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-BasedCentipede- 202 points ago (edited)

Lol Grahamnesty 2.0 returns.

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WeWillNeverYield 93 points ago

In fairness, it was supposed to be in exchange for a wall, and a one-time deal.

We all know what the democrats did, though

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WeWillNeverYield 55 points ago

No I 100% agree with you, but when the democrats control the house it's difficult to do anything.

Reagan wasn't near the fighter that Trump is, not even close. But he had some jokes, and he killed the Soviet Union, so boomers ignore his failings.

Glad to see you made it over here bud!

MAGA_MEXICAN_CHILI 19 points ago

Well it also helps that when you sic your CIA goons on a sitting President to send a message. Said President becomes skiddish to go against the grain.

I mean...lets be real.. George H.W Bush was not Reagan's first pic. He was Reagan's keeper and when Reagan got out of line, Bush pushed back hard. The near assignation attempt was in two parts Bush failing to push Reagan back in line and to make Reagan skiddish.

Thats why the deep state has been using alternative means. They have lost all credibility with the people. So passing a lie would not work.

The wall is being built and we must take a stand against illegal immigration. Grahmnesty will always try to play both sides. Eventually he needs to be replaced.

xiao_maga_part2 13 points ago

Reagan got the economy turned around and brought about the end of the Soviet Union. If things went wrong in the 80's, the USA would have gone socialist by the early 90's.

MAGA_MEXICAN_CHILI 10 points ago (edited)

It doesnt matter, Gorbachev all but admitted to the USSR internally imploding up until the fall of the wall. The only thing Reagan did was provide that necessary push for a controlled demolition of the Soviet Bloc.

His policies did help in speeding up the controlled demolition, but Reagan's immigration policy and the ineptness of 80's Republicans helped set the stage for the early 2000's and the loss of California and the economy as a whole. Due to allowing Bush Sr getting enough political clout to lay the groundwork for NAFTA and Clinton coming in to finish what his former CIA handler started.

As I stated before George "Poppy" Bush was Reagan's keeper. Reagan pre-Bush was a lot like Trump in many ways. When they saddled Bush onto him, every time he tried to put America First on domestic affairs he was bawked. Yes he got his taxes passed and reformed the S&L. However it was Bush who stopped Reagan and Barr from going after Bush Jr. and Low Energy Jeb. It was also Bush Sr, whom pushed for Reagan to help funnel weapons to Iran, (the whole Iran-Contra thing was Poppy's idea after all). This was when we were supporting Iraq and Saddam's regime, at its face but we wanted to soften both powers up....honestly Saddam at that point was more liberal, he just understood his culture far better than we did.

Bush used Iran-Contra as a dagger over Reagan's head, Oliver North was the eventual fall guy but the CIA made sure to put so much dirt on Reagan. He would be unable to sneeze unless he got the approval to do so.

The Amnesty and laxness of immigration enforcement from 1988-2008 was in part a favor to the CIA to run drugs into the United States easily. Bush Sr was a Spook, Clinton worked for them and Bush Jr was an obedient dog who did whatever his daddy asked of him. Obama's lack of enforcement was Ideologically driven to remake the U.S into a more socialist nation by importing third world people.

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Arwyn3x 1 point ago

Which shows why President Trump needs a third term, if he is willing.

Why was Congress allowed to pass term limits on the Presidency and not on Congress?

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WeWillNeverYield 16 points ago

exactly. It all needs to be undone.

FuckReddit4545 15 points ago

Just like the "one time" pinkie promise alcohol tax. Government never shrinks, it only knows how to grow. It's literally a cancer.

Former_RM2 1 point ago

Yeah, if anything, wall first, then the deal and then after he gets the wall, pull out of amnesty.

magnokor 10 points ago

In fairness, it was supposed to be in exchange for a wall, and a one-time deal.

We all know what the democrats did, though

Very correct.

One-time deal, the result was supposed to be one million allowed to be citizens and none to ever get in after that, with criminal charges to those who hired illegals and with more border enforcement.

The Swamp waited him out, pushed in two or three million, never bothered with the other two parts of the three-part legislation.

ADAM_SCHITT 9 points ago

Well then he's an idiot for not getting it all in one package deal. You can never trust democrats.

_Cabal_ 6 points ago

Never give them a single inch

On anything


TheMadManDidItAgain 33 points ago

Nope... Levin has come out and said it was a big mistake. Levin has come out saying that Reagan felt his amnesty deal was his biggest mistake as well. Levin is no cuck, he's MAGA about 95%.

jive-ass-turkey 2 points ago (edited)

Seriously, anyone that wants to say Levin isn't on board the Trump train is out of his mind. He is no Glenn Beck. Levin is an ally and anyone who says he isn't hasn't been listening to him.

GEOTUS himself says he loves Mark Levin. I didn't listen to Levin before he was on the Trump train, but he has admitted he was a NeverTrumper "for about half a day" as he put it, iirc. He has said "I have an immense affinity for the President and think he is the greatest President of my lifetime."

Levin is one of Trump's staunchest defenders and I know for a fact his constitutional research was used by the administration during the witch hunt, so he has paid his penance, IMO.

If he knew Trump was going to be this kind of President he would have felt a lot different at the beginning, just like a ton of us, me included. I thought I wanted Cruz. I voted for Romney in the prior election. We've all made mistakes in the past.

I voted for GEOTUS and am ecstatic at his performance, but I won't lie and say I wasn't surprised by it.

Hell I'd take a bullet for the man now, so help me God.

TheMadManDidItAgain 1 point ago

I've personally listened to every Mark Levin show for the last 13 years. I listen to the podcast at work in the morning. When I miss a day, I listen to both. When I'm out, say on vacation, I listen while driving, or exercising, etc. 100% of the shows. Levin is totally MAGA, he's on board, big time.

OutlawPurpleHairDye 17 points ago

It's always been sold as amnesty in exchange for enforcement. It's always bullshit which is why the amnesty crowd NEVER wants to do the enforcement part first. It's always "let's comprehensively do everything at once and solve the problem". Of course, the enforcement part NEVER happens and the problem gets even worse. Although these days the Dems aren't even pretending to care about the enforcement part anymore.

deplorableforlife 11 points ago

It won't win them a single vote, and will lose millions. Disastrous.

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jive-ass-turkey 1 point ago

What are you on about? I don't get the Levin hate. Are you seriously still pissed at him for the 2016 primary stuff?

If so, that is cool. Just making sure I didn't miss something as everything I have heard from Levin regarding the President has been glowing since then. He doesn't let people say shit about the President when they call in. If someone makes the mistake of saying they wish he wouldn't Tweet so much, God help them. He gets all over them saying the Prez stops Tweeting he is done, it is his conduit to the people and his best weapon against the Dems and Swamp.

Levin is a card carrying Pede and brings it every day when it comes to supporting the President so I don't get the hate.

McSlashy 11 points ago

Regan got us in this mess in the first place and he ruined my state with that fuck up

SnowflakeJuice 6 points ago

It was the courts that fucked up California when they overturned proposition 187

TD_Covfefe_Crusader 1 point ago

The Prop 187 judicial fuckery definitely threw gas on the fire, but the Reagan amnesty lit the fire and was a major blow to California and the rest of the country that paved the way for decades of illegal invasion. There is no sugar coating it.

Liberal_Tear_Addict 3 points ago

Fellow, CaliPede, I presume? Yeah, Reagan really fucked us. He also supported the “assault weapon” ban.

millipede55 6 points ago

Either one of you even old enough to vote?

The assault weapon ban was enacted under Clinton. And Reagan did more for California than all the other Governors combined.

Take your lies back to reddit.

Liberal_Tear_Addict 4 points ago

“EiTHer OnE OF yOU Old enOUgH tO VoTe?”

“tAKe yOur LiEs baCk tO ReDdIT”.


No shit about the ban being enacted under Clinton.

It’s a fact that Reagan supported, lobbied for, and wrote fucking op-eds for the “assault weapon” ban and the fucking Brady Bill. When he was governor he signed into law the Mulford act.

He did some great things as both governor and president, but agreeing to amnesty — which fucked California — and turning out to be a whiny gun control loving cuck are just unforgivable.

Fuck him.

millipede55 -2 points ago (edited)

The Mulford act was to combat the Black Panthers. His brain was mush in the early nineties, they had editorials then, the term op-eds was'nt even used yet.

Fuck you, adolescent reddit whistle dick. Rewrite that with your faggot alternating capitalization.

Liberal_Tear_Addict 5 points ago

“fUCk You, aDOlesCEnT rEDdit WHistLe DiCk.”

How’s that, oh wise triggered one? Lol.

The Mulford act may have ‘combated Black Panthers” as you say, but it all but eliminated open carry in CA for everyone. Brilliant fucking plan. Let’s take everyone’s right to open carry away because the Panthers are doing it.

It certainly seems like his brain “was mush” back during the late ‘60s to sign that into law. In fact it certainly “was mush” a bit later when he picked that cocksucker Bush for VP, and when he agreed to amnesty.

And if his brain “was mush in the early nineties“ as you say, maybe he (or his fucking wife) should’ve kept his fucking mouth shut instead of helping to erode our 2nd amendment rights further.

And op-eds have been a thing since fucking 1970 — arguably longer.

Are you sure your brain isn’t mush too? You sound thoroughly confused and triggered.

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TD_Covfefe_Crusader 3 points ago

Reagan did in fact support and lobby Congress to pass the assault weapons ban under Clinton. He also did irreparable damage to California by signing the Immigration Reform and Control Act and the executive order than also granted to amnesty to the minor children of parent legalized under the act. I lived in California when he was President and watched that state deteriorate into a Democrat controlled shithole.

krzyzowiec 4 points ago

Yeah, the amnesty was just stupid. You get nothing for it, not even appreciation from the ungrateful retards you give citizenship to.

millipede55 2 points ago (edited)

The amnesty was the only mistake he ever made. The rest is horseshit made up by kids who were'nt even around when he was alive. I go back to Pat Brown, how old are you?

You sound like a sock puppet for Liberal_Tear_Addict. Even have that twerpy underscore for both alters.

Fuck off back to reddit with your anti-Reagan shit.

Come back when your balls drop or you get laid, whichever happens first.

TD_Covfefe_Crusader 2 points ago (edited)

You sure are a salty old fuck. I'm old too, but I'm not going to dismiss facts that I don't like simply because I have a love affair with the ghost of Reagan. I'm not anti-Reagan, but to pretend that he was some unassailable, infallible icon of conservatism who shall not be criticized is just fucking dumb.

Here's a simple yes or no question for you. It's really easy, so let's see if you have the balls to answer it. Is it true that Ronald Reagan supported the 1994 Clinton assault weapons ban and sent a letter to Congress encouraging them to vote for it?

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Hexagon 9 points ago

Different times, different priorities. Dealing with the Soviet Union and the advance of communism was much more important than illegal aliens.

MuricaQThroatpuncher 4 points ago

Thank you for pointing this out. Reagan was the man we needed for the time he was alive.

SnowflakeJuice 1 point ago

Not to mention the shit economy and 13% interest rates that Carter left him

LeeKuanYewTheGreat 4 points ago

Thank you for your courage. I'm so over RINOism. We have the best President of all time.

SnowflakeJuice 3 points ago

I am guessing you aren't old enough to remember Reagan's Presidency, or how he turned the country around from being depressed and economically stumbling, into a country of renewed hope and economic prowess.

Illegal immigration was a much smaller issue back then, it was not as big of a problem, and the courts hadn't gone full retard like they have now. Taxes, the cold war, and economy were far bigger issues.

Reagan did a lot of deals where he got Dems over to his side. He did a deal on immigration as well, and thought the Dems would stick to their agreement. They didn't. Because of that experience, we now know better. that is what life is about, learning from your mistakes

Reagan id a lot of trading, and g

TD_Covfefe_Crusader 2 points ago

I'm old enough to remember his presidency and how he improved the economy and brought us back from the shitty Carter presidency, but the amnesty was a travesty that really cannot be minimized.

richiememmings 2 points ago

Using the rabid leftist spelling of Ray-gun tells me you are not a serious person. But everyone is entitled to their opinion...

Jadae 11 points ago

That's why we elected a businessman and not a lawyer for president this time. Even the best conservative reps. that are lawyers still see world in a different way than we do due to being in the judicial system.

To them, we are the kids at school on recess and they're the principal.

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americathegr888 6 points ago

If Trump actually went along with it, he'd lose tens of millions of votes.

TheOutsider 5 points ago

And he will deserve it too. What good is a wall if you're already taking millions of economic migrants who will never assimilate?

Choomguy 1 point ago

Yep, never trust that guy. Hes up for re-election and trying to glom off trump, total cuck.

_bryan 1 point ago

Not a week after the SC primaries. Fuck I hate Lindsey so much.

Wrexxis780 96 points ago

FUCK OFF MCCAIN! I mean Graham.

kag-2020- 29 points ago

They're the same thing.

MythArcana 74 points ago (edited)

This freakin' guy over here. Go join Rogue Romney in the blue corner. We said...


OranjeBlanjeBlou 2 points ago

Legal, illegal, who cares at this point. They all vote against us.

No more.

TrumpFortyFive 72 points ago

(R)epublican (I)n (N)ame (O)nly

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Jackietreehorn 27 points ago

I just don't see this opinion often. Most people that talk up Reagan include an asterisk for this colossal error

BeauBidenBrainTumor 15 points ago

Add the gun control act of 1986.

ronburgandy 13 points ago

That's literally the fault of the NRA. They told Reagan to go ahead and sign FOPA and they would repeal the Hughes Amendment, except now 34 years later they haven't made one fucking attempt to do so.

SteelDriver 5 points ago (edited)

I hate to say it, but it was worth downing the poison pill of the Hughes Amendment to get FOPA.

This is far more detailed and meticulous than I could write on the topic (written by tablinum, who is a maestro, particularly with regards to the GCA and FOPA; FOPA section is about three posts down): https://np.reddit.com/r/guns/comments/9qai6e/official_politics_thread_22_october_2018/e888ecx/?context=5

plasmaburnz 4 points ago

It would have been forgivable IF he actually ended illegal immigration rather than giving it a soft squeeze like he was seeing if it was ripe.

Jackietreehorn 5 points ago

No shit. All I'm saying is that most people agree with you

Jackietreehorn 5 points ago

Most conservatives at least

MAGA12 5 points ago

Where did the term RINO come from for fake republicans?

TrumpFortyFive 7 points ago

Not sure, but Dan Bongino has pointed out many times that not all Republicans are actually Conservatives (Big-R God-given rights, small government, individual liberty). But all Democrats are Liberals (big government, state decides who gets what rights). There is no such thing as a Conservative Democrat.

BodyPartsAndParcel 5 points ago

You responded to the answer you are looking for

DanIsSwell 1 point ago (edited)

R.epublican I.n N.ame O.nly

another way of saying “wolf in sheep’s clothing”

soyface_deluxe 3 points ago

All RINOS are deep state operatives there on assignment to subvert conservatism. Change my mind.

DanIsSwell 1 point ago


MAGA12 1 point ago

Haha thought he just made that up.

VikingHalo45 40 points ago

Probably holding up Spy Gate investigation over amnesty

HungNavySeal300Kills 17 points ago

Lol so exactly like amnesty for border wall.

"Give millions of illegals citizenship and we'll investigate the corrupt coup plotters, heck we'll even throw in a border wall and a pony too. Want a Trump tower on Mars? I'll even come out of the closet and slurp you off right on the steps of the capitol while shouting how right you were to oppose amnesty. Just grant amnesty and it's all yours!"

  • Lindsey Graham
OGcentipede 10 points ago (edited)

I would accept some version of DACA after the following:

  • end of birthright citizenship through constitutional amendment
  • deportation of all non-DACA illegals
  • completion of the wall (and Mexico pays for it)
  • none of the DACAs get green cards or citizenship, ever, even if they marry a US citizen
nocucks 8 points ago (edited)

I would accept: a one time amnesty for Federal and local polticians and LEOs for failing to enforce immigration laws on the books for decades in exchange for a zero tolerance policy to deport and permanently ban each and every person in the country illegally and to strip citizenship of each and every child born to a non-citizen within the US, along with a constitutional amendment removing birthright citizenship and making failure to enforce laws a capital crime. There should also be funding set aside for a new team at DOJ to prosecute employers and non-profits who provided aid and comfort to illegal aliens.

americathegr888 8 points ago

No. How about not.

How about they all get deported, AND we end birthright citizenship, and we complete the wall, and we deport all the rest of the illegals.

No more "compromise" that's actually capitulation. That's how the right always loses.

OGcentipede 2 points ago

That’s sounds great, I’ll have that.

ADAM_SCHITT 7 points ago

Also greatly reduce legal immigration. End the lottery and chain migration.

krzyzowiec 4 points ago

Don’t forget an end to chain migration, the single most important immigration issue there is.

DACA is 700k people. Now imagine that many every single year and you see why Democrats were not tempted by Trump’s amnesty offer.

Returningtogod 30 points ago

They don't call him Gramnesty for nothing. Get back to FISA abuses and Burisma subpoenas Lindsay.

VoltronGreen1981 4 points ago

He needs to be voted out next time around. He's a cancer.

cilantro 26 points ago (edited)



I'd LOVE President Trump to use DACAs as leverage to get the RAISE Act merit based immigration reform to be ratified for several reasons:

  • The RAISE Act quality controls require all applicants to be young, healthy, rich, English-speaking, highly educated, highly skilled, law abiding and can demonstrate a love for America.

  • I suspect 95% of the DACAs would fail the quality controls and the handful that are quality applicants would have already proven themselves to be a huge benefit to our economy. It doesn't make sense to reject hard working, successful, healthy, rich entrepreneurs when we keep the cream of the crop and dump the shit back into Mexico.

  • The RAISE Act would halve our annual immigration intake quota and if we used the DACAs as a compromise to get it ratified, the handful of successful applicants would come out of our revised quota... meaning it wouldn't cost us anything. Rather than taking a risk on new immigrants, we could fill some of our quota with people who've already proven themselves to be law abiding and successful.

We need immigration reform NOW, so why not get everything we want using the DACAs as leverage?

BeMyFren 9 points ago

That's a compromise that I'd support. I agree 100%. We need reform and lawful way to operate our border.

cilantro 1 point ago

I believe the RAISE Act will ultimately become one of President Trump's biggest and most impacting achievements.

nocucks 7 points ago (edited)

Have you seen the GOP negotiate? They won't get anything we want. And even if they could, what "they" want is cheap labor for their donors. What they want is an underclass that breeds in large numbers. Our government has no idea how to handle its out of control budget so the only solution is to continuously grow GDP. Its hard to do that when they send trillions of dollars in work and technology outside the US, so they need to grow the population. They need that to grow the GDP and to grow the base for the pyramid scheme known as social security.

Sorry, but I don't want anyone over 40 years old involved in any discussion of immigration. They won't be alive to live in the shitstorm they are making so they can fuck off.

SnowflakeJuice 4 points ago (edited)

The only way I would agree with that, is if we get rid of H1B visas, and birthright citizenship. This idea that we need more programmers or accountants is bullshit (Dr's and RN's, maybe, but if medical school wouldn't cost so damn much, we wouldn't need them either)

Cacciali_Via 2 points ago

"Hard working, successful, healthy, rich,"

These are undefinable words that will be twisted to admit every low IQ brown person on the planet and register then for gibs.

America doesnt need immigration reform, it needs immigration shut down for 40 years.

America First.

TravelBan-BuildWall 1 point ago

No idea why this is being downvoted. This is the real hard truth.

cilantro -2 points ago (edited)

You think President Trump wouldn't qualify these terms? I'm certain you are very concerned about nothing.

americathegr888 1 point ago

No thanks, we don't need "merit" based invasion either. It's still driving down wages and driving up house prices and fucking AMERICANS over.

cilantro 1 point ago

It's fun how you believe President Trump can make rules like a king, without the need to deal with the House and the Senate.

Unfortunately edge-lord keyboard warrior skills are 100% useless in the real world.

americathegr888 1 point ago (edited)

Um what the fuck are you even talking about, GUY?

Trump doesn't HAVE to support "record" numbers of economic migrants who vote 70-90% left, does he? NO.

Neither do we.

Does that mean he can ban all immigration overnight? No, but I didn't say that, either.

The first step to ending invaders fucking over Americans is to STOP FUCKING SUPPORTING IT ALL THE TIME.

I'd rather be an "edge lord" (god you sound like a leftist) than someone who supports bringing in millions of anti-Constitution foreigners to drive down wages and drive up house prices for Americans.

ramennov 23 points ago (edited)


Buckley508 20 points ago

Deferred action, not no action. And nows the time to take it

SkitShowPhrenia 15 points ago

Dems: Here’s why amnesty is racist

TheGulagKnownAsCA 8 points ago

If only they went that far.

AlohaChris 14 points ago (edited)

No amnesty. It legitimizes committing crime so the children of criminals can profit.

No more foreign work visas, period. Foreign work visas do nothing except depress American’s wages and divert money out of our economy. American workers first.

RussianBot2 0 points ago

They have profited already, they had American education and healthcare, they could easily return to America LEGALLY, It's nothing but temporary inconvenience for them, so I honestly don't know why the hell they need amnesty for. Just to piss us off probably.

siliconia 14 points ago (edited)

Ask Ronald Reagan's corpse how that worked out last time.

Fredo_Cuomo 12 points ago

There's gay (not that there's anything wrong with that) then there's Lindsey Graham In The Closet Gay

astro_eng 8 points ago

Gay = degenerate so yes there is something wrong with that.

AceOfTrumps 12 points ago

Fucked up thing is all Mexico (or whatever country) has to do is say "no" to accepting them and America gets fucked under international law (not allowing countries to render people stateless)

Here's a solution: dump them in puerto rico

Necalli 13 points ago

They dont get to say no, under the same provision you spoke about. They're not US citizens, nor even, legally, permanent US residents even. They're not supposed to be in the US, their deportation's were deferred, but they're still citizens of other nations.

AceOfTrumps 2 points ago

Perhaps you're right, idk, you make a good point but it still seems like some sketchy gray zone

krzyzowiec 3 points ago (edited)

It’s not. Most countries other than the US operate by the principle of jus sanguinis, aka nationality by blood.

That means for example that even though I was born in the US and am a US citizen, due to my Polish heritage, Poland sees me as a national. That is regardless of the fact that I’ve never tried to get any official documentation from there proving it.

There was actually a serious risk prior to 2008 when Poland still had compulsory military service, that an American of Polish descent could be drafted. The consulate also would not let you leave without getting official documents if they found out you were Polish lol.

So just by virtue of the fact that these kids have Mexican parents, they are Mexican nationals and can be deported just fine. Mexico would complain, but they would take them.

AceOfTrumps 1 point ago (edited)

Not to sound pedantic, but how would that work if say you were Heinz57 15% polish 15% swedish 15% moldovan etc?

I assume a Honduran would have similar genes to Mexicans, so I figure the European example is easier

krzyzowiec 2 points ago

Doesn’t matter. You just have to be able to prove ancestry.

The specifics can vary by country, but for Poland all that is required is for one of your parents, one of your grandparents, or two of your great grandparents be Polish.

There are also minor details like the chain having to be unbroken (you may not count if your parent renounces their citizenship), but those aren’t relevant here.

AceOfTrumps 1 point ago

I think you answered what I was looking for, basically 25%... at least for Poland... some others would be similar

_bryan 1 point ago

It doesn't matter that they don't get to say no. All they have to do is break the rules, because nobody is going to enforce those rules on them.

In the United States, however, breaking the rules would be political suicide because the MSM would do what they did to Nixon. In Mexico all elections are rigged and their MSM is even worse than ours at covering up for politicians so it doesn't matter either way.

Kekception 12 points ago

Fuck that no amnesty. You came illegally your out. Fuck that and fuck you

drinkymybutt 12 points ago

Yeah, sell some more states like Reagan did California. I’m so sick of this RINO fuck. Respect for Hannity for bringing light to corruption, but maybe just once challenge this soft talking piece of shit.

deleted 12 points ago
_bryan 1 point ago (edited)

Always has been.

He's writing red flag national law and pushing it on Trump.

Covfefe_Crusader 11 points ago

Deport ALL illegal aliens, fuck the dreamers.

kesquare2 11 points ago

Hate I was right about Graham.

It was about the time Graham suddenly wanted Sessions out shortly after Sessions started the Zero Tolerance policy and reformed the immigration courts.

Almost like Graham didn't want him to interfere with illegal immigration.

Hint: Grassley is Graham's partner

AmishSegway 11 points ago

If I have said it once I have said it a thousand times,

FUCK Lindsey Graham.

Trumper007 10 points ago

Gee I wonder if Trump knows what a tool Graham is - LOLOLOL

Fredo_Cuomo 10 points ago


Dropcord 10 points ago

Get out of here with that shit.

PinkoPatrol 10 points ago

I called it way back when.

Never trust a swamp rat.

TheUnsuicidables 9 points ago (edited)

Trump tried to get the border wall for legislative DACA fix. The Democrats responded with not only DACA amnesty, but also another 1.2 million additional immigrants to get citizenship (for some reason). Now we have border wall funding ANYWAY. Democrats just wanted more votes in the end, and shot themselves in the foot majorly.

If it were just about DACA it would've been fixed. Let the courts end it, I'm done with discussing it now and them being used as political pieces for the Democrats. Either Obama went above his power and Trump can kill it being unconstitutional. Or it was within the Presidents power to do so, so he can kill it as easily as it was put in place. Reasonable requests where everyone gets something were made and rejected already in a system that is supposed to be give and take. Fuck em at this point, enforce the law.

Necalli 9 points ago

America honestly needs less immigration in general, and we need to stop deferring the action. Take the action and remove them. Why hasn't Trump remove them yet? It's a presidential action, not one from congress. Has he tried and I just didn't notice it?

Anyway, over 1 million immigrants per year, legal, is far too much. Needs to be limited to the tens of thousands, we dont need a slave labor force, we need top of the line immigrants.

There is one immigration visa I do support though. Americans marrying foreigners, letting those foreign spouses become residents in the US is something I can support as family values are something that do indeed need to be supported. What do others think on that?

TravelBan-BuildWall 2 points ago

Hope to god he was just waiting for his second term to take the real serious actions on immigration.

Kong2000 2 points ago

I generally agree. We also need to deport all the illegals and enforce our borders. We arent even a country without border enforecment.

krzyzowiec 1 point ago

It’s a bit risky because of marriage scams, but worth it because who would stay without their wife?

Maybe something about needing to remain married for more than a year or two following arrival would be good.

Necalli 1 point ago

Unless I'm incorrect, there is already measures in place to ensure that they're not entirely scam marriages. But yes, double checking to ensure those measures are in place are wise. Even if, in some cases, it can still be abused, the benefits outweigh the negatives in my opinion. Supporting the family unit is integral to America's foundation.

krzyzowiec 1 point ago

Two words: Illhan Omar

Necalli 1 point ago

Yup, the system can be abused, but this is one area where I believe the benefits outweigh the negatives. Even if she married and then later divorced her brother, I hope this is a rare outlier.

Sleeveharvey 8 points ago

Lindsey Grahamnesty

ThomasMuhFeelsHurts 8 points ago

Can we please vote these damn duplicitous snakes out of office? People keep falling for their crap. President Trump has shown us we don’t need master politicians. We need competent leaders who will fix the problems facing our country.

GernBlanston1 8 points ago

Oh, fuck no!

Feelsgoodman 3 points ago

Came here to say this

dunkeater 7 points ago

Remember when Lindsey protested Trump withdrawing from northern Syria? What a coincidence, his foreign policy lines up with the intelligence community once again.

Sheffler815 7 points ago

There's a good reason why Rush calls him "Grahmnesty".

deleted 7 points ago
deleted 6 points ago (edited)
tigertime 6 points ago

If they grant amnesty they'll never win another election and don't deserve to.

CoreyAnder 6 points ago

I’m in South Carolina and didn’t like him from the beginning. I wish another Republican would run against him, I’d rather vote independent than give him my vote.

KAGallthetime 5 points ago

I hate this fucking guy so much

thelastlast 5 points ago

piece of trash garbage

Magabeliever 5 points ago


xBigCoffinHunter 5 points ago

You want to lose an election because that’s how you lose an election

TRIGGERED_BY_CHALK 5 points ago (edited)

I fully support what I like to call MAGA DACA.









AsscreamKing1 4 points ago


Made_in_Michigan 4 points ago

Is it just me or is there nothing confusing about the rules. If you snuck into this country or overstayed your visa, you are here illegally and need to GTFO! Why is this confusing? Why is this a conversation? The dems argument on this is the same as me being a bank robber for 10 years and not being caught therefore its cool and now I can be a bank robber without fear of reprisal....

Granny 4 points ago

"And those people are thrown out of the country — we can’t do that,” he [President Trump] said, referring to foreign graduates of U.S. colleges.

Mr President, this doesn't sit well when our own college graduates can't make enough money to pay for their student loans. I think we need to tighten the college graduate labor market more, until these young Americans can afford to pay their debts!

TheHolyMonk 2 points ago

I think that sounds worse than it is. If you visit any US university, you won't find many Americans studying computer science or engineering. It doesn't make sense to educate people and then just let them leave. We bitch about H1-B visas, but there are a lot of fields that Americans just aren't studying. Everyone wants the easy way out. I can train anyone with reasonable intelligence to make 100k a year within 5 years in IT by becoming a Sys Admin, DBA or Developer and have offered to do so to family friends, etc. but no one wants to do it. It is mind boggling.

Granny 1 point ago

That's true but even our comp sci majors are complaining that they can't make enough money to pay their student loans because foreign workers are taking the jobs for much less compensation.

We hear it constantly, they are training foreign workers to do their jobs, then they get fired!

AbrahamLincoln 3 points ago


MondayCoupleIsDead 3 points ago

I don't even like that President Trump has been soft on this. They don't deserve a path to citizenship just because [insert any fucking reason you want].

Deport them all, they do not belong here.

Trump4a3rdTerm 3 points ago

I really wish the people of SC would wake up to how awful he is. Doesn't help that Hannity is always pushing him as this great MAGA supporter when in reality he's the exact opposite.

MustangManny 3 points ago

I can't stand Hannity he's a NEOCON war hawk, police state lover (did you know his mom was a prison guard and half his family is in law enforcement?) You should have heard his radio show during the Bush 43 era. I was forced to listen to his show the other day he interrupts every caller just to talk about himself. One caller was telling an interesting story about immigrating to the US from the UK and how he was starting a small business, just then fucking Hannity interrupts to talk about how he used to do drywall, carpentry, etc... which I've heard 100's of times. Jesus just let me listen to the caller's story!!! But nope after Hannity talks about himself for 3 minutes then he goes straight to a commercial!!! Hannity seems to be getting senile himself.

molecularpimpin 3 points ago

deport all illegals

JetJocky 3 points ago (edited)

Before Graham worries about DACA, he needs to hold one of those investigative hearings he promised over and over again since he took over from Grassley in Jan '19. ANY of those hearings would be a good start. When the rubber meets the road, Graham is nothing but a DS shill.

FuckReddit4545 3 points ago

And here it is, I was just worrying about Lindsay and he pulls this shit. The man is a fucking cuck, tell him to fuck off Trump! We don't want or need him around, w can get by just fine. He is no friend of yours or mine, he doesn't give a shit about this country. He talks a big game but when it comes down to it, he's full of it!

Kong2000 3 points ago

I dont want amnesty, it's a slap in the face to everyone who came here LEGALLY and have worked to put into the system. Illegals should be deported with haste. Build the wall and enforce our borders. Then and only then do we talk.

Staatssicherheit 3 points ago

Why does Graham have such a hard on for illegals? If we can understand his motives, we can attack them.

ChuckedBeef 3 points ago

The ghost of John McCain. Get lost, Lindsay.

GeoG85 3 points ago

This is a tough call. Lindsey stood with us during the Shampeachment. Romney, flat out went against the party. Even Rand Paul voted against Trump for reducing Presidential Powers, along with Matt Gaetz, because that's "their principal". Do we write this off as Graham's "principal" or what?

JetJocky 4 points ago

Don't fall for Graham's act. Has he held any of the hearings on the coup, spying, Comey corruption or FISA abuse he said he would hold ? There is your answer.

FuckReddit4545 2 points ago

If I were Trump, I'd tell Lindsay this. I'd love to sign this bill once we get 100% completion of the wall and a ten year ban on all immigration.

RuleoVicus 2 points ago

What the fuck is wrong with Lindsey Grahams?

Redditcanblowme 2 points ago

Yup. My beer goggles have worn off for Lindsey.

MasterOfIllusions 2 points ago (edited)

I've seen this one before...

Uniparty: "give DACA pls"

President Trump: "sure, give wall funding."

Uniparty: autistic screeching

NickG 2 points ago

I like how Reagan agreed and turned California blue and then after 20 years the blue is starting to infect the rest of the west coast!

Naked_Bonersoft 2 points ago

Son of a bitch!

Truglow 2 points ago

This dog won't hunt with the American people. If this happens the chance of reelection lowers drastically. Can you trust a man that won't even vote to censure his buddy Chuck?

Proudly_Deplorable 2 points ago

Just say no, Mr. President. You'll lose a lot of supporters if you do this. No more amnesty for anyone. Come here legally or don't come here at all.

polish_snausage 2 points ago

I'm grateful knowing our President won't fall for this

Donald_John_Trump 2 points ago

Graham is an establishment figure masquerading as a Trump ally.

V_exodus 2 points ago (edited)

"If it were up to me" shower thoughts: No amnesty. DACA people get to stay (except the criminals which should automatically include all MS 13) but required to now apply for citizenship and if not completed within 2 years, deported. Offspring are not citizens either and subject to same requirement. No new DACA babies are "naturalized" unless both parents complied w citizenship requirement before the birth. Pass Trump's rules for qualifications of any new applicants for immigration. But I would like to see all immigration frozen for a while except special circumstances. I don't like VISA program. VISAS are not "Americans first". Finish the wall. Now start talking about a USA/Canadian wall! Bottom line is that I want whatever Trump feels is best. He has access to all the facts

MAGA_TX 2 points ago (edited)

I'd be willing to give DACA recipients amnesty in exchange for mandatory e-verify, an end to birthright citizenship, legislative fix for asylum loopholes, and a large reduction in legal immigration. These are things that are desperately needed but rarely discussed these days.

Of course, there are too many wimpy, "business-first" Republicans so it will never happen.

deleted 2 points ago
richiememmings 2 points ago

Fuck that . The shithead 0bama made the whole new entitlement up. Never dignify that treasonous shit by allowing it. Fuckin democrats are on a full scale rampage to tear our country apart, they are ramping it up as they see their perverted dreams slipping away… all because of ONE man, basically! Best president ever.

Kinestron 2 points ago (edited)

Besides contacting my representative and posting on the President's twitter account, what other ways do we let him know how we feel about upcoming policies, budgets, regulations, bills, etc?

And apparently if I DDG(no googly for this conservative) for two seconds, I would have found another.


Edit: ok, did my part. Hit all three places and voiced my opinion of NO to any amnesty since it is ruining the prospects of actual American citizens who graduate(please note this does not include liberals that study social sciences, intersectionality, etc)

americathegr888 2 points ago

As if his support for legal invaders wasn't bad enough...

snoopy3210 2 points ago (edited)

Anyone here that believes Graham supports Trump: you just have to look at Graham's trip in Ukraine with impeachment witness Amb. Yovanovitch and the most corrupt President of Ukraine, the Clinton puppet Poroshenko.

Poroshenko gives a medal to Lindsey and he looks embarrassed.

Liberty-Or-Death 2 points ago

If I wanted amnesty for illegal aliens, and gun grabbing, I'd vote Commiecrat.

SamWB16 2 points ago


freespeech4all 2 points ago

Snake. This would ruin Trump’s base too and make states blue. Fuck man.

Also Kushner is also a snake wanting 1 million workers A YEAR IN AMERICA


MAGA_TX 2 points ago

People always talk about the "dreamers" and how it wasn't their fault they were brought here. But what about their parents? I have a feeling that most of their parents are still living here and most illegally. They all need to be deported too.

phunxyn 2 points ago

Start sending messages to the President and make sure we tell him what we think of any lip service from RINOs.


Perhelion 2 points ago

Lindsey 2.0 is a LIE

TrumpCard1776 2 points ago

Never trust a guy with a womans name.

jgardner 2 points ago



deleted 2 points ago (edited)
millipede55 2 points ago

No DACA and No FISA renewal for this weasel bastard.

MAGA_Master 2 points ago

Graham is a big backstabbing, hot air breathing fairy.

touchmystuffIkillyou 2 points ago

Fuck this snake is at it again

nocucks 2 points ago

POTUS should know that the two things that will absolutely guarantee he loses in November are amnesty and gun control. We know the other guys will do those things too, but nobody is going to show up to vote for someone who betrayed them.

yacsb 2 points ago

Don't give the dems anything. No amnesty is needed, we got our wall without it.

ohpleaseuhhelpame 2 points ago

Immigration reform..merit based...finish the wall...

VonBustacap 1 point ago

Jesus, why are these ass-hats so hell-bent on destroying the country?

rageous 1 point ago

Did the Democrats finally find out whatever dirt McCain had on him or something?

Former_RM2 1 point ago

How about amnesty for the wall, but we get to do the wall first, then after the wall is done, he vetos the amnesty bill.

Hey, what's good for the goose and all. Right?

BidenSmellsKids 1 point ago

Would be very interesting to see how many of these "students" are "Chicano studies" majors.

Butthurt 1 point ago

I dunno man. I’m split on this issue. On one hand, they’re illegal, but on the other these kids grew up here, and some don’t speak Spanish or have ties back home. Dropping them off in bum fuck Mexico with no way to survive is gonna be tough for them. If anything, deport the parents.

f_bastiat 1 point ago

DACA amnesty is something I'd be willing to accept if the terms were black and white but you know they will ask for more the second we give an inch. It's a hard pill to swallow to feel warm and fuzzy about sending a kid to a foreign shit hole because of their parents sins and Obama's failures. I'm on board with letting them stay but getting in the back of the line behind people immigrating legally and if they can meet the same requirements, they can get their citizenship when it's their turn in line and not a minute sooner. Essentially it would just halt new legal arrivals for a short time until the database is cleared, after that, see ya later Pedro.

the_federalist 1 point ago

The president should agree to meet with Lindsey only if cameras are allowed in the conversation so all of america can see him make the case. His arguments would fall apart immediately and he'd refuse to do it.

DasterMarsh 1 point ago

All these globalist cucks need to get in line and realize the jig is up.

TrumpSteak 1 point ago

Lindsay needs to get Big Mike's dick out of his mouth.

SlickWillie 1 point ago

Bold move, Grahamnesty, considering you're seeking a fourth term come November 2020...

TheInky 1 point ago

The levels of opportunism in this guy is astounding

V_exodus 1 point ago

800,000 foreigners working here = 800k jobs American citizens don't hold. Duh. "So complicated"

NolesFan78 1 point ago

So, all they have to do us wait us out. Eventually, they get their citizenship. What are we, the parents that threaten punishment but always give in? This crap needs to stop. Deport them all.

deleted 1 point ago
independentbystander 1 point ago

NO !!!

Deport All Criminal Aliens



Get-schlonged 1 point ago

I say use DACA as a bargaining chip. Make them unable to vote for 15 years and trade it for something like national voter ID.

NvJohansson 1 point ago

So they can all vote blue... legally, fuck Graham, Romney and Collins.

PillarOfWisdom 1 point ago

That bastard is a snake in the grass. Don’t trust him.

deleted 1 point ago
KARMAAACS 1 point ago

These RINOS are annoying, thankfully Trump won't give into these idiotic cretins.

Pirate_Lafitte 1 point ago

Can;t even call him a cuck because he doesn't have a wife to cuckold him

TheRealBuddyB 1 point ago

DAMNIT Republicans! We need to get rid of this guy already! He has done nothing he promised and is always pushing the Left and Deep State's playbook behind the scenes.

Skyrison 1 point ago

what the fuck is UP with this guy!? why does he keep doing this???

DONT_reply_with_THIS 1 point ago

I can't stand these big business Republican faggots. You can give these ungrateful DACA people amnesty and they will still vote Democrat and their children will vote Democrat for generations.

Same with Indians.

Same with damn near EVERY fucking demographic except whites. Whites are the only ones who vote against their own interests (due to beta males and women) to vote for Democrat policies.

Yutterh 1 point ago (edited)

Personally, I think the DACA immigrants are fine. As long as they haven't committed any crimes and I mean any crimes. Stole a candy bar kind of any. These kids have lived here for a long time and have known no other home. I'm super anti illegals and immigrants getting any privileges. We can have mercy this one time and only this one time.

Edit: Also have to be contributors to society. College degrees, paying taxes, community service record, etc. Only the ones who haven't taken it for granted.

archdog99 1 point ago

Lots of concern trolls in this thread. Let's stay paranoid but we should also hear what the deal is that's being offered. I trust GEOTUS to know how to cut a deal.

Dueler312 1 point ago

Considering the main story came from politico, I'm not trusting this story here.

Choppermagic 1 point ago

Lindsey Graham has not done a single thing since Kav. He talks and talks and fails to deliver. Boot him from all committees

remember1776 1 point ago


ShampocalypseWOW 1 point ago

Can we please all just agree that Graham is a swamp thing and kick him to the curb?? He only says what he needs to to stay relevant and just popular enough. He is acting. He is a neocon in populist clothing.

Captnleapster 1 point ago

Canada has been doing this and it’s killing their people.

ErrorCorrectBot 1 point ago

If a democrat wins these weak/fake R's will instantly flip and sell us all out.

Flptplt 1 point ago

If you're going to give amnesty to the DACA kids, you might as well just accept the fact that everyone's getting amnesty. We'll just give amnesty every 30 years or so. Which makes our borders completely meaningless.

The bottom line is this, the DACA kids should be deported immediately.

Rooster-J-Cogburn 1 point ago

Fuck you Grahamnesty, out out out.

EADReddit 1 point ago

Trump was originally planning to bargain it for the wall. The deal was done until some Activist Judge Ruled against Trump.

That being said this will all depend on the 2020 outcome. Right now Trump and the republicans have the momentum. So a deal isn't needed at this time.

I wonder what they want in return for DACA though. Healthcare reform would be the only thing I could think of that would meet that threshold right now. The other would be the abolishment of the Federal Reserve and return to the gold standard.

Wal_Mart_Security 1 point ago

Kick them all out! Times up!

MawdT20 0 points ago

It's such as shame that Graham Cracker's only half-good.

Ex-libtard 0 points ago (edited)

Daca fags should be removed.