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marsajane1949 6 points ago

Na, they still got talking points and an email this morning telling them what to say. It probably said to calm down the rhetoric for a few because it was hurting them and showing the people who the enemy is. They will be back at it in a day or so.

PewPew_ThaDuK 5 points ago

did they get cold feet on wrecking the economy?

schism 5 points ago

Google algos go offline and now this? Our upside-down world has turned upside-down

TrumpPump 1 point ago

Right side up : )

45forever 4 points ago

Totally trying to gain some brownie points with public since they know damn well people are blaming them for their completely different coverage of N1H1 (lol) and the Chinese corona virus. Strange days with google, etc. Some back peddling going on? Temporary, I’m sure.

holytrpbatman 3 points ago

It's only a matter of time until they flip allegiance, and hang Leftardia out to dry.

RiverFenix 2 points ago

this woman is about to get fired..

slickrock 1 point ago

This should please the cucks who can't go a day without CNN.