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LoneStarWinner 148 points ago (edited)

Other leaders: quarantines areas as needed to contain the spread of the virus. Trudeau: quarantines himself.

TrumpFortyFive [S] 69 points ago (edited)

Maybe Canada will do better now by keeping her man-child out of the way so the grownups can work.

EDIT: So less than a day after Trudeau's wife gets infected, they finally are doing something:

  • International flights will only be permitted to land at a smaller number of airports. Those locations have not yet been announced.
  • Boats and cruise ships carrying more than 500 people will be banned from docking at Canadian ports until July.
  • All travellers arriving in Canada from international points are being asked to self-isolate for 14 days as a precaution. People arriving from Hubei, China, Iran and Italy already have been asked to self-isolate.

Canada can seem stupid sometimes, but they did assist in the Afghanistan war after 9/11 but not the Iraq war. That seemed to be the right call. Only time will tell if they've made the right call here.

Good to finally see some action.

Buce-Nudo 20 points ago (edited)

That's been the theory since before the election. They're all just as awful.

I watched a conference with that so-called committee. There was basically no info, no precautions taken by the government for either travel or healthcare -- which is low-capacity and otherwise low-quality on a good day. Chrystia Freeland was impressed with herself for not fucking up her French too badly so at least there was some improvement made that day...

Mashiki 14 points ago

Gonna be a shitshow up here man.

TrumpFortyFive [S] 23 points ago

Ah, so that's why people are buying all that toilet paper.

Mashiki 1 point ago

Well played.

bubblebutt 7 points ago

Unfortunately the pudgy troll is in command now and she is even more useless

Botz15_1776 35 points ago

And now his wife has tested positive for the Corona virus

Seahawks2020 39 points ago

Please close the northern border, now. I am serious.

shipoutofdanger 23 points ago

I bet they are lying about getting it. Tom Hanks too.

How long before they announce Max Von Sydow actually died of Wuhan...

gamexa 20 points ago

Shit, I just fucked his wife the other day, guess I should get tested.

deleted 14 points ago
Wrexxis780 7 points ago

That would actually be an improvement for Canada.

bubblebutt 2 points ago

Gotta keep those peasants at a distance

uzi5v2 62 points ago

His wife’s boyfriend is going to be pissed his ineffectiveness as a leader got her sick.


Fidel Castro would be rolling in his grave right about now if he could see what a cuck his son turned into

Calico_fox 12 points ago

Speaking of which I'm willing to bet his wife's the one puppeteering him.

ClownTamer 11 points ago

We’ll know for sure if she ends up dying and he goes off the rails doing black face again.

Fredo_Cuomo 61 points ago

Situation in Italy is actually really fucked up. They're having to turn away old and pre-existing conditions people from hospitals in favor of treating those with "more life years" left to enjoy.

Pretty Nucking Futs

deleted 48 points ago (edited)
TwoPlusTwoEqualsFour 29 points ago

You've had a full life pede, time for the pasture.

krzyzowiec 20 points ago

But doctor, I’m still breathing...

Wrexxis780 14 points ago

We can fix that.

Southern_Belle 5 points ago

Without clicking the link, I'm betting it's "Bring Out Your Dead"!

If not, maybe it should be?

Dereliction 3 points ago

Hoped for this. Not disappointed.

Nellie_the_Beaut 5 points ago

...in the sky.

flyover_deplorable 35 points ago

Love how the media keeps saying how many more doctors Italy has per capita than us.

kaga420 17 points ago

We've literally created the fastest vaccine in history and cured almost every case of it and the media still finds a way to shit on us lol

Hawkman 4 points ago

What are you referring to?

MetallicOpeth 2 points ago

explain please

Evon117 -2 points ago

Source? Pretty sure this is untrue.

Hawkman 1 point ago

You got downvoted but you’re absolutely right to question someone who didn’t and still hasn’t substantiated their claim.

Harambe 11 points ago

Pretty socialized medicine tbh

shipoutofdanger 6 points ago

pretty fucking nuts that a modern country has such a shit healthcare infrastructure, yes.

Taqiyya_Mockingbird 5 points ago

Death panels.

ConservativeCrusader 3 points ago

You'd think it'd be the opposite, with them telling the young to just stay home while they have it and prioritizing those who are affected the worst by the disease. Add this as another reason for why government mandated doesn't actually work.

residue69 2 points ago

More years of life left to pay taxes.

deleted 1 point ago
Chestbras 38 points ago

The USA needs to close border with Canada, and sanction them until they close their border too.
Trudeau wants Canada to die like Europe, only the US ca save Canadians.

Nellie_the_Beaut 12 points ago (edited)

That’s the first thing I thought when Trump announced flights to and from Europe were banned: What about Canada and Mexico?? A European, Iranian or Chinese can just as easily fly to the north or south of us and just come on in that way! Welcome to our wide open borders, Covidites!

Tellsyouhow 7 points ago

Would their passport not show if they had been in Europe over the past 14 days, then ban?

Onplanet 6 points ago

TBH all I see is hysteria. I don't want the entire economy to be shut down and destroyed over this virus (being Canadian). It's just as stupid as shutting down the economy because muh global warming.

I see no evidence of an actual threat beyond a weak flu, but I do see insanely inflammatory language, tones, and sound effects dominating the worst of the fake news MSM sources. They want people to panic.

Chestbras 1 point ago

The economy is going to pick up right back where it left. This is just a temp closure, to stop the bio engineered Chinese virus.
The Chinese can decimate their population and their productivity, America can protect theirs.
Then there's going to be even more manufacturing brought back to America.
Imagine a campaing of "buy American, does not include a free dose of disease".
Use this to make people understand how dirty is China, and how things made them has been handled by unclean hands.

gargoyle 31 points ago

Also heard he refused to ban Iranians when Iran was blowing up before Italy. Can't find the story now tho

freespeech4all 16 points ago

He met with Iranian leaders too, for some UN position. This dude is a sap

gargoyle 10 points ago

Hell, he could have given it to his wife for all we know

SadPangolin 9 points ago

Yeah, right. Like his 'wife' would let him get that close to her.

NoCommies 6 points ago

People familiar with his way of thinking suggest he prepped his wife's bf, and then the wife contracted it from there

residue69 1 point ago

After Iran blasted a plane full of "Canadians" out of the sky.

Nellie_the_Beaut 11 points ago

That would be the same Iranians who blew up a plane full of Canadians about 3 months ago?

Fyrjefe 11 points ago

"Canadians" is a loose description. They have the passport, but were spending time in their home country. And we are to believe they were immigrating to Canada for a better life. It's all really messed up top to bottom.

residue69 1 point ago

Just a bunch of young families ready to start their new life in Canada!

fallhollow 25 points ago

So he got back from his weeks long vacation just to put himself in "isolation?" As if he needed another excuse not to work?

hai_Priesty 14 points ago

Firstly, he couldn’t even protect his own wife let alone his country.

Secondly, this cuck is so weak now he has to protect himself from his virus laced wife.

magnokor 20 points ago

Soros is in control.

Even more than before, as his agent is now Deputy PM there.

Canada is doing border control, they are handing out leaflets to all who arrive from the disease-infested Third World.

The Trudeau "quarantine" is also another scam. He/she won an election, fled to Costa Rica by themselves to go on a bender. Nearly every day since has been some sort of travel or personal day. His "wife" has been living it up with Megan Mackeral and other globalists, Trudeau went to Iran to bow to their leaders, gives him/her an excuse not to turn up to work for a while.

This bioweapon is China attacking their enemies in the West. They don't really intend for areas they have under their control, like Africa and Canada, to get much of their coronavirus compared to what they are sending to the UN's number 1 enemies Italy and Japan and to China's number 1 enemy the USA.

Tellsyouhow 4 points ago

A virus that predominantly kills old white people? That stops people gathering for things, say like a huge political rally?

I would not put it past China to create a virus specifically modified to kill the President, but under the cover of a global Pandemic so they have plausible deniability

TreeTop300 18 points ago

He is just a mascot...

Peashout 17 points ago

Substitute drama teacher.

GGJanitor 7 points ago

How bad could you be that your father wrote the bill of rights! And couldn’t get on full time as a teacher

Wintergreen 16 points ago (edited)

He can't ban travel from China. That would upset the Chinese and God knows he can't do that.

Nellie_the_Beaut 4 points ago

Travel Racism.

Suture_Self 1 point ago

Yeah they might have a little virus "accident" again if we aren't careful

TOPDAWG22 15 points ago

god do you know what it like living in Canada and being American voting trump and I got to live under this useless fuck.

TwoPlusTwoEqualsFour 9 points ago

Need Canuck to Freedom translation.

Nellie_the_Beaut 1 point ago (edited)

Did you do it for love, man? That’s the only reason I can think of that anybody would move there voluntarily...

TOPDAWG22 4 points ago

yeah wife was cdn but if trump wins again I may end up back in the states.

HungNavySeal300Kills 2 points ago

Good luck getting over that ice wall

MythArcana 11 points ago

Yeah, if we could just get a wall on the north side, that would be great.

w0o0t 9 points ago

And his wife now caught the virus.

hai_Priesty 5 points ago

I was thinking.... it’s useless to accuse little Castro of anything because he doesn’t even have sense of agency, on his responsibility to protect his wife, let alone mere little people .

NoMoreLies 2 points ago


dancn 8 points ago

What's more sad, forming a committee or walking away to self-quarantine in his mansion and leaving our country leaderless. Cuz that's what he did.

SadPangolin 6 points ago

Canada was leaderless already. The country is better off with Trudy hiding at home.

SwampSwan 6 points ago

She has great costumes tho. And fantastic eyebrows!

hai_Priesty 4 points ago

You made me look at the picture again.... did little handsome face just aged 10 years?? The political ignorant side of the female population may now finally dump him!

SwampSwan 7 points ago

He looks so feminine, that as a woman I just can't imagine what other women see either in him or his detachable eyebrows.

hai_Priesty 1 point ago (edited)

Different taste to different woman (I'm female myself and found his "best" pictures quite attractive)? As counter example, take a look at those "Flowery" Japanese and Korean teen idols - half of those boys are like 5 feet 5 tall and have a fairer complexion, rounder eyes and more flawless skin than 99% of all girls and they've a huge demographic of girls and woman idolizing them still. Various niches are quite large......

UpTrump 4 points ago

I'm reading a ton of bad news about the economy. Is there any optimism?

JohnyBlaze99 4 points ago

We're forced to become selfsuffiecent. That will mean economic safety in the future.

freespeech4all 3 points ago

Check back in September regarding the economy

EPic 4 points ago

Nah guys, No one even MENTIONED Russia......

Think about it. Country that spans 11 time zones and you heard nothing come out of there.

Putin straight up made the whole thing go away. Dictatorship done right.

JohnyBlaze99 1 point ago

He did something and declared their next election won't be til 2036.

deadlyblackcentipede 4 points ago

The US is going to recover in a few weeks, but countries like Canada will see their own infection rates explode over time. Fortunately for them, cold and flu season is coming to an end.

Ajora_G 3 points ago

Holy shit, is Canada really doing nothing about this? They afraid of being called "racist" for protecting their own citizens and neighbors?

Nicktdot 3 points ago

He also put himself in quarantine. He has a mutated Wuhan flu, so his symptoms are a bit different, they include blackface and dressing up

AenAllAin 3 points ago

Hehe, the Leftist are

  • (1) desperately trying push the narrative that walls and travel bans wouldn't have helped,

  • (2) but Socialized medicine would have helped (without a vaccine or the means to make one).

  • (3) They can't seem to decide if there is a test for the Coronavirus or not, and how whichever it is shows, "orange man bad!"

  • (4) And, they are frantically trying to find a way to blame President Trump's handling of the Coronavirus spread (i.e. dependence on China that they supported) without bringing walls, travel bans, and immigrants into it.


Factsherrt 3 points ago

Trudeau is bought and paid for by the CCP so if this is as nefarious as it looks, that being CCP purposely releases this then it makes sense












And then asked 18 times, the same question and just ducked and dodged instead of just answering. It was in regards to dealing with the ethics commissioner in regards to his accepting of bribes


Just this stuff alone should let you know you're dealing with a corrupt politician who's sold out..

Not to mention donating millions of tax payers money to the Clinton Foundation ,



Fumbles questions. https://youtu.be/15-5O4UPM0U

Way to downplay and dismiss it. He’s bought and paid for and his policies show it. See handling of Meng, See approval of Chinese offshore drilling etc.





Magabeliever 3 points ago

once he find the proper themed socks, he can go make a "health and safety" announcement for Canda.

Red_Ensign 3 points ago

Whatever is in the best interest of the country and her citizenry, the federal government does the opposite.

Trudeau's Law.

It's gotten to the point where Canadians are so outraged, some of us have even taken to writing letters.

RogueLeaderX 3 points ago

I'm amazed Canada doesn't have the virus in gargantuan numbers with their policy!

TrumpFortyFive [S] 2 points ago

They probably do. They're not testing enough.

Horst_Nordfink 3 points ago

Rocket Man Kim... Ran away.

SeansMegaphone 3 points ago

We don’t have a border with Europe.

Bluestorm83 3 points ago

Don't worry, Trudeau will make the right move and, tomorrow, appear in a traditional Chinese Peasant costume, complete with the bamboo/straw hat, like Rayden wears in Mortal Kombat. In these trying times, when a virus from China, spread by people coming from China, which China has locked pretty much their entire country down for, it's important to remember that fighting Racism by appropriating a foreign culture is the best medicine. None of that "standard plague avoidance, practiced since the renaissance" bullshit, you bigot.

deleted 3 points ago
kicklucy 3 points ago

As a border state resident, not happy. We have people traveling back and forth daily for work.

mugatucrazypills 3 points ago


Juicebusters 3 points ago

He's utterly useless and now his wife has Corona Virus and here's what's even worse about him:

What he does is rely on Trump to shut flights from China. Trudeau is fully aware that will drastically reduce North American (and therefore Canadian) risks.

Okay, so now you know that but it gets worse:

He purposely keeps Canada wide open so that he can keep happy relations with China and even say "Hey,.. see we aren't like Trump" (who he is relying on).

Oh by the way - the first thing he did do was warn Canadians about how racist they are being and they should stop being racists.

This Trudeau Jr is the fucking worst. Just the worst SJW globalist asshole in North America right now.

But apparently Canadians like it, they want this and this is what they love and vote for again and again.

masshole3 3 points ago


Eluetheria 2 points ago

Wait, is there a source for the news about the vaccine? I can't seem to find one.

TrumpFortyFive [S] 1 point ago

There currently is no cure, treatment, or vaccine.

sustainable_saltmine 1 point ago

with viruses mostly it's your own immune system that either kills off the virus or renders it inert or such low concentration it's essentially isolated and "harmless". The best you can do medicine-wise is a vaccine that "looks like" the virus to your immune system to stimulate it into creating antibodies, or supporting your immune system and managing symptoms. It's not like a bacterial or fungi infection you can just usually treat with antibiotics.

ThirteenPercenter 2 points ago

LOL he grew a lion ted beard

TrumpFortyFive [S] 1 point ago

I think that's just makeup. Not sure his testosterone levels are high enough to grow facial hair.

Twitter 2 points ago (edited)

hes a fucking disaster i hate him with a passion, the dude is more despicable then hillary clinton. He highhandedly is destroying Canada beyond recovery. Canada is basically a chinese proxy.

wuhan_chan 2 points ago

We need to close our border with Canada, and we need to do it now.

sciencebeforegod 2 points ago

Border with what? 😕

spaceforce_maganaut 2 points ago

We need to close the border with Canada.

slangin_paint 2 points ago

Forcefully forcing them with force

TrumpFortyFive [S] 2 points ago

Heh heh :) You're right. Should have worded that differently.

slangin_paint 2 points ago

Also, US doesn't have a border with Europe.

ShampocalypseWOW 2 points ago

No one should be praising the first three. They all acted FAR too slow. The South Korean and Italian guys did nothing to stop Chinese from traveling to their country.

deathcat 1 point ago

Time for that Northern wall.

HeavyVetting 1 point ago

They'll make a good control group.

Also, we need a northern wall.

YukaIzumi 1 point ago

Be careful, there's some clickbait bs going around the web now that some university in Canada "has a vaccine".

They got the strain isolated and have BEGUN testing on animals.

A US based firm known as Inovio is expected to begin human clinical trials this summer.

US Based medicine wins again.

the_mcgee 1 point ago

The reaction to the coronavirus in the US at the local level is getting pants on head levels of retarded though. Dims trying to make this shit look like the end of the world. 5k dead globally after 2 months? Come on.

Spez2 1 point ago

Didn't Trudeau's wife get the disease? He should be grateful he's not allowed into her bedroom

jimonalimb 1 point ago (edited)

I can't use this meme when it says: "Close US border with Europe." Seriously.

TrumpFortyFive [S] 1 point ago (edited)

Close? You meant to type 'Closed', of course.


You have 28 characters. How would you have worded it?

ClintonMurderMystery 1 point ago

Blocked travel from Europe. Or literally anything that didn't ignore a basic understanding of geography.

I agree with Jim

TrumpFortyFive [S] 1 point ago

Well, in hindsight, I agree. Of course when you're making these memes, sometimes you get stuck for words with the limits your given.

Too late now. Besides, this meme has already died because Canada finally did something today.

deleted 1 point ago
toecutter 1 point ago

Now PM-Cuck's wife has the Corona-AIDs!!!

polish_snausage 1 point ago

He looks like a predator

DarkRiver 1 point ago

Canada is stuck with this one for 5 years

Meddlesom 1 point ago

and the cuck's wife is infected. Best part.

Vulkanian 1 point ago

You know, the whole "northern wall" is starting to sound more like a reality and less of a meme.

BigMikesTaint 1 point ago

With only a minority government in Parliament, how this is handled could bring down his reign of dilditude.

ramennov 1 point ago

Close the border with Canada.

sustainable_saltmine 1 point ago

bUT aT LEaST cAnADa iSn'T zEE-nO-fOBik n rACiSs

SemperFree 1 point ago (edited)

Deleted, silly comment

MawdT20 0 points ago

Trudeau is a cuck. He just steps aside and lets anyone & anything screw his country.

pedeypete -2 points ago

Trudeau got exactly what he deserved, I couldn't be happier with the news!