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Nellie_the_Beaut 20 points ago

I’ve read a few posts on here that claim Dianne Feinstein sold many millions in stock after that meeting. Haven’t seen any official reports yet.

Pumpingiron_Patriot 13 points ago

Feinstein and Pelosi sold too.

MythArcana 10 points ago

Pelosi has been insider trading for 30 years. She's an old pro at this.

millipede55 [S] 12 points ago

I doubt we will hear about that from "The Daily Beast".

Goodquestionidiot 3 points ago

I'm sure (I should say that I hope) that there will be others exposed. I don't care what party they belong to. If they traded on information that came from a closed-door meeting, then they belong in jail.

Squidproblow 10 points ago

Feinstein sold 1-3 million.

marsajane1949 4 points ago

So did Pelosi. Tucker better talk about all that as well

Jeff85 9 points ago

They have been crooks longer. They can hide it better.

Blue_Suede_Shoes_ 3 points ago

Progressives are the party of thieves. They want to steal from Americans and redistribute it to themselves. How else do civil servants who earn $174,000 per annum suddenly find themselves flush with mansions, lakeside homes, and millions in the bank? Democrats continue to advocate for "compassionate" policies which will only fatten their lobbyists’ purses and increase their own political grift.

TakingCoatsWIN 5 points ago

At least they are establishment RINOS and not MAGA Republicans. we need to get MAGA folks in those seats, especially Burr who wanted to subpoena Don Jr.

Shit___taco 3 points ago

Why are people bitching about this. I was talking about this back in December and made the decision to liquidate my stock and by a house further away from the city. I did this months ago because of the Chinese flu.

They said it was SARS, and from videos, the entire world could see it was not being contained a very long time ago.

couranto 3 points ago

This is good for Collins.

Pepega 3 points ago

I moved my 401k to cash around 29000 put back in at 21000, riding it out. I used my big brain time to do it. Not rocket science to know we are in a huge bubble that never popped, just shrunk briefly last time... then did absolutely nothing to fix it. I was waiting for trumps second term hoping he blew it all a part. But maybe i'm dreaming. The game is rigged and been played for so long... Idk if 8 years non stop could have even undone it all.

Swolehas 1 point ago

When is the primary with Doug Collins coming up?

Count_Dyscalculia 1 point ago

Barr and the DOJ, along with the FBI, are only concerned with the investigation and prosecution of Supporters and Potential Supporters of Trump. All others are under their protection due to "Current Investigations".

nachosamplerREBORN 1 point ago

They need to be tired in a court, regardless of party. Did they really have inside info? Were their comments to friends their opinions or did they really convey different info to the public. Many people, rich, investors, quants, funds, etc...sold, but many bought - nobody really knows what’s going to happen. Did they sell everything or did they just protect a % of their money just in case? This is not as cut and dry as what people think but it does need to be investigated and if swap people they need to go.

NoStumpoElTrumpo 1 point ago

Swamp is swamp...gotta look past R and D labels. Burr is swamp critter thru and thru.

CnnWillBlackmailYou 0 points ago

I honestly don't know what about this is news.