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DarkMAGA 54 points ago

There's always a bigger fish.

Barbieblonde 21 points ago

Goddamnit! ; )

I cannot believe we are all looking at the pre-quills fondly after the debacle that was the last three star wars movies. I only saw one of them... not going to watch Luke toss his lightsaber and then squeeze blue alien milk out of a boob. (Shudder)

DarkMAGA 25 points ago

Prequels look like master pieces now with the woke garbage and bad writing of the new films. Surprisingly Rogue One was still great and probably best film they've released.

Still...the sequels suck. Star Wars sucks. Though the Mandalorian is good...for now.

Barbieblonde 11 points ago (edited)

Guns are his religion. So amazed that Disney allowed that to stay!

Revenge of the Sith was so good, Haden was ripped and so sexy with his bare chest... even when having force nightmares. His hair was so luscious and long!

Edit : Love your username. "From this day onward... you will known as Darth... MAGA. Now rise my friend!"

JeanGrey [S] 12 points ago

His acting wasn't the best in my opinion but he WAS pretty cute in the movie haha. As a straight female I totally miss "toxic masculinity" in movies. I am so sick if this feminist woke garbage. We had such good movies when I was a kid. Now its all crap. I feel sorry for kids today.