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Belleoffreedom 4 points ago

....and it has our address!

fag_enabler 2 points ago

I'd vote for a fascist over a damn commie any day of the week! TRUMP 2020 MOTHERFUCKERS!

gawd-emperor 5 points ago (edited)

Careful here ... Fascism is left wing. ... right wing never needed special ideology bc capitalism and sustainable freedom work just ok, better than anything else

It's ok or even best to be a Nationalist but fascism is party rule like communism. The illusion of order and purity is ... just an illusion

Titus70 0 points ago

Fascism is only left wing if you think the political spectrum should be 100 percent about economics and that literally no other political issue is relevant

Call me pedantic but people claiming fascism is left wing because fascism is authoritarian is about as accurate as when commies call liberals right wing because liberals are capitalists

Words have meanings, and one of the reasons I so passionately dislike contemporary progressives is their Orwellian habit of changing the definitions of words to suit their agenda

Right Wing is not a synonym for free market economics. The terms Left Wing and Right Wing date back to the French Revolution. The terms are ultimately conveniences of conversation that can have different connotations in different places and different times, but ultimately Right Wing political movements are associated with hierarchy and tradition, whereas Left Wing political movements are associated with egalitarianism and reform.

Fascists called themselves Third Positionists because they rejected the capitalist vs Marxist dichotomy

Mussolini was initially a socialist but became disillusioned with Marx inspired socialism and founded Fascism, which was in some ways seen as a compromise between traditionalists and the upper class and the lower class and people who wanted radical change for Italy

There were Nazis like Rohm and Strasser who wanted to nationalize all industry in Germany and abolish private capital. But Hitler rose to power by making alliances with the more business friendly conservatives in the Von Hindenburg government and after Hitler gained power he had Rohm and Strasser killed.

Titus70 1 point ago

The Weimar Republic had strict gun control laws

Hitler actually changed the laws to make it easier for German citizens to own firearms

Of course, he also stripped a certain group of people of their German citizenship

kek_saved_the_world 1 point ago


CentipedeDemon 1 point ago

Unfortunately the left have weaponized that word to make fascist = any conservative. Anyone ever play the board game Secret Hitler? You're either a liberal in that game, or a fascist. It's bullshit.

samzplourde 0 points ago

Honestly one of my gripes with our GEOTUS is that he doesn't push back against gun legislation enough. I pray to God that when the big debates come around that he speaks up about it. Every gun law is an infringement.

kek_saved_the_world 1 point ago

NOTHING has happened, 0 zilch, nada... even the buckstop ban was shot down by SC... did you not think Trump knew this? throwing bones for the political dogs to fight over

Trump is the real deal, don't cry over nothing.