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PewPew_ThaDuK 103 points ago

Just remember folks. The amazing shitheads in Puerto Rico let their people starve and dehydrate because orange man bad

residue69 31 points ago

While using emergency funds to pay the rent on the warehouses where they were hiding the emergency supplies.

GeoG85 13 points ago

This is where I don't understand the Globalists/Democrats/Left. Selling the world out to feed your kids, won't give your kids much a future to live in. Everyone thinks their kids live forever, until they don't.

spuger 4 points ago

They dont have kids.

PewPew_ThaDuK 3 points ago

European leaders now have no children. Big city people are dying off. They don't believe in a future. Everything is apocalyptic and they do is take advantage of a situation to take away from future generations

WishdoctorsSong 2 points ago

They were too busy printing "We're Dying" t-shirts to distribute aid.

Deplora 45 points ago

Something tells me he won't be "holding over" much longer.

That said, it would be a pretty big deal to refuse to allow US citizens to return to the US, to get US-quality medical care, be near their families. I don't recall the details that were reported when this story first broke, but I think the problem wasn't just that they were allowed to return to the US, but how they returned, on a flight with other US citizens who did not show signs of coronavirus infection, with some sort of onboard quarantine, but still pretty worrisome given that passenger jets necessarily recirculate air.

snoopy3210 33 points ago (edited)

That's not what happened. The jerk at State mixed infected with non infected US citizens, all rushed them on planes to the US and helped spread the virus. Trump wanted to board the infected on specific planes and deliver them directly into quanrantines centers in the US. For that you have to send a team to China and prepare the quarantine places at home BEFORE letting them come in. Trump was right and the State Department guy is a dangerous FOOL. He should be FIRED !!!!

ProphetOfKek 11 points ago

Special place in hell for people like that.

AngelMark 2 points ago

Well he probably fucks children or launderes tax payer money or both! Anyone associated with Obama is the anti Christ's cock holster.

2016TrumpMAGA 27 points ago

Very few of those were US citizens by birth, almost all were Chinese holders of U.S. passports. We've got to start revoking citizenship of foreigners who maintain dual citizenship and/or take out US citizenship and then return home.

Aquamine-Amarine 8 points ago

"We've got to start revoking citizenship of foreigners who maintain dual citizenship and/or take out US citizenship and then return home."

Way too radical. There is nothing wrong with having dual citizenship. My mom has dual citizenship and she's a conservative Trump supporter. You're painting everyone with a broad brush just like the left does. This kind of anti-immigrant talk makes us look bad.

2016TrumpMAGA 22 points ago

By law, dual citizenship is not allowed, you revoke foreign citizenship when you take out US citizenship. Your mother is in violation of the oath she took when she became a US citizen. She needs to toss her foreign passport and contact her birth nation to revoke her citizenship, or GTFO. She can't have one foot in each country.

mrh218 3 points ago

You're right about the Oath of Allegiance, but the truth is that the oath has no legal binding because the US can't supercede the laws of other countries. Some countries don't allow you to surrender citizenship, but the US will still grant it. The US will also deny based on circumstances.

The US allows not only dual nationality, but also allows you to owe allegiance to two countries.


TexasTeaMAGA 1 point ago

Is this true?

minotaurbeach 2 points ago

Not if you are born in the US. You are asked to give up citizenship of your country of origin when you apply for US Citizenship.

AngelMark 3 points ago

Dual citizenship sounds like a married person with a mistress! ?

WishdoctorsSong 1 point ago (edited)

In the case of the Chinese anchor citizens, more like a married woman with a pimp.

Imransgarage 3 points ago

Concern trolling. They think we look bad no matter what, just state your point.

Deplora 0 points ago

I haven't seen any information about the specific infected people involved, but I assume at least some were indeed naturalized citizens. I'm not a big fan of dual citizenship (or bigger multiples -- I had a friend in high school who had FOUR citizenships, and she was actually born with all four). But when it comes to evacuating US citizens, we pretty much need to treat everyone with US citizenship as a full citizen.

Shadoer 25 points ago

No cost is too great to stick it to Orange Man.

molecularpimpin 9 points ago

"By any means necessary"

They would have done much more in 2016 if they knew she was going to lose. They will be doing much worse this year.

minotaurbeach 3 points ago

"By any means necessary"

I am never voting Democrat again.

MAGA_Master 18 points ago

Everyone Obama put into any position was incompetent. That was the point.

deleted 21 points ago
snoopy3210 8 points ago

A believer of the soros cult too

NvJohansson 18 points ago

The term "Obama hold over" should not even exist anymore

ThomasMuhFeelsHurts 6 points ago

This. He needs to just wipe the slate clean before the start of his 2nd term.

Latinalover71 17 points ago

Put that moron in quarantine with the coronavirus patients. I'll bet he quits laughing.

lunchboxx10 3 points ago


Illuminaughtie 15 points ago

these twats need stomped

BasedMedicalDoctor 12 points ago

Someone post this on the coronavirus sub.

DLane1 10 points ago

He's also 100% wrong. NO ONE sets foreign policy for the US but the President. The Chief of Mission does not get to decide for the US.

undercovermaga 7 points ago

Looks like the article concluded that the real problem is the Deep state making decisions when they weren't elected by the people

minotaurbeach 1 point ago

Who ever did that is heartless, or too stupid for that position. Trump needs to replace him. Or He Needs to resign. Americans are dead because of him. I started today thinking one was dead, then found out -5 were dead. I get home from work, I hear- 7 dead.

5 in Washington, and 2 dead in California??[It is going to be bad if it infects the homeless drug abuser communities. They stay away from hospitals, as to not interrupt their drug habit, even though many have HIV/AIDS and other illnesses that can mutate the virus more..

Florida, New York, Utah. I am no one, but even I would not have made that mistake.

IvIA6A 7 points ago

These people need to be fired. The president as head of the executive branch should have the freedom to choose his own people to carry out his directives. There is no reason the president shouldn't clean house. Democrats will remove every single person associated with Trump when they get in power.

MJ85 7 points ago

Decentralization? Great idea! So long as idiots aren't your shot callers.

Who labeled these people at evacuees, and what government on earth that is one of our key allies (fucking Japan) would flex their nuts and tweak Trump's nose to send Americans back ASAP over the US President's objections?

Rather than earning brownie points by cost effectively hooking our American citizens up with drone delivered sushi in a safe and secure environment, and reaping some good will, dipshit-Obama holdover Dr. Plague wanted to move people around so he could feel important.

I can understand the initial outbreak area evacuees, because what American wants to be left in China for their care, but the Japanese cruise ship people that already were cooperating with the quarantine? Fucking ridiculous to increase exposure & frustration for that group that likely wouldn't even be able to return to their own homes without massive effort in the interim. So those not crazy sick would still be endangering others so they could "comfortably" self quarantine... hah.

DisgustedByMisleadia 7 points ago (edited)

That cruise ship was a fucking petri dish. The Japanese weren't "handling" it. They just wouldn't let passengers disembark. As a result, if the cruise ship was a "country", it would currently be #5 in the world (by confirmed Covid-19 infections).

The US did the right thing by repatriating US citizens. What was handled badly: mixing people that tested positive on the same plane as the (apparently) healthy ones.

The problem: they didn't discover the positive tests until after everyone had been co-mingled on the same buses and were on the way to the airport. They had no place to put the newly-positive patients until a separate plane could be sent for them, and the Japanese weren't accepting responsibility.

ParaBellum 4 points ago

Now we're the petri dish

Southern_Belle 7 points ago

Help me out here.

He says:

This is Dr. Walters. What I’d say is that the chief of mission, right, through the U.S. embassy, is ultimately the head of all executive branch activities. So when we are very careful about taking responsibility for the decision, the State Department is – that is the embassy. The State Department was running the aviation mission, and the decision to put the people into that isolation area initially to provide some time for discussion and for onward, afterwards, is a State Department decision.

This doesn't make sense.

The president of the US is the head of the executive branch. What am I missing here?

Our State Department has been sold out -- to Soros and his ilk. That's been going on since Hillary.

We need to clean out the state department -- and fast! We also need to clean out the Navy, but that's for another discussion.

SuperStarThursday 6 points ago

I just heard that the corona virus disproportionately affects males. Good thing gender is a social construct

TrumpsterFire2020 2 points ago

Only because 80% of China are male thanks to their 1 Child Policy.

SVGA2020 5 points ago

If anything is to be learned from this., Its that you should absolutely clean house when you take power if your predecessor is even 1/10th your enemy.

Wupta 5 points ago

We have to shrink government. It has gotten to large.

learntocode 4 points ago

Round them up and send them to this smug motherfuckers house to check his immune system.

grizzlyyy 3 points ago

Apparently in 2020 bragging about being retarded is a thing.

Eric_Fartwell 3 points ago

They're like cockroaches.


Can we just dissolve the bureaucratic mess and start over again. Working for the government like any other job shouldn't be lifelong in the first place.

LiberTerrarium 2 points ago

Name, shame, and open it up for states and individuals to sue for damages (especially health expenses related to CoVid-19) due to negligence.

Make the bureaucratic cogs have to face lawsuits like the rest of us for causing harm at work. Let them lose their paycheck, retirement, and benefits. In other professions we have insurance to deal with lawsuits for malpractice and other accusations. Federal employees (whatever "holdovers") should be the same.

Firing is too good for this swamp creature.

BoughtByBloomberg 1 point ago

There is nothing they will not do to harm the nation. They will push you off ledges. They will entrap you in process crimes. They hate you. Because you didn't sit down and take it.

lunchboxx10 1 point ago

Get rid of all obama holdovers!

triggernometry 1 point ago

The reason this cocksucker had the balls to pull something like this is because he knows there will be no consequences. Meanwhile conservatives like Stone are being imprisoned over technicalities and semantics.

Taenia 1 point ago

Fire him!

StumpSmasher 1 point ago

Just another attempt to bring the President down. A pandemic they can blame on Trump via MSM propaganda is basically the only hope they have left, so OF COURSE they're going to try to make it happen.

If they cared about our lives, they wouldn't support the political ideology that always results in piles of corpses.

JOHNWICK 1 point ago

Fire him, it's not that hard.

Necrovoter 1 point ago

Start cleaning out ALL of the holdovers.