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Trumper007 205 points ago

LOL Thats a hit at BARR.

ProphetOfKek 87 points ago

Trust Sessions! Trust the plan!

basicevent 61 points ago

Sessions is still working behind the scenes with Mooch, Kelly, Miller, Mueller, Rosenstein, Horowitz, Huber, and Durham to take down the coup plotters! They have to work slowly to build a rock-solid case before making their move! The timing will be perfect for the 2020 election and Obama will go to jail!

Snipthetipandsip 59 points ago

I'm not sure if this is satire or real. Clown world!

basicevent 42 points ago


deleted 5 points ago
Viiiii 19 points ago

This is the talking point created to make Sessions seem like not a deepstate swamp bad guy like he is. If you checked the actual numbers, they’ve arrested roughly the same amount of pedos as any other administration. Sessions isn’t doing anything extra And he’s not some silent legendary pedo Hunter, you’ve just been told he is and you believed it because you are just like anyone else who only reads headlines.

deleted 9 points ago
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VoterIDMatters 4 points ago

That’s fucking false though. Trump’s administration has arrested 4-5x as many human traffickers as Obama.

Ghostof_PatrickHenry 3 points ago

Yeah, what you just said is completely false, and everybody here is dumber for having read it.

There is so much evidence that human trafficking is coming to a halt. Websites being shut down. Thousands of pedos being arrested. The wall being built.

Anybody trying to convince others that the pedos aren't suffering, under Trump, is either a shill or remarkably uninformed.

snoopy3210 7 points ago


VoterIDMatters 0 points ago

To do nothing again?

weallscreamforMAGA 2 points ago

+1 Honk

= Two honks

Razeontherock 1 point ago


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wrongaddress 6 points ago

I know, but we a have been waiting patiently for this to go down. With Qanon pushing things to happen quick, but a joyous day will come. What's the saying about the patient man... web search beeps boop bop..

"Beware the fury of a patient man." - John Dryden

LadyWhoLovesTrump 3 points ago

Is this real? Cuz I dont trust sessions or Barr

basicevent 3 points ago

It’s a joke based on posts that I’ve seen over the years.

Rooster-J-Cogburn 1 point ago (edited)

You my friend are a complete moron.

  • Edit: I'm the moron, I don't read good.
basicevent 1 point ago

So which is it, don’t have any context or you’re a “Trust Sessions” fool?

Rooster-J-Cogburn 3 points ago

Hey my bad, I didn't catch the satire. Fuck Sleepy.

basicevent 1 point ago

No worries. It was so subtle 😂

hillaryforprison 14 points ago

I don't trust snakes.

weallscreamforMAGA 3 points ago

I trust neither snakes nor snopes

kesquare2 6 points ago

It makes you look like a leftist when you mock a subset of Trump supporters that know more than most on this site about what is going on in DC.

Especially when you cherry pick one buzz line from 2 years ago and disregard everything else.

ProphetOfKek 28 points ago

I don’t really care what you think about how I look. The onus is on the DOJ to prove they aren’t swampy. When Barr supported Stones conviction and didn’t prosecute McCabe, all willingness I had to grant him any benefit of the doubt was gone.

kesquare2 2 points ago

Except that Barr didn't make the decision to not prosecute McCabe.

That isn't how the DoJ works.

Did you bother finding out who declined to prosecute McCabe?

ProphetOfKek 13 points ago (edited)

And he doesn’t get to weigh in on this at all? Sounds like he was passing the buck.

Edit: I’ll be happy to eat my hat if he comes through. Just as I said for Sessions.

DickTick -1 points ago

Remindme! 10 months tasty hats!

Oh wait..... Damn

kesquare2 -3 points ago

I'm not saying Barr is doing a good job or bad job.

I'm pointing out there are many people responsible.

I can't find a single instance where the AG overruled a US Attorney's decision to not prosecute someone.

With Sessions people simply expected him to do things he wasn't hired or directed to do.

UnrealDonaldTrump 4 points ago

Lol, he was expected to do exactly what he was hired to do, but recused himself from.

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Robert -4 points ago

Literally no AG would have signed an ILLEGAL FISA HOAX that they knew was bought and paid for by Hillary-fucking-Clinton, that targets their POTUS.

In the end, what did Sessions do wrong? All of this yelling is over Sessions recusing from participating and wasting ALL of his time on a fucking HOAX. Has it really gotten to the point where you can't see what's right in front of you?

Instead of getting tied up in an illegal, bullshit hoax, Trump's attorney general was able to continue doing his job while literally assigning someone to actually investigate the illegal coup that was targeting his POTUS, and left Swamp Rod to deal with the hoax and signing off on the illegal warrants.

I mean, just imagine the alternative, if Sessions had wasted all of his time investigating Trump with Mueller instead. You somehow think Sessions signing off on the FISA would have been better? Or are you going to interrupt your opponent in the middle of a crime, instead of catching them once you find them red-handed?

When Trump says "I caught the Swamp", what do you think he means? He didn't say "I caught part of the swamp", he says he caught the whole damn thing. He set them up and this was a honey pot for bad actors to get caught up in.

deleted 10 points ago
Robert 1 point ago (edited)

This is what passes for an upvoted comment? Not even a response, but a fucking 20 year old movie quote?

None of that was an argument that addressed my comment, if anyone deserves the comment you just wrote, it's yourself.

Honestly, WHY would anyone sign an illegal FISA warrant? What conservative would ruin their long, esteemed careers over an illegal FISA warrant that used evidence cooked up by Hillary?

Name ONE AG that would have signed off on an illegal FISA they knew was obtained with Hillary's paid-for evidence.

I'll keep waiting.

basicevent 4 points ago

The issue was not that Sessions wouldn’t sign off an an illegal FISA warrant, but that he didn’t kill the sham investigation.

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Maaam 1 point ago

Liar liar reference

Octavio 8 points ago

Billy Madison reference.

Razeontherock 1 point ago

Robert, Sessions could've shut the whole coup down instead of recusing himself and letting asswipes make a coup attempt.

He should've been able to see the FISA bs, the Steele bs, and turned the investigation to the CIA FBI.

Robert 2 points ago

Robert, Sessions could've shut the whole coup down instead of recusing himself and letting asswipes make a coup attempt.

Keep in mind, this coup attempt was started prior to the Russia probe. The FISA app had them spying on Trump during the CAMPAIGN. Trump kinda needed to expose them and prove that he was being spied on before and after becoming president.

Stopping it in the middle of the process clearly wasn't in Trump's deck of cards here. Instead, Sessions recusing meant that not only did he not have to waste time on the Russia probe that went literally nowhere and would have prevented Sessions from accomplishing ANYTHING, but also that Rod would have to sign the illegal FISA renewal or blow the whistle himself.

What happened after the asswipes made a coup attempt? Trump proudly boasted "I caught the swamp!" How do you think he did that?

It's because Jeff Sessions started a counter-investigation into the coup plotters immediately after recusing. The illbegotten Russia probe resulted in Trump busting all of them, literally thanks to Sessions. It was a sting, and he caught them all by LETTING them undertake a coup knowing they had nothing.

Trump could have shut down the whole coup instead of leaving Sessions to recuse, as well.

TLDR: Sessions opted to run a counter-investigation, fast forward a year later and Trump is boasting about how he caught the swamp and that people will be happy with Durham's results. It should be pretty clear for anyone to see what happened here.

Razeontherock 2 points ago

Thanks for the reply. I was hoping for this as things developed.

If prosecutions aren't wrapped up by 11/3 and D's cheat their way into a Trump loss, nothing comes of it. Nobody's in handcuffs yet. No early AM raids. With this much time, D prosecution had gotten convictions. Of innocent men.

Too much at stake to be letting everyone off the hook. If we come off lockdown to find Gitmo full of deep state crooks, ok. Otherwise? You're selling a pipe dream.

I'd love to be proven wrong.

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Razeontherock 2 points ago

Yes, this is what I've constantly said to everyone: the coup started June 2016, if not before.

Stick to our guns!

Spezdrinksassjuice 11 points ago

Do they know more? Or do they THINK they know more.

If Sessions is a good guy, why isnt Trump endorsing him for Senate? If it was all part of the plan, wouldn't it be the least Trump could do to endorse "Stealth Jeff". We all know a Trump endorsement is key.

kesquare2 -1 points ago

Trump is endorsing Sessions because he fucked up recusal and isn't electable. That's pretty obvious.

That doesn't mean he's some traitor or "bad guy" like most love to claim.

It also doesn't mean he is "Stealth Jeff" which is also ridiculous.

You are picking the tiny Sessions part of the Q storyline and trying to disprove everything based on that.

You know Trump promised to release his tax returns during his campaign and then didn't. Does that mean his entire MAGA agenda is a lie?

Spezdrinksassjuice 3 points ago

But then how can Q claim to be all knowing and say Sessions was "part of the plan"?...then have that part not come through.

and yes Jeff did fuck up recusal, we all knew that. But was that part of the plan? Was Mueller being on Trumps tail for 2-3 years part of the plan? I think if Trump DID endorse Sessions, it would actually lend some credence that it was part of the "plan". Being a senator and being an AG are two different ball games.

There seems to be some random ominous things that "come true" but how much of that is really a roll of the dice of a prediction or prophecy? So the Sessions thing didnt come to fruition, does that mean that the justice of the main players of the Russia hoax won't come to fruition? (Yes yes sealed indictments, but those could be for cartel members or whatever. Still good. But not what we REALLY want to see).

If they do end up arresting somebody big, Brennan, Comey, Clapper, or Hillary...ill eat my words and praise Q to high heaven.

kesquare2 3 points ago

You are using Sessions as the cornerstone which I think is a mistake.

I personally think the whole Q thing is one of two things:

  • A massive larp and everything is false
  • An actual group of insiders that are spreading tons of internal leads with some predictions not turning out to be correct for a thousand possible reasons.

Sessions as the cornerstone doesn't fit though.

He was strong on crime and illegal immigration for his entire career, not on busting up corruption.

So he gets to be AG and he.... is strong on crime and illegal immigration, but weak on corruption.

I'm not surprised and I doubt Trump was surprised. Doesn't mean he wasn't pissed.

But the whole "stealth jeff", "silent executioner" thing is likely bullshit.

In equal measures the narrative of Sessions being a traitor or plant in Trump's campaign is also likely bullshit.

The guy was as predictable as a politician ever could be.

Personally I love what Sessions did as AG simply for what he did with illegal immigration.

I don't care about recusal or the swamp because the Mueller investigation and impeachment helped Trump.

Robert 0 points ago

How did Jeff fuck up recusal though?

Honestly, just think about it from a rational perspective. Imagine you're Trump's AG and you've been presented with a warrant that you know was illegally obtained.

WHY would anyone sign that illegal FISA warrant? They saw the evidence used to obtain it. What conservative would ruin their long, esteemed careers over an illegal FISA warrant that used evidence cooked up by Hillary Clinton?

How was assigning it to Rod Rosenstein not the smartest play here? He put a swamp creature in charge of a swamp investigation meant to tie up the POTUS and his AG. It was NEVER going anywhere because they NEVER had any evidence.

It was meant to tie up Trump's AG and stall the Justice Department, and Sessions sidestepped it and hired Durham to investigate the coup that Rod was assigned to.

Literally just ignore your feelings about Sessions, because that's what Liberals love to rely on, and think about what ACTUALLY transpired here. Now consider that Trump's hands are going to be clean when they're all executed.

HermitKidd -2 points ago

The theory is optics. When Sessions gets involved in punishing Trumps enemies they wont want it to look like cronyism.

Spezdrinksassjuice 2 points ago

Ahhh so it's 17D underwater badmitten....what a wizard.

snoopy3210 5 points ago


DittoHead 3 points ago

"but it will all work out"

How does he know it will?

NvJohansson 2 points ago

Fuck Q

deleted 1 point ago
Luvmyhub75 -2 points ago

Grow up

qweerty 2 points ago

To be fair Sessions did probably do a lot of work to set up all the wins on immigration.

SemperFree 2 points ago

Lol. LarpAnon

NvJohansson 1 point ago

Were getting hate for crapping on Q lol.

SemperFree 9 points ago

I don't care. 3 years is more than enough time to wait for justice. Haters can clearly illustrate what part of LarpAnon has come true.

I'm seeing a grand total of jack squat happening.

deleted -9 points ago
spezisacuckold 18 points ago

Imagine believing Q wasn’t a LARP


EpicTrump 15 points ago

What finally pissed me off enough to quit checking Q drops was Barr declining to prosecute McCabe. The posts that teased action and then having the “proof” be something that occurred a year later. The person who does the Q drops no doubt has inside knowledge and is high up at some level of government but I can’t help but feel it is just manipulating the public’s emotions. Some may enjoy the cryptic messages and the guessing game but I’m done with it. President Trump obviously has no love lost for Jeff Sessions so all the trust stuff was disinfo. Why, I can’t possibly imagine. All I can see is that photo of Barr, Rosenstain and Sessions looking all happy at the Rats send off. I only trust President Trump.

freedomconnoisseur 6 points ago

You should have quit long before that. Q is bullshit best left to Reddit.

NvJohansson 6 points ago

And the chans

Troll 4 points ago

The chans were never fountains of wisdom or "basedness." They were only good for posting images, but actual information is better for forums (like this one).

Looks like people are finally starting to understand it. I remember when 4chan was new, hated it then and still think it's shit.

OrangeFruitGood 2 points ago

I never liked it either.

deleted 2 points ago
spezisthedevil 24 points ago

..and the Republicans in Senate. Especially Lindsey Grahamnesty.

Thenew23rd 18 points ago

So it begins.

If Barr is paying attention he knows how it ends.

Shape up or ship out.

NvJohansson 18 points ago

I was about to drop the hammer on Hillary and all the coup plotters, but this Trump Tweet once again gave me anxiety and now l have to start all over - Barr probably

Thenew23rd 13 points ago

You have Barr's MO down to a fine art. 👍👍

deleted 12 points ago
Thenew23rd 8 points ago

Obama weaponized it.

bill_in_texas 16 points ago

Here's the unpleasant truth....Trump is ALSO not helping. Didn't he order shit declassified? He left it up to Barr to do it. Well, Barr isn't doing it, and is fighting the public disclosure of the coup tooth and nail.

Why hasn't Trump just fucking walked over to the DoJ and ordered the incriminating info to be released? I can only think it's because the vast majority of DoJ employees will disobey that direct order, and it will turn into a pissing contest. Trump doesn't know where the shit is actually kept....which file cabinet, which computer file, etc., and if the DoJ and FBI folks are willfully disobeying.....it's just really fucked up.

DittoHead 7 points ago

Agreed. I think it's like when he was elected in 2017 and tried to offer an olive branch to the deep state by maintaining holdovers. And look what happened to him.

Robert 4 points ago

Because it's all theater and Trump knows exactly what he's doing, and you'll notice how the opinion has swayed from "Trump's a 4D chess genius" to "Trump's a fucking moron" on a forum that's supposed to be a Trump rally.

Apparently Trump setting up a military operation to catch the swamp is too farfetched for the the anti-Q circlejerk, despite Trump tweeting out he "CAUGHT THE SWAMP" not "a major player in the swamp", but the whole damn swamp. Yeah no planning or anything he just went out and caught 'em with his bare hands. No bait, no live traps, no honeypots.

What's really fucked up is just how fiercely some assholes downvote Trump supporters who think Trump actually knows what he's fucking doing.

Razeontherock 2 points ago

We the People need to march on DC and clear the DoJ. Bill Burr could get more done than Bill Burr has, and he's a screaming lefty.

Clear the FBI and FISA Court while we're at it. Petition for the CIA to be shut down / eliminated.

kornesque 12 points ago

Totally. Power to the people, Tom is microcrowdsourcing and winning at keeping the pressure up.

jormungandr 80 points ago

Fitton be like "he's making it hard to do muh jerb with all these tweets!!!!!" Oh, wait, no he's not.

Keiichi81 30 points ago

"He's making people wonder why I'm not doing my job," more like.

HeavenlyMystery 70 points ago

Hillary must testify, then she will go to jail.

Spirit_of_Resistance 48 points ago

And the FBI must pay for what they engaged in during the multiple investigations she was involved in.

I'mmunities handed out, evidence destroyed, drafts of innocence written before any questioning.

There's a lot on Trump's shoulders because if things aren't cleaned up by the time he's out there's nobody else who can do it

HeavenlyMystery 24 points ago

I agree. You see, I have watched many series of FBI helping criminals do their thing, and in those series, they eventually get punished for it. In real life? Nope. As long as 'Orange Man Bad', anything is legal for them when they obviously break the Law.

Trump has 2020-2024 as the last and second term, he must put those bad people in jail.

americathegr888 10 points ago

Our country is a shambling walking corpse at this point, and not even most on the right notice.

astro_eng 3 points ago

It is a banana republic. Only the willfully ignorant disagree.

HanAssholeSolo 13 points ago

Good luck. We couldn’t even get Hunter Biden to testify in the impeachment hearing.

Rooster-J-Cogburn 3 points ago

If you think that bitch answers anything but "I don't recall" your a fucking fool.

youareabarbarian 1 point ago

Hillary won't "recall" shit.

donald_zuramp 61 points ago

I want to punch people who continue to downplay what she did.

She didn't use a third party email service like gmail, those emails could be subpoenaed.

She didn't use a third party data center to host the Clinton Foundation server, that server could have been subpoenaed.

She didn't even house the server at the CF corporate headquarters, that location could have been raided.


This is absolutely egregious and nobody would do this unless they were absolutely trying to hide shit from public scrutiny.

If TRUMP had EVER gone to such absurd lengths to keep his communications private, the media would CRUCIFY him and call this proof positive he is a foreign agent.

Absolutely absurd and the democrats still make jokes about it. Fucking traitors.

censorthisss 28 points ago

If TRUMP had EVER gone to such absurd lengths to keep his communications private, the media would CRUCIFY him and call this proof positive he is a foreign agent.


The double standards drive me crazy. I simply want every single government official to be held to the same standards, and to be punished accordingly.

1in1024th 5 points ago

The fun thing is; everybody knows; and everybody who's taking an honest look at both sides can see it. Trump's been investigated more than any person in the history of the U.S. Only the TDS sufferers think Hillary is innocent

ZacPetkanas 19 points ago

She had an uncleared, foreign national, enter her home SCIF to retrieve faxes from her secured fax.

But let's throw a salior in prison for taking a selfie in the engine room.

deleted 14 points ago (edited)
americathegr888 11 points ago (edited)

She sent TS-SCI and SAP classified documents to enemy nations and terrorist groups. If anyone else did this they would simply be disappeared.

The server itself isn't even the issue, it's the fact that she STOLE documents from classified programs she wasn't even sworn in on and sent them to terrorist groups and enemy nations.

Failing to arrest her and Obama on day one of Trump's presidency regardless of "muh optics" was a mistake and means that ultimately, Shitlery and Obongo will regain control of the country in 2024 no matter what.

Our country is dead in 2024 (mostly due to "muh based legal immigrants" who vote 90% left for life and hate the Constitution) no matter what. Unless patriots take decisive action.

deleted 7 points ago
MAGADUDE 6 points ago

It was a drop point. Highly classified stuff sold to foreign agents for a fee was its intent.

deleted 4 points ago
Nimble_Navigator 46 points ago

Bicep merchant putting in work

jive-ass-turkey 5 points ago

Somebody call a vet, Fitton's got a couple of sick pythons.

MissoulaWes1776 46 points ago

I'm so glad the "its happening" crowd seemed to stay on reddit, cuz its not happening.

Aquamine-Amarine 33 points ago

I'd like for it to happen, but I understand it's a long, annoying, slow as fuck process. These people should have been in jail back in 2017.

americathegr888 14 points ago

Except it's not a slow process if they're prosecuting Trump allies on fake charges. Then it's fast as hell.

Nothing is going to happen as long as people like Billy "Red Flaw Laws Nationwide" Barr is in charge.

fthecoup 13 points ago

Actually, there was and has been quite a contingent of that crowd here.

Lion_Party 20 points ago

Q believers are like a retarded cousin, you don't listen to them, but you still gotta invite them over when there is a get-together.

They are our family, just the idiots of the family.

4moreyears 7 points ago

But Hannity said so! /s

ZacPetkanas 5 points ago


:: eyeroll ::

Hlodvigovich915 4 points ago

I've lost all respect for Hannity when he stopped reporting on Seth Rich because "iT hErts TEH FaMly"

PyroSphere 39 points ago

Now just imagine the U.S. Department of Justice did it's job and civilian organizations didn't have to do it for them. Just a thought.

CitizenPlain 15 points ago

It's rediculous they haven't already. Even Trump hasn't been able to get them to be real. I'm hoping in his 2nd term he gets directly involved.

Gmoney 11 points ago

Why do you think they’re doing everything they can to get rid of trump now before his 2nd term begins? The virus is another avenue they’re taking since impeachment didn’t work.They know they have zero chance of Biden or sanders making it.

residue69 5 points ago

DOJ lawyers are the ones defending Hillary against Judicial Watch. We're still paying for her bullshit.

Kinestron 27 points ago

Great news!!!

I use smile.Amazon and Judicial Watch is the recipient of the donations.

Please_Clap 15 points ago

Fuck that. Just go to JW website and make a real donation https://www.judicialwatch.org/donate/make-a-contribution-2/

4moreyears 17 points ago

Why not both?

bigtimepie 8 points ago

👆 This guy donates

amarie 12 points ago

So do I!!

WhoElse 6 points ago


JoshHawley2024 25 points ago

HeAvY lIfTiNg

dsred259 21 points ago

TD on reddit has become The_Fitton lol. Wonder if he will make an appearance here.

Quest723 18 points ago

Fitton said JW had lost posting privileges, so probably.

Logan051361 8 points ago

He would leave if everyone stopped replying to his posts. He has his own audience that posts to everything he puts on.

ChuckedBeef 19 points ago

Fire Bill Bsrr!!!!!

NvJohansson 7 points ago

Hes gone on Jan 21... why feed leftists

tom_of_rj_fame 16 points ago

pfft. Mills already got unconditional immunity and she's still not talking.

CaptainChrisPBacon 13 points ago

Witnesses who testify after a grant of immunity need to understand that they are not necessarily in the clear. Immunity agreements require the witness to swear that they are being truthful, and any lie from Cheryl would have breached the immunity contract.

Lion_Party 11 points ago

they also need to watch out for random acts of suicide.

Eightmoreyears 7 points ago

She’s more afraid of “becoming suicidal” than of the feds...ahem.

Hayride 12 points ago

It's embarrassing but I thought that David Rothschild guy that follows around Trump was actually thee David Rothschild. Pardon me, David de Rothschild. The real Rots are probably following Trump more closely than the twitter goof.

FudgyFudgeBots 9 points ago

The real Rots stay out of the public eye to avoid scrutiny. Its easier to operate a shadow world government if you stay in the shadows.

Magentapede 10 points ago

Judicial Watch is one of the only charities I donate to. They do good work. But goddamn, you thought the NRA sent you letters asking for money a lot...

deleted 4 points ago
myredditnameisfake 1 point ago

I donate thru Amazon

OMBOMB 8 points ago

Please, God, on our national day of prayer, let it be so:

it will all work out!

Nellie_the_Beaut 8 points ago

“It will all work out.” Because some worthless AG is heading out? Better tune up the bagpipes...

CyKn 7 points ago

Does Tom Fitton know about this new site. After it was created he was still posting on The _Donald Reddit.

myredditnameisfake 4 points ago

He knows.

Reelect45 5 points ago

Tom Fitton didn't kill himself.

HntrBidensCokeDealer 5 points ago

Barr is such a swamp rat. Anyone want to fill me in on the top theories on why Trump appointed him?

KAG_FTW 3 points ago

My theory is that we are 3 years too late to see all the arrests that were needed.

It's way past time to drain the swamp. Lock these corrupt deep state agents up NOW!!!

Illuminaughtie 5 points ago

and good job shouting out @ JW , maybe some pedes will research them and donate

myredditnameisfake 4 points ago

Every Amazon order my friend. If you use cuck Amazon, you might as well use Smile and donate to JW

FluffiPuff 5 points ago

<3 Thank you Tom Fitton <3

snoopy3210 4 points ago

I don't know if this will help or impact negatively their quest.

CarlosCornPopDelecto 3 points ago

Most countries have a justice department. We have judicial watch.

VikingHalo45 3 points ago

God I love Trump 💪🏻

JoeMak 2 points ago

Judicial Watch should be Helped and Praised for their Good works!!! We just need the FBI, and the Justice Department to begin to call Grand Juries for the laws already broken by Clinton, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, Biden and the rest!!!

deleted 1 point ago (edited)
kesquare2 1 point ago

If I have to disagree with Trump on something, I'm glad its JW.

EdisonHwy 1 point ago

Why is Cheryl Mills dodging the inquiry?

FatBrando300 1 point ago

hmm.. 66.6k likes?