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magnokor 6 points ago

The DNC civil war is the Open Border globalists on one side and the Open Border old-Soviet communists on the other.

If anyone would know that the DNC are nothing but a dark psychic force, it would be Marianne Williamson.

buco 3 points ago

Remember Biden raised his hand to give free healthcare to Illegals.

GGRain 6 points ago (edited)

It was a logical conclusion, on the on side we have Bernie and his voters and on the other side we have the rest. The more candidates quit, the more the rest will unify. Don't know why the Bernie-Bros are crying right now... This is not exactly rocket science, maybe some Warren voters would switch to Bernie, but most will vote Biden.

KajensAngel 1 point ago

She is right. ???

VetforTrump 1 point ago

Dems cheat. It's their thang