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Sadly we have to wait about a year... BUT THAT JUST MEANS WE HAVE A YEAR OF MEMING AHEAD OF US!

Sadly we have to wait about a year... BUT THAT JUST MEANS WE HAVE A YEAR OF MEMING AHEAD OF US!
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KoboldAdvocate (214 points)

2020 will be the highest voter turnout in years. Trump is going to win by a landslide, but the media is going to throw the biggest tantrum and pull every dirty trick from their book out.

We'll have to be ready, and always welcome those who are on the fence. The left is pushing them to us!

EPic (141 points)

Remember when they said that the election wasn't rigged but Trump was going to say it was when he lost. Then they said the election was rigged because Trump won.

Poldaran (87 points)

Remember? What's to remember? They're still doing it. :P

DrBJTester (9 points)

I'm sure the Commies will be over that sometime into Trump's third term.

TheyRuinedPizza (58 points)


winsome (34 points)

Where's that coffee table book of Trump tweets? You'd make millions!

careofKnives (13 points)

Covfefe table book

buco (11 points)

Include quotes with photos. "Because you'd be in jail."

answermyanswer (7 points)

Just wait 10 years and those tweets will be in elementary school textbooks. This is a truly amazing timeline we are in.

vltxl (18 points)


what didn't anyone think of this before?

Gunmolester (8 points)

Because it has to be a Coveffe table book

WxwXwxWxwXwxW (30 points)

Pathetic losers. So much could have been done for the American people if not for the ridiculous obstruction by the dems and their media counterparts.

ayychase (26 points)

Don’t forget the RINO’s. We had two years of a complete majority and the only thing that passed was fucking tax cuts. Can’t let the America First movement get co-opted like that again

DrBJTester (4 points)

I actually hate the RINOs more that the LeftWingNuts, they know better and the never Trumpers that haven't figured it out yet better shut their cock gobblers. If they say meritocracy I'm going to projectile vomit on them.

I think it may even get far worse. There are still resistance elements in all of federal government and even in branches of the military.

marsajane1949 (6 points)

I know! It's very sad when you think about it. I wish all those useful idiots would wake up! How stupid do you have to be to vote for people who are literally staling you, your family, and friends from prospering!

Torgga2010 (5 points)

With as much as he has done with all the back stabbing bs he has had to put up with, it boggles the mind and imagination as to what he could have accomplished with out having to have dealt with all that bs.

Babycakes (1 point)

dms are considered the party that hates American. theirs colors are flowing down every street in America. Washington is not the swamp congress is the swamp. we need term limits tto get rid of these anti-ameicans. AND TH SO CALLED SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE WHO IS WAY PAS HER AG TO RETIRE.

Babycakes (1 point)


HockeyMom4Trump (26 points)

lol. And I remember Obama making fun of Trump and saying our elections couldn't be rigged. Obama was so corrupt. So much for his scandal free presidency. The MSM completely covered for him.

beep43 (19 points)

He has a lot of nerve saying that, since a good number of elections they win is only due to cheating. I don't even think Obama really won in 2012, and my congressman agrees with me. I think they did something.

Saneromeo (13 points)

Yeah i remember many precincts turned in 100% for 0bama, plus the ones that turned in more votes than their population totals...

Babycakes (1 point)


Babycakes (1 point)


formerlibtard (5 points)

"Well, Mr. Trump, at least I will go down as a president."


RobinZingC (3 points)

Massive, never-ending kek!

Babycakes (-1 points)


edxzxz (23 points)

I remember a FOX reporter on a plane with Hillary near election night, pressing Hillary to answer if she would honor the results of she lost, since she had been screeching about how Trump was a threat to democracy because he would not say ahead of time that he'd concede if he lost (He said it depended if there was any reason to doubt the results were legit), Hillary laughed the question off twice, never answered. Good God, we dodged a bullet in 2016!

Ne1apatriot (23 points)

Yeah. That was awesome.

PizzaDecorations (18 points)

I'm betting the election was probably rigged for Hillary, but not enough to give her the win. I mean, all of MSM was so sure that she was the next President.

EPic (21 points)

Imagine losing your own rigged election and having the gall to accuse the other party of ostensibly rigged the election more than you did.

Babycakes (1 point)

that's Hillary... rigged her own election and loss. STILL IN SHOCK--- STILL FALLING DOWN--- AND STILL LOOKS OLD AS AN OLD BOOK.

Saneromeo (3 points)

Lately I have been thinking they actually KNEW Trump would win or was at least likely to, and pushed the fake polls so over the top hard to prime the sheeple and brainwash them so they would be willing to accept the resistance, mueller, etc..

Majik (16 points)

Yes, the old accuse the opposition of that which you are guilty.

Yippy (15 points)

That is a great observation. It’s like the proverbial heads I win, tails you lose.

basednorwegian (1 point)

They also said the election result should be respected, but that was before they lost.

Babycakes (1 point)


Dave_PH (33 points)

No, He's going to be impeached and removed from office.

I saw the first few minutes of NBC nightly news and they confirmed that a Quid Pro Quo was proven in today's hearing

Drump is finished now

OhLollyLollyPop (16 points)

KEK! McTurtle says he can't imagine that.

ColoradoTrumper45 (14 points)


I think You dropped this.

Dave_PH (9 points)

I like to troll the Assburgers

However, I did drop the "f".

DrumpF is finished now !!

deleted (4 points)
Marshall (6 points)

I never liked the no quid pro quo defense. Every agreement has quid pro quo. In fact, it is a legal requirement for a valid contract. It is called CONSIDERATION. In a treaty, it's all about the quid pro quo.

It's only bad if it involves someone elses (usually taxpayer's) quid for personal quo which makes it BRIBERY. Biden guilty. Trump not guilty.

Babycakes (1 point)


Kwixak (22 points)

I hope so, however we need to be wary, not only because of censorship and the voter fraud, but also because many "democrats" are not interested in politic, the most courageous read the headlines but most of them are fed up with boring and lying politicians, they are viewing our world through the prism of the entertainment industry and have lost their grip on reality ; they can't challenge the MSM narrative this way. Even if Biden is senile, he summed up the situation quite admirably: they choose (their) Truth over facts…

I'm not saying this is a lost cause, far from it (the bigger paycheck is going to help a lot) but we shouldn't think it's over yet for the democrats, we still have to work hard to raise awareness and make america great again.

Mike (19 points)

You can’t underestimate this statement! My local news channel, Fox5 said the exact opposite of what happened in today’s hearings. Straight up lied to it’s audience.

HockeyMom4Trump (10 points)

When I see anything MSM they completely soundbite the hearings to say all Sondland said was Yes, there was quid pro quo from his opening statement. Major headlines. And yet nothing about anything else. And people like my elderly in-laws tune in and have no idea...we have to be vigilant!

Mike (9 points)

Yep, that is exactly how they portrayed it. Sound bites of opening statements making POTUS look guilty as hell and no mention of cross examination or even a resemblance of a counter argument. It’s disgusting

"I like Mike!"

TeaPartySon (12 points)

Biden isn't Senile and he will give you 6 hours to take back that statement or you don't get the billion.

Dave_PH (7 points)

Just wait 3 minutes and he'll forget about it

HockeyMom4Trump (8 points)

Two minutes if you distract him with a small child to sniff

mintscape (7 points)

Or a woman to punch.

RobinZingC (4 points)

OMG, that was the most massive cringe of all cringes!

UndeadRevolver (6 points)

unless it's a black kid, he hates them

Magafactured (4 points)

Joe Biden doesn’t sniff black kids.


SJBHamilton (15 points)

We can't be complacent, we have to assume they'll get desperate enough to harm POTUS or his family, find a way to rig the election, or both.

Watch out for Antifa violence on election night. I'm sure they will be up to something.

mintscape (6 points)

That's the exact fear I have also because it is all they have left now.

jubale (2 points)

Citizens, get involved in the election process, become someone who is part of the vote collection and counting to make sure it's done honestly. Or at least be sure Trump supporters are present. Can't have faked votes derail the win.

Holden-Makok (14 points)

I wasn't able to vote last election, that has changed

+1 Patriot reporting for duty

rustyrockers (6 points)

Identical situation here.

+1 another Patriot

walkonpooh (13 points) *

Speaking of...

Was and am a lurker on reddit and t_d. Did not vote in 2016 because, well, Hillary and then I bought into the media narrative about Trump. On election night, I realized about an hour before MSM called it that the path for Hillary was getting more and more difficult. Out of respect for the office, I was intrigued by Trump and because of things like the Kavanaugh hearing and then the Mueller Report they managed to not only make Trump sympathetic to me, but I’m actively rooting for him and think he’s the best President that I’ve had during my life and will proudly be voting for him in 2020.

Have been nervous about where I was going to go once reddit inevitably shuts down t_d, so was ecstatic to find that this site was made. I’ll probably be a lurker mostly, but rooting for everyone here, love the memes, MAGA and KAG everyone!

Magafactured (7 points)

And our lurkers… Where are they? Lurkers… There you are (points 👉).

We have the best lurkers, folks - Great patriots... Incredible people… Incredible.


The DNC will employ "vote harvesting" on a massive scale, especially in corrupt counties like Broward, Cook (Chicago,) etc etc. This way, when the "count" is "problematic," they can deploy pre-collected absentee/provisional ballots in order to "win."

I'm so excited for "NOOO" 2.0. The liberal tears will be hilarious

Magafactured (4 points) *

Liberal tears Two-Point-NOOOOOoooooo!!

spez: teh clarity

Shayhawk (11 points)

I'm hoping for another Reagan / Mondale

For those of you too young to remember, google 1984 elections.

Lord_Sluggo (7 points)

Was that the one when the media was all upset because they had to call it by 8pm?

Shayhawk (4 points)

Reagan won 49 states... Mondale only won his home state. Most lopsided presidential election in history.

Marshall (2 points)

I'm hoping for a 68 and a circular firing squad at the DEMONcRATS convention.

ThreeLetterPat (7 points)

I’ve got my guns loaded and plenty of ammo

Babycakes (1 point)


XpatDemocrat (3 points)

Highest turnout ever*

mimi_joan (79 points)

I fear the voter fraud. Dems have worked many years to get their crooked people in place for exactly this scenario. Pedes must get out and vote in massive numbers for 2020.

Trumper7 (50 points) *

I'm not going to vote by mail anymore. Could be a dem-idiot working at the post office yanking our ballots.

Clabber (35 points)

Thanks for this, me too, haven’t voted in person in years. Will do this election.

Crimson_Identity (29 points)

Thank you for doing your part. I am so glad I live in Idaho, where we require a Gov't issued photo ID to vote, and a piece of mail with your address on it.

Good luck taking my vote away from me, filthy dems. And add to that, illegals have a hell of a time actually voting.

rustyrockers (25 points)

Idaho is based.

Lord_Kek (24 points)

It would be great if we could log in to see our voting record to confirm accuracy.

Plutossextape1 (12 points)

I drop my ballot off at the designated drop box because of this fear.

real_mcnugget (11 points)

I haven't trusted vote by mail for the last 4 presidential cycles. Nothing is scared anymore, the left is going full on nuclear to destroy everything in their way.

SavedintheUSA (9 points)

Seems like every year Ohio is always in the news about voting issues. Former Secretary of State official started the absentee ballot for everyone. That was many years ago. I knew it was a terrible idea back then.

RobinZingC (2 points)

Agreed. South Florida here... hold our beer..

rustyrockers (22 points)

As a Minneapolis voter, it would be stupid to vote in any other way besides in-person. No mail in. Besides, even then, I wonder if it will end up in some dumpster with hundreds or thousands of other Trump votes

HockeyMom4Trump (9 points)

I hear you. I am in a Minneapolis suburb and I am definitely not trusting the leadership to have a fair vote. Remember when they magically found boxes of absentee ballots for Al Franken in the trunk of a car? Very weird stuff we have going on here in Minnesota.

Mike (20 points)

In Cali in 2018, the mail in ballot envelopes had different shades of yellow. The dem envelopes were darker than Republicans ballots. I read this and confirmed it through a friend who’s mom is a lib. He compared them side by side. They know how you vote without even opening it

Hillary4Prison (8 points)

Just curious...but people that were registered D's vs. registered R's would receive different color envelopes? That seems shady as hell if that's what you are saying.

Mike (7 points)

Exactly, it was sketchy as hell. If I recall they played it off as a batch printing issue. I’m pretty sure you can find something about it on the interweb

Magafactured (3 points)

Holy smokes – that is insidious.

MAGAyote (2 points)

I have recently reregistered as a Republican, Independent Constitutionalist Party is apparently not considered a thing. I was going to get a Democrat ballot in the mail that would have no Republican candidates on it. How they can do this baffles me.

Grady_Wilson (14 points)

The Dems will commit voter fraud on an industrial scale in 2020. Pretty much no one had the book thrown at them for voter fraud in 2018 so this will greatly embolden the Dems to cheat like crazy.

Hillary4Prison (8 points)

We need a voter ID and a paper ballot backup!

long_tetris_piece (11 points)

"Oh look! A box of democrat votes... wow, and they contain just over the amount needed to close and surpass the gap! I guess we won!"

Every fucking time.

Slick_Willy (8 points)

Ballot harvesting in Cali won't help them with a national election but it will steal 20 seats in congress again.

ThreeLetterPat (5 points)

We will march on DC if this happens and we won’t be wearing pussy hats that’s for sure

Marshall (3 points)

I always vote the morning of the first day of early voting just in case something happens to me between then and election day. So it's possible I could be a legitimate dead vote.

jubale (2 points)

We need our people involved in these vote centers. People who won't stand for fakery.

f_bastiat (53 points)

Wife and i didnt vote for him in 2016, but we will be first in line for him in 2020!

rustyrockers (37 points)

You and me both buddy. I thought he was just the Apprentice rich guy in 2016. My bad.

Crimson_Identity (29 points)

Add me and my wife to this list as well. Landslide incoming! 45 states for 45!!!

rustyrockers (35 points)

This website is so American I might cry in gunpowder.

RussianBotBlyat (11 points)

Damn it these comments give me a freedom boner

Buttfart88 (17 points)

Me too. First ever election and I never saw the point of voting (used to seeing things like Obama vs Rommey) I’ll be voting first thing in 2020 + i’ll Be getting my mom to vote (she’s never voted before)

mishaclara (13 points)

Let’s vote so hard we will flood NYC & Beverly Hills with tears!

sunnyingreenfield (9 points)


These post above are why Reddit was trying so hard to suppress our numbers.

DanIsSwell (37 points)

Sadly, I’m in Commifornia, but hell yes I’m voting for Trump. He may even win California, if it weren’t for illegal votes.

Beasting72 (17 points)

I’m in Illinois and if it wasn’t for cook county we would be a red state.

bdazz (7 points)

If it wasn't for a few metro area, every state would be a red state!

jsmurphy62 (14 points)


Ozylanthe (14 points)

Rural California is generally conservative, and Trump knows it. He netted a lot of donations from his private trip here a month or so ago.

JetMaguar (7 points) *

Hey Neighbor. I'm in Los Angeles. Where you from?

I legit hope I can find a based group of people to eat popcorn with on Election Day.

Marshall (2 points)

I'm just a few mile from Louisiana (LA) myself.

HockeyMom4Trump (5 points)

True. I am in Minnesota, but I would think most Californians would be frustrated with all the illegals pouring into their state. What an expense!

Marshall (2 points)

We use cattle to produce fertilizer in Texas. It appears Californicatia is using homeless and illegals for the same purpose. But at least we have the decency to spread it in the fields instead of in the streets and sidewalks.

Babycakes (1 point)


Babycakes (1 point)


YouSmellLikeTide (4 points)

If they required voter ID in CA the state would probably be revealed to be red.

Marshall (3 points)

California will have fallen off into the pacific by the time that happens.

Babycakes (1 point)


Babycakes (1 point)


Jlawless (2 points)

Is there any chance of voter ID coming there before the election ?

jsmurphy62 (29 points)

The 2020 win will be epic, and so will the left's meltdown.

You ain't seen nothing yet...

Wearyman (25 points)

Even though I know my vote doesn't matter (Living behind lefty lines in NY State) I will PROUDLY be marking that box for Trump in 2020! I have even volunteered to poll watch, but have heard nothing back from the local GOP branch.

TiaTisa (10 points)

But your vote matters. Always vote. it will be harder to ballot stuff the Big City. AND it will increase the "popular" number. I'm tired of hearing how Hillary won by 3 million votes.

Wearyman (10 points)

I always vote. And you are right. even though it won't matter for the EC, it still matters for the overall popular count. It's also a matter of personal pride and civic duty. The only thing that will stop me from voting for Trump is my own death.

After which I'm afraid that I will probably start voting for random Dem candidates, because we all know how dead people in Blue states vote. So, sorry in advance for how my corpse might vote.

Penny_is_Thicc (8 points)

Rochester Pede checking in. Vote will be for Donald J. Trump, GEOTUS. Hello fellow New York pede!

PaigeAshley (18 points)

I'd crawl over broken glass, through a hurricane, during a blackout to VOTE FOR DONALD J TRUMP AND MIKE PENCE AGAIN!

Don't get complacent, keep red pilling!

DarthJoshiahis (16 points)

Many of us didn’t vote FOR Trump; we voted AGAINST your girl Hillary. Now we are all in for Trump!

trumphasmyvote (16 points)

Trump has my vote in 2020

Walkingman2005 (14 points)

I’m in!

Iridiue (13 points)

I was in NYC on a business trip the day of the election. The atmosphere in Times Square was very unconventional. Some people were really upset, yelling, crying, heard a news anchor cursing about the Trump situation to her camera crew. There'd be a gasp from the crowd every time Trump would win another state.

I had no idea back then how incredibly important the results of that day were for the world. Thanks Mr. President!

RobinZingC (2 points)

Wow, that must’ve felt otherworldly. Thank GOD we voted for the most amazing President in my lifetime, I became a R from an I — because I believed that he was fighting against actual evil and the NEO.

JJVI (12 points) *

My first vote will be 2020 (was not citizen in 2016).

Because the Democrat party is now a screeching hive of retardation, I will be voting a straight Republican ticket BUT I won't just mark the box for "Republican Everything". I'll mark each box individually because I EXPRESSLY want to put a mark in the box next to Donald Trump's name for President.

Magafactured (1 point) *

This guy citizens! 👌🇺🇸

spez: my first dot-win downvote. Sweet😄

SpiritOf76 (12 points)

Wow, look at the number of upvotes some comments like this are already getting. Reddit had to be suppressing stats.

AlbertSnow (12 points)

I voted for GEOTUS in 2016 because I didn't want Evil to win. I thought if he won, that congress would block him at every turn and he would be ineffective at best. I have never been happier to be wrong in my life. President Trump has been the best President I've ever seen in my over 50 years of life. I'll be voting for him again next year, and I'm doing my best to convince everyone else to as well.

sentient-potato (12 points)

Have no fear, it'll be a massive win even with voter fraud and the MSM collusion with the DNC.

khrysteen (12 points)

I will do it AGAIN!!! :)

texas_forever_yall (11 points)

How could this one post in this VERY RECENTLY CREATED FORUM get more upvotes than T_D’s top posts ever show? It feels so good to see high numbers again!

monk_of_trump (11 points)

Ill fuckin do it again!

2Aimmigrant (10 points)

I cannot wait to vote for Trump for the first time. Just became a US citizen last year and I’ve been waiting for this moment.

j0j0r0 (10 points)

I vote for GEOTUS hundreds of times a day on The_Donald - - and that will soon end.

Andyomega (10 points)

RIP Reddit. May you burn in the preop tranny sjw commie shit filled seringe covered safespace for pedophile cannibal degenerates and the cucks whose lives are being fucked by them. I have spoken. Trump 2020

lifeisahologram (9 points) *

Im not sure how many people are here yet, but I can't imagine it's even 10%, probably not even 5% from reddit...yet we already have several multi-thousand upvote posts. Reddit was definitely suppressing votes.

FactsWereBanned (9 points)

My Reddit account was banned months ago for no reason and after contacting Reddit and being ignored I figured it’s because all of my karma came from The_Donald... oh well. Here we are

Hankster (9 points)

Let me just state this, I live what is known as behind the red curtain in OC Ca, (not for long sad to say) AT Least every other home is flying the red white and blue and other flags such as "dont tread on me" if this is a sign of whos voting for who then Im thinking our best ever president is looking at a 2nd term

Chuggatrumptrain (9 points)

Trump will get more electoral votes than Reagon in 1984.

Awesome (8 points)

5000 upvotes! And this is with just a small fraction of the people here.

Choppermagic (8 points)

they were destroying ballots in recent gov races. gotta be vigilant!

I'd vote for him twice but that'd make me a democrat

deleted (8 points)
frauncestavern (7 points) *

It is an honor and a privilege to embark on this new journey with you glorious patriots...one day in the future, we will look back at this point as the moment we gained our independence from the tyranny we persevered through.

There was 3,847 upvotes on this post when I added my humble upvote to make it 3,848...may we all see the day when some other patriot adds their vote to bring the total from 3,848,847 to 3,848,848!

William_Wallace (7 points)

The harder the media try to force their agenda on the rest of us, the easier it is to identify their desperation. When reality proves the opposite of their assertions, they double down and use repeating mantra's to propagate false data. This is not working out for them. We see their bias, we question their motives and we oppose their ideas. President Trump will trounce the left at the ballot box, they have no idea what is in store for them because they are blinded by ideology.

CosmicPepe (7 points)

Posting to be part of history.

Shadalay fellow pedes!

Vote_4_Trump (7 points)

Great minds think alike.

Wekulm (7 points)

I voted for him in the primaries. I voted for him in 2016. When I vote for him in 2020 may be one of the highlights of my life.

BasicCable (7 points)

The scum bags in Ca sent me a letter telling me my vote was invalid or something because my signature didn't match. It was as identical as a human can get, I had to re-send my signature and they finally approved it.

Aaron_maga (7 points)

I voted for trump 2016. My whole extended family did as well. Trump 2020!

mcdrilly (4 points)

My family all voted for Trump as well.

SupremeDearLeader1 (7 points)

Just joined , Onwards and upwards we fight

DiscoStu (7 points)

I'll never be able to vote for Trump because I'm Australian, but I would if I could. God, I wish we had someone like him here. Our country is run by pussies.

manangatangy (3 points)

Sad but true

FearOfBees (7 points)

LOOK how many people there are, holy shit this place will be pumpin full of free speech if we're ever nuked. It's already a damn party in here.

7th_street (5 points)

I know right? Assuming only a fraction of folks have signed up yet (of the 7+ million real subs), we've got one hell of an active board already!

Justice (7 points)

Sweet Freedom! Bye Reddit!!

I honestly can't stop laughing tonight. Might be the gin ... or all the winning!

JimRaynor (6 points)

I can't, because I don't live in the US of A. But I certainly would if I could! :D

Bay_orangutan (6 points)

Look at all these pedes! Hi Frens!

Plutossextape1 (6 points)

So damn happy this place is here!

Indianapede (6 points)

Having trouble figuring out how to submit a post. With Holidays coming up I was wanting to get a post started on MAGA friendly brands/companies and ones to steer clear.

Workinggirl (3 points)

Too right see the circle with the !? Click there to post.

pedeypete (6 points)

Day one out of invite only and the top post has nearly 5k upvotes right now.

Proof Reddit was fucking with numbers!

kjj9 (6 points)

Whadda ya mean "TODAY"? I'd vote for Trump every day (but I'm not a Democrat, so I don't)

keithkman (6 points)

Count me in!

Manny.velgara (6 points)

Count me in...

Dropcord (6 points)

The silent majority will strike once more.

liberalseatfarts (6 points)

From NJ, so I have never voted in Pres election (never a doubt on my impact). However I don't believe I could meet my maker with out telling him I tried.

LisaPage (6 points)

I’ll vote for him.

Drtrump (6 points)

Woohoo! Our own place.

LetThatSinkIn (6 points)

Based in Europe, doing my part over here. Rooting for you guys in the upcoming elections. It'll be such a tremendous amount of fuckery going around, hope the just can withstand.

TrumpsGiantBalls (6 points)

We get two votes

M4G4 (6 points)

Voting for Trump baby!

Majanihan (6 points)

Can’t wait to vote for Trump again. This time it will be even more satisfying.

2Aimmigrant (6 points)

I can not wait to vote for Trump for the first time. Just became a US citizen last year!

Chaz3664 (6 points)

We did it you glorious bastards, 1k upvotes!!

UncleJaque (6 points)

Since this impeachment fiasco has been oozing out of all the media, I've been seeing & hearing about all kinds of Democrats who are saying that they are so revolted by what their party is doing that they are going to vote TRUMP in 2020! Will wonders never cease?!

AeonMAGA (6 points)

Man the memecannons boys! It's gonna be a wild year!

Phucko (6 points) *

I'm just concerned with vote Tampering and electoral fraud. I don't think the Dems have a viable candidate, and can't win 2020 without resorting to subversion.

deleted (5 points)
sgttoporbottoms (5 points)

The comment to upvote ratio here really does suggest something fucky is happening on reddit. They nerfed the hell out of that domreddit

Butterflymagic (5 points)

Cant wait to vote in 2020!


MAGAgurl95 (5 points)

So I'm supposed to believe that the top post on "hot" on reddit's the_donald only has 2k upvotes where this has over 4k? 🙄🙄🙄

NZbacon (5 points)

I cannot vote for Donald Trump and He will never be my president.

Because I am not from the USA.

Pepega (5 points)

When I upvote stickies and reload they are still grey

HolaPendejos (5 points)

I'll fucking do it again

Madmartigan305 (5 points)

Hell yes I would and I did in 2016. Trump 2020!

Moon (5 points)

Welp, I guess since this is open no reason to patronage Reddit anymore.

theanniechrist (5 points)

I voted for him in 2016, and will again in 2020 but this time my husband will be voting for him too!!

Norwayhastrolls (5 points)

If I could use up the rest of my votes for the rest of my expected life I would vote for Trump with all of them today.

MyBrothersKeeper (5 points)

sign me up!

TradMadLad (5 points)

Many independents and blue dogs have joined our ranks. Landslide incoming!

Gymleader_brock (5 points) *

We are going to win so hard we are Going to get tired of winning.

RussianBot1776 (5 points)

holy shit this is picking up steam quick... give us 3 days and posts will have more than T_D on an organic level vs. the joke which is Reddit now.

undercovermaga (5 points)

Dayum, almost to 2000 uptoots. You're doin' good u/MagaMan1776

Dave_PH (5 points)

1 666

ReligionOfPoop (4 points)

Amazing that the upvotes are the same here as on Reddit, but I'm sure a lot of people won't make the switch.

cubanfreedom (4 points)


TheXthDoctor (4 points)

Upvotes aren't working for me on these stickies. When I refresh the main page, the orange goes gray again. FeelsBanMan

DanishPede (4 points)

Danish pede, born and raised - never even been to the US (i know, it's a flaw in my childhood) If i could - I'd vote for him right now.

Slick_Willy (4 points)

The answer is the 63 million who voted for him last time PLUS a ton of new people who realize their mistake.

EpsteinMurdered (4 points)

Don't let your memes be dreams! JUST DO ITTT!

DelveDeeper (4 points)

Divide by 10 and that''s what the Reddit number would be


No matter what happens, how can the patriots give the nations control back to the deep state?

They will destroy the patriots. They must be utterly destroyed and dismantled around the world.

2020magavision (4 points)

Casting my vote, Sir!

bern050504 (4 points)

We need Trump’s meme team.

McStainsTumor (4 points)

Wasn’t a citizen back in 2016. But next year, I’m going all in.

MAGAngelo (4 points)

I don’t fucking trust anything, I FULLY EXPECT VOTER FRAUD!!

b_addie (4 points)

Let the memes flow!!

ColoradoTrumper45 (4 points)

They say Colorado is purple... not if we meme it.

Workinggirl (3 points)

Turn our great state purple and I might just retire here after all.

FooBeezzz (4 points)

Florida Pede here, can't wait to swing our state red again!

barc (4 points)

Based on what I can glean from the democrat debate last night, Trump is a shoe in for 2020. He's got my vote and the vote of my wife and 5 kids. We're doing are part.

Magaman64 (4 points)

I’ll toss a vote in

Da_Penguins (4 points)

Our Dreams will be Memes and our Memes will shake the world's foundations!

Trumpfan2020 (4 points)

Trump 2020. Can't wait to hear the cries.

Horton (4 points)

Glad to be here!

Dplorable1 (4 points)

Trump 2020!!! MAGA!!! KAG!!!

redditisforfigs (4 points)

My upvotes on stickied threads keep disappearing?

5minutes2midnight (4 points)

Volunteer at the local polling places - take NO chances of people messing with ballots!

Harsha7697 (4 points)

I'm an Indian who's trying to pursue my masters study in the US from fall 2020. I'm not supposed to vote. But, if I could, I'd vote for Trump in a heartbeat. He's been a true inspiration for me. He stood like a rock, didn't give in to the mob, didn't lose hope and most importantly didn't stop giving his 100%. At first, when I watched those late night shows, I believed that "orange man bad" rhetoric. N I was scared, because I wanted to live the American dream. But then I did my own research. Here I am with admits from three universities n waiting to get my Visa. MAGA2020

Awilen (4 points)

Not upvoting because I am not American. I love Freedom though.

THOTH (4 points)

I have never been so stoked this far out before! Patience is not a virtue lol.

Revenge (4 points)

Promises made, promises kept and likewise my vote.

fiercemodern (4 points)



Thebluestfrog (4 points)

Me me me me!!! I am especially fired up after the sham impeachment bullcrap thats been going on.

just_bubba (4 points)


PocketPosse (4 points)

This could be the unofficial user count if a mod stickied it. I hope they set up a real activity graphic soon.

Mouth_of_Maggots (4 points) *

I'm excited for 2020... Though, Trump needs to get Chicago to lean towards him, otherwise my vote won't count.

Odd. Illinois mostly voted for Trump... Except for Chicago and a few neighboring suburbs... and Hillary won Illinois! So it show you how much representation you get in a state controlled by one City.

IFOTBGTFO2 (4 points)

Trump needs to know about this site.

RiverFenix (4 points)

Top Posts here at thedonald.win have more updoots than Top Posts on T_D..

Spez Cuckberg, you're so fucked when the Senate figures this shit out.

Babycakes (1 point)


Lunadam (4 points)

Love this. Thanks for making a site that is for free speech

Eyedaed (4 points)

I have so many meme ideas for 2020, it’s going to be like a kid in a candy store!

Humongus (4 points)

If you think the lefties have lost their minds now, wait until 2020 and watch them literally throw themselves off of buildings in despair.

SSJ3NAPPA (4 points)

Its gonna be a landslide victory! #KAG

oshanman (3 points)

Remember the million man march? How was that organized? Any suggestions? I "presume" that I'll get an answer. :)

deleted (3 points)
senate11 (3 points)

Can't wait to watch them all cry again.

hughesdude2 (3 points)

Damn right!

Captain_ZooterMan (3 points)

I wish we could vote today, get it over with and get back to KAG!

CaffeineJ (3 points)

Donald J Trump for the WIN 2020!

FactsOverFeelings (3 points)

Trump has my vote in person for certain.

14Falke (3 points)

There is Nothing but upvotable content on this site

LetMeBeFrank (3 points)

Approaching 7K upvotes already. How often did you see that number on reddit? FUCK CHINA!

Fuck. Was almost the 10,000th upvote

Marshall (3 points)

Just remember we have to win by a margin beyond their ability to steal the election.

Caesar (3 points)

Fuck Censorship, Fuck Reddit.

RangerSkyy (3 points)

We will win, but we MUST VOTE. Don't let your confidence lower your guard. We must be diligent and do our part pedes!

MAGAparty2020 (3 points)

Whoaaaah already showing more likes than fucking Reddit on day 2... this site is going to straight up change the game for 2020!

deleted (3 points)
Jlawless (3 points)

If I could vote Trump I would, but I'm not an American citizen, I just hope he wins 2020. The positive effects his presidency has had and will have with four more years is Yuge for the world. Fuck the corrupt globalist, climate fraud, socialist scumbags.

KommieKiller (3 points)

I don't even have an account on reddit, but happy to join here...

Taritup (2 points)

How did you hear about it?

Silkom (3 points)

Already close to 14000 patriots joined this great site and this post only have a little over 10000 upvotes? Come on! Show your love for our president.

DrRobert (3 points)

Just a reminder Trumpy Bear is back and better than ever. https://gettrumpybear.com/

zaku (3 points)

If I was an American and was old enough to vote for Trump, I would!

DJTXLV (3 points)

11 thousand already!

Azdrummer (3 points)

Can’t wait vote for this man, was mislead the first time around. Proud to call him my President now! Trump 2020!!

Trump_ftw (3 points)

ok i think we are getting close guys. our hard work is finally paying off. time for some good old rest and relaxation!

moderator99 (3 points)

I would vote for him! If he ever decides to attack Canada, I'll help!

I would vote for Trump 6 times today, but I am not a Democrat anymore.

Lemontree73 (2 points)

Absolutely! I will never vote for a Democrat.

Donger-Lord (2 points)

Sadly I am not, nor ever will be old enough.

King (2 points)

i cant upvote the stickied posts

Wow over 10k!

MAGA16KAG20 (2 points)

Actually Admiral Mike Rogers is a great American hero who Unrigged 5 key states. That’s how Donald J Trump became our 45th President. It was also the huge not so Silent Majority who voted and saved America. However if it wasn’t for the efforts of that wonderful patriot and the Q team, voter fraud would have given the election to the side of beef. When all this goes down very soon we will have voter ID and election integrity finally.

FreedomFromGovt (2 points) *

Where I am, there's a lighted electronic billboard along side the freeway, and it's been cycling a big blue and red 'TRUMP 2020' message day and night for about 3 months already. I keep my eyes on it till the Trump ad pops up, and then I'm spiritually creamy! 😊

Maryland_Pede (2 points)

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!!

SomeBloodyMinger (2 points)

I would if I were American. I will, however, continue to send my support for your amazing president. We need someone like him in Australia, as our country is becoming more and more left as the days pass through our shitty media. Fuck that.

Rickki6 (2 points)


superalienhyphy (2 points)

How does this have over 10,000 upvotes

TruPatriot (2 points)

I can’t wait for the vote... for Trump to win big AGAIN!! MAGA 2020

eagletrump2020 (2 points)

They will get desperate win they see that none of their candidates can beat GEOTUS in a fair election. The plan is for massive voter fraud in swing states. Soros is going after Secretaries of State and county election officials. We must get off our asses and help orgs like True the Vote and push back. Undercover actions a la James O'Keefe may be necessary to smoke out the BS. God I wish Repub officials in Red areas would grow a spine and cut out the voting crapola....

ItsmySchiffinabox (2 points)

I will crawl over fucking broken glass to vote red down the whole card this year

Marshall (2 points)

I could almost be convinced to vote twice. But I'm not a Democrat.

Rescue71Ranger (1 point)

9368 does not even scratch the surface of men and women who would vote for #45 right now... Epstein did not commit suicide and there are two genders unless biology does not matter. You can be gay or even a muffin muncher, but you are who you are. Thank GOD.

PodunkTexas (1 point)

Count me as a Trump voter for Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. Can we get his kids to run in 2024?

Babycakes (1 point)

eight on

CaffeineJ (1 point)

I love this country The best PRESIDENT ever! God bless America

Babycakes (1 point)

trump acquitted. all of your supporters are not shocked by these head lines, you did nothing, but crazy np does not have your itelligences . this is one rason this country needs term limit. do us favor and do not speak to her. just do what you do every day to help every American , the womenand the party are so full of hater its'pinfull to hear them speak. WVEEY VOTER IN THIS COUNTRY APPREICATE WHAT YU HAVE DONE. THE BEST TO YOUR FAMIL AND WE PRAY FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY EVERY DAY BCAUSE OF THESE CRAZY DEMS WALKING ON THIS EARTH, we do not want you to Waste your intellignces on a brain dead speaker of the house.WHO HA NOTHING TO OFFER ANYONE BUT HER HATE FOR THIS COUNTRY. TAKE CARE OF YOUR SELF AND ENJOY YOU WEEKEND WITH YOUR SANE FRIENDS AND FAMILY.IF YOU SEE HER COMNG RUN LIKE HELL FROM THIS CRAZY PERSON.t

deleted (0 points)
LiquidRitz (0 points)

10k subs almost 9k upvotes.

Sounds about right.

deleted (0 points) *
Babycakes (0 points)

right on

Babycakes (0 points)

can someone fix this counter !

Babycakes (1 point)

PLEse fix the counter.

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