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spez_this 32 points ago

The lockdowns are happening at the state level. Remember this during the next state election cycle.

uvontheterrible 19 points ago

Exactly. Hold governors accountable for their actions. In fact, once this is over, start recall petitions.

TD_Covfefe_Crusader 6 points ago

Yes. Feds have issued guidelines only.

RighteousHo 6 points ago

For now, I have no doubt a total lockdown is coming. But the Administration and DHS is right for denying the public reaction would be ruinous. Just prepare and be ready for extended sheltering.

AlphaOmaga 1 point ago

Right as stimulus money promised to those affected.

Fuck ton of restaurants closed too. Option: stay open and take a few grand of compensation while paying your employees? Or close indefinitely cause corona and take twice the amount and keep it all for yourself?