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The_Peter 9 points ago (edited)

The NRA is the Trey Gowdy of gun advocacy groups. I agree with what they say but I'm not exactly sure what they do sometimes...

The NRA needs to remember there's more to the 2nd amendment then this sexy high profile stuff that everybody sees. I think they've gotten a little to fat and happy. Sure they talk big with their "Biden wants to ban AR-14's isn't he stupid" but where were they in Virginia? handing out 30 round magazines? That's not what members pay their dues for.

This isn't a wholesale criticism of the NRA or the good that they do, I just think that they're kind of used to "going through the motions" and forget that there are other really good (or even better) pro 2A lobbies like GOA or SAF.

So by all means join the NRA, but don't forget that's your only (or best) option.

kittydoses 6 points ago

It's controlled opposition. We need a gun rights group that's gets boots on the ground to raise signatures to get measures on the ballot. We need a gun rights group that plays offense

Strategerium 1 point ago

the Trey Gowdy of gun advocacy groups.

That is beautiful. The perfect damning by faint praise.

zerofoo 5 points ago

I'm an NRA Endowment life member - that said - the entire leadership of the NRA from LaPierre down needs to be replaced.

GOA and SAF get my money now.

Jikemenkins 2 points ago

I've got quite a freedom boner from that guys video!

not_a_shill 2 points ago

Not even a little brutal.

Rattler1775 2 points ago

Shut up and take my money!

gogueofreeee 1 point ago

That dude fucks.