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Choppermagic 2 points ago

Im also trying to figure out how i can cash in the cheap gas. I wish i had a tanker to fill up while the prices are so low!!!

HungNavySeal300Kills 1 point ago

It's possible oil will decline to negative prices, in which case the cost of storage exceeds the cost of selling it which is under the cost of manufacture.

In other words they will be paying people to take it off them....

C_Jonesy 1 point ago

So then will they start paying me to fill up my tank? That’s more like it! 😜

HungNavySeal300Kills 1 point ago

Unfortunately literally never, truckers will always need to be paid so the minimum price is for a trucker to pick it up from the plant and for the gas station to run his business and dispense it. But we'll get close!