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Spacecherub 89 points ago +89 / -0 (edited)

Trump and Saudi Arabia are allies against the Russian/Iranian partnership. Trump did take advantage of the situation like a BOSS, but Saudi Arabia's ultimate goal is to fuck with Russia's oil industry.

Does anyone wonder why Trump doesn't condemn or publicly support Saudi Arabia besides his foriegn policies? He doesn't want to politicize a valuable relationship in the middle east. Iran, Russia, and China is our enemy, and every action Saudi Arabia/Trump has made is to counter their imperialism.

Edit: purchasing oil from Saudi Arabia at low prices is a plus for both of us. Saudi Arabia trusts Trump with their weapons, security, industry, and military operations. The oil Saudi Arabia has can last for decades, they're flooding the market with a sliver of a fraction of what they own. Saudi Arabia will continue this operation until Russia concedes, which is a win for us.