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Nunya__Biznus 18 points ago

That poor girl needs help.

deleted 6 points ago
patriotX 14 points ago

Red flag laws were meant for this person.

What is trigger discipline?

Siteless_Vagrant 12 points ago

She''s wearing a Feel the Bern shirt, and you expect trigger discipline?

4cdarth 14 points ago

Oh, look up #demexit on Twitter. The salt is lovely. They are even saying bernie bros and trump supports are the same XD

TruthIsForceOfNature 10 points ago

#walkaway > #demexit

TMPRKO 9 points ago

We are both anti establishmentarians. People tired of this corrupt lying inept ruling class. There are a lot of former Bernie supporters who are Trump voters. Obviously the raving communists wont come over but people who support his populism will

Illuminaughtie 4 points ago

muh russian bots LOL

alt26000 [S] 1 point ago

If Bernie is colluding with Russia, why is Muller not investigating?

atomicpower 13 points ago

Why do i keep seeing posts joking about suicide on this site. This is not who we are and i do not support it.

Pray_for_Trump 5 points ago

Yea, I didn't like this. I know., I know, it's suppose to be a joke, but suicide is a leading cause of gun death. I don't even know if this pic is legit someone suffering or a stunt for a pic.

deleted 3 points ago
HeavyHebrew 1 point ago

This is not who we are and I do not support it.

Hey, that is what Bill Kristol said all of 2016 about Trump. Oh, and bagging on Berniebros and suicide has been in fashion since the last DNC rigjob

DookieJones 7 points ago

This photo shouldn't be up here, unless it's to identify this young lady and get law enforcement to conduct a welfare check. I know this post is designed to emphasize the salty tears, but suicide is no joke. Does anyone know how old this photo is, or if she is okay?

Liberty-Or-Death 3 points ago

It's from 2016.

alt26000 [S] 5 points ago

Wear your protective gear today Pedes! Heavy street flooding predicted today due to liberal tears.

Wrexxis780 4 points ago

Funny thing is, you know she won't go through with it since they never go through with anything.

TD_Covfefe_Crusader 5 points ago

They won't even move to a socialist country despite their love of socialism.

alt26000 [S] 2 points ago

Or even better a communist country!

Wrexxis780 2 points ago

Another example of how they aren't suicidal.

alt26000 [S] 2 points ago

That would require actual effort. Better to just virtue signal by taking a picture.

OranjeBlanjeBlou 2 points ago

You mean ‘suicidal’ women? Because that statistically, probably true. They’re way more likely to just be trying to get attention.

dmcindc 3 points ago

As far as I can tell, this is a doctored in Bernie shirt on a 2013 (?) pic that I have no other information on, other than it looks like this woman really needs some serious help. I'm all for bold, crass humor and stuff, but having a close friend of mine die from suicide, I just don't see how this is funny at all. Is this something the admins here would consider taking down? ... and I really, really hate to say that, but I just really see a lot of negative about having this posted here. This is not how we should support our President.

OneOfMany_MAGA 3 points ago

When you are old enough to know people who have committed suicide, pictures like this lose their humor.

I know President Trump would not laugh if he saw this picture. He would try to find out who she was and help her. Making fun of this girl in crisis doesn’t make America great. I almost think this is a plant to make our community look cruel and sociopathic.

Liberty-Or-Death 3 points ago

My friend (USMC veteran) went into a gun range in Texas. He rented a .45, put one downrange, then the 2nd one to his head. I'm angry at him for this, but not sad. My sadness is for his mom, and the owner and employees of the range.

Libertysheimdall1 3 points ago

I am surprised at the relative lack of posts today trolling the Bernouts for what's about to happen.

Hoakster1 2 points ago

Poor Berner. Looks like a Hi-point. Probably going to misfire. Another failure.

MonkeyCzarFunny 2 points ago

I hope this is a shill post trying to make T_D.win posters look foolish. I’d hate to think a real member here finds a kid taking her life funny.

Either way, reported.

alt26000 [S] 2 points ago

Looks like she is opting out of the all the free stuff

TrumpOrTreason 2 points ago


not_a_shill 1 point ago

Can i have their guns when they are done?

SwampMidget 0 points ago

This pic gives me a chub.