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FreedomFromGovt 2 points ago (edited)

Rather T_D should be deleted than fall into the grubby ass-scratchers of the enemy. They'll vandalize it and build a leftist 'victory mosque' on the wreckage of our first home.

Any likeminded supporter worth having will already have the wit to find his way here; the rest would just be a waste of time trying to re-educate.

Remember: Ultimately, The Donald isn't a place, it's a state of mind.

Stonesolo1 1 point ago

Seems it was the plan all along...first the quarretine and then shut it down..we all seen it coming!

pedeypete 1 point ago

They'll tell the Google goons to stop preventing the sub from showing up in search results, then they'll use the popularity organically gained in the search engines to re-educate anyone who happens upon it.

Standard stuff. Enjoy the time we have, we can still reply to the daily approved post. Use that power for good.

twoscoops4america [S] 1 point ago

I feel the plan is to force the admins to “make a change” to the page, proving that they’ve taken over the sub and making them look completely totalitarian, so for now it’s a stalemate.

Although, they’ve still essentially won in paralyzing the sub and stopping the messaging, even if it’s been put into a state of suspended animation.