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Of course there is concern trolling dude. People are out of jobs. What do you expect those of us who are laid off for who knows how long to do?

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Learn to code.

Seriously though, I was driving trucks now I'm planning a global supply chain due to my excel and programming skills. Unemployment in between shitty jobs was the only time I made big leaps. Took me 6 months to get capable, about a year to do very cool shit with cloud servers and websites.

There is a huge jobs boom right now with IT companies needing foreign workers like crazy. Americans for some reason would rather work as waiters and pool boys. They think computers are beyond them. Sad!

Lots of free time for millions of americans is coming up, but how the rest of their lives will look like is up to them.

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My job is paying us for two weeks. I imagine after that we're going to need to lay off everyone. If they don't bring us back I'm high considering either a job in the trades or a job in coding.

I have no idea where to start for a job in coding though.

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As a lifelong techworker who has had titles ranging from programmer/data scientist/systems engineer/software company manager... you do realize that there is a hard limit on tech jobs right? Like it can never be more than maybe at most 20% of the workforce (barring some future dystopian robot takeover).

There just isnt THAT much tech work to do... The demand is for good coders, not people who took an online course to find a job.

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HungNavySeal300Kills 6 points ago +6 / -0

Ok, don't worry about it but keep poking at it. Dozens of companies worth trillions of dollars are desperately wishing you could code so there is a crazy amount of excellent programs offered for free etc.

Trades is also a great option, it's good for people who are hands on and like being their own boss. Takes a while to get there in tech or white collar.

However if you're looking at tech, you have a few technical career paths. Front end, back end, full stack, web dev. Etc.

You can even combine trades and tech and become a network engineer.

For immediate work, trades as an apprentice is your best bet. You need some technical foundation to get the entry level IT jobs. Which you can get from coursera. Check this out today!!!


I personally highly recommend https://www.udacity.com/

A tech career is kinda like being a race car driver, no one is going to want you when you're learning but give it a couple months and you can do amazing shit and make it look easy. It will take discipline and a constant drive to learn more and always expand your portfolio with more projects in new skills.

Trades is looking for a master craftsman. But they know you're an idiot who cant be trusted so they'll make you fetch wrenches and drive them around like a chauffeur. All good things come in time. After a few years you start your own business and have your wife manage it. Easy money. Can never be outsourced.

Whatever you do, do not get dejected. That's what our enemies want. Read history and understand that we can survive on potatoes and one outfit of clothing, but instead we decided to build spaceships once we escaped serfdom. Globalists want us back to being serfs, not me I say.

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Trades is looking for a master craftsman.

This sounds like much better advice. The demand is for great coders, and frankly for the vast bulk of people unless you have a real interest/inherent personality type you won't ever be a great coder, likely never even be a good one unless you're really into it.

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DarkMemeDuck 7 points ago +8 / -1

I'm with you. I'm kind of done listening to all the baseless Q larping. If there isn't a source, my first reaction is "Well, that's awesome if it's true. It's also probably not true."

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The purchase is true. Some of the analysis is bullshit. The Saudi's and Russians were in a price war. It had zero to do with targeting US oil to try to put them out of business.

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You don’t know. It’d be brilliant from Trump’s perspective and I think he and MbS work a lot closer than is let on. We sell Saudi’s cheap weapons, from what I’ve read they started the price war (at Trump’s direction is the speculation) and sell us cheap oil, Russia and Iran get simul-fucked, US and Saudi’s both profit.

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The hole I see in this theory of being intentional is that Trump would know that an oil slash coupled with a correction level stock market would further crash the market and send pre-recession signals.

As good as he is, you can’t be 100% sure of macroeconomic and crowd psychology once an event kicks off.

I think Russia made their move independently (or with China and the democrats) to further stress the system and crash Trump’s economy.

Saudi Arabia knew that their next best move was to match Russia and let Trump know about it.

Trump, the apex business predator that he is, saw the opportunity to do all the things mentioned in that article as opportunity outcomes.

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I like your theory tbh. But, I’ve noticed Trump does things he know will hurt them market under the cover of an already hurting market. Just look at 4Q18.

DarkMemeDuck 6 points ago +6 / -0

At the very least it looks like Trump got our oil reserves back, and that's a very good thing.