 point ago