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GoodGuyNixon 122 points ago

THIS POST DOES NOT CONDONE VIOL—oh wait, we don’t have to do that anymore

PyroSphere 33 points ago

I know I wouldn't be grim if the reaper paid her a visit.

PM_ME_UR_MAGIC_CARDS 53 points ago

I honestly would (for now), not a shill post, hear me out. We're way better off with Trump winning in November first so he'll have a clear mandate to replace her. If she kicks the bucket now, you're going to see enormous turnout for Biden that you probably wouldn't have otherwise seen, which also means a lot of turnout for downballot too. We're best off if she retires after he's reelected, with yuge wins in the house and senate. Can you imagine a majority house, senate, presidency, and court? I think it's only possible if she lives for the rest of the year.

edxzxz 6 points ago

You're buying into the farce she didn't kick the bucket last fall, and has been propped up 'Weekend at Bernie's' style since then? I agree that it's best if her death remained covered up until after the election though.

PM_ME_UR_MAGIC_CARDS 4 points ago

I was pretty skeptical at the thought of her being alive for a good while. That "sighting at a play" or w/e and yet no photos? No one in the audience knew??? I suspect she's alive but I guess she could be dead too! Let's let them keep it covered up then.