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mikeroolz 58 points ago (edited)

Veteran Russian bot here, reporting for duty Mr. President!

Bleep bloop.

grizzlyyy 22 points ago

Initiating Vodka powered botnet.

TommyLasordasBallBag 5 points ago

Dumb question probably, but can we get some whiskey in here or are we stuck with vodka beep boop

grizzlyyy 3 points ago

We can do whiskey, as long as you bring some turnips.

LordOfTheReeeeengs 1 point ago

Just not any of that cheap shit. Also, American made preferably. MAGA

xBuckeyex 34 points ago

I'm getting too old for this stuff. Can I just go knock on doors? :P

ldanwill [S] 20 points ago

Whatever you can do to help

ldanwill [S] 18 points ago

This is actually a pretty damn good blueprint on redpilling normies and nothing says you can't throw a few dank memes in there

VikingHalo45 5 points ago

You’ll be shadow banned in 0.000001 seconds.

ldanwill [S] 7 points ago

We'll, reddit yeeted me without warning, so I'll just add another feather to my cap. I'm also shadowbanned on twitter

forgloryofkekistan 17 points ago

Too bad I'm an Indian pede living in India. Guess il just have to cheer you guys on from here.

RickySpanish 11 points ago

And we'll cheer you on from here. Modi has the fire in him!

forgloryofkekistan 10 points ago

Oh for sure , modi is pretty great. Too bad the leftist scumbags have allied themself with the islamic scumbags( who are by far the richest people in our communities) to destroy our country little by little. Modi is hanging in there and shit is getting crazy , similar to how it was back in 2016-2017 after trump got elected . The right wing hindu guys here are growing sick of islamic scumbags bribing and buying the leftists, theres a massive change happening here just like in the US and a lot of other countries around the world. Crazy and interesting times we are living in pede , that i can tell you.

RickySpanish 3 points ago

It really is some interesting times. But I'm glad to see it's not just us and the UK. I hope it spreads and we start bringing the whole world back to reason and logic. This pede will be rooting for you from across the pond.

freespeech4all 1 point ago

the Leftists here are being infiltrated by radical islamists and contributing to hinduphobia, with the whole “muslims being killed by hindu nationalists!” garbage.

Europe since 2015 has been invaded by Islamists who wont assimilate and burn churches

The rightwing around the world is getting tired of radical Islam, thats for sure

18-to-life 5 points ago

And wear the hat!

JoePCool14 2 points ago

Make India Great Again! You can do it!

ldanwill [S] 17 points ago (edited) stickied

Parscale tweet.

Take a look and please sign up if it interests you.

flyover_deplorable 12 points ago

I need Cuckbook? Ok I'm out SpongeBob meme

deleted 6 points ago
TD_Covfefe_Crusader 2 points ago

Same here. I have an anon account there that I use for local intelligence gathering purposes but I don't post or interact with anything on that platform.

EPic 10 points ago

I have to say Trumps campaign team has gotten really fucking efficient.

JoePCool14 1 point ago

Well-oiled machine!

gutterbacon 8 points ago

Would you like to know more?

ProperJimmy 1 point ago

Came here to type this haha

kicklucy 8 points ago

Mixed feelings about this. I hate things like ShariaBlue with a passion. Their paid shills are obvious. I kind of hate to see our side look like that. I love the genuine, organic growth of the movement, even if we have our fair share of middle-aged folks who are complete dolts (not all of you, but FB...oy vey).

Then again, much smarter and more experienced minds than mine are at work, so...

ldanwill [S] 6 points ago

The votes of the old FB fans who dig their impact font memes count the same as ours. Probably more since a bunch of them live in Florida.

We pinned this because we're here to support Trump and this is part of their official campaign. Completely understand that this isn't the cup of tea for a huge part of this community. Just wanted to get it out there for those interested.

kicklucy 5 points ago

No problem with you sharing it, just voicing my thoughts. ?

As for FB...I respect and appreciate ALL Trump voters, but we also need more Trump voters and some of them are shooting themselves in the foot with really cringeworthy stuff. I love that on T_D people are honest with each other and really stupid shit gets called out pronto.

Perhaps this effort is a way to “help” those people be more effective. The meme masters here sure don’t need it.

leing15 4 points ago

Well, Sharia Blue is different than this. They make up lies, and besides getting the media to repeatedly "report" on their lies, they pay people to spread and defend these lies on social media.

As far as I understand, the "Digital Activists" are volunteers and will do online work that is comparable to volunteers who knock on people's doors.

I'd have to see what will actually come of this, but so far, I don't see a problem with it.

MoscowCommie 2 points ago

The Facebook users that post the lamest conservative horseshit make us look bad. Not very long ago, they were mitt Romney fans and we're not fans of Trump

AtariArtist 7 points ago

Brad Parscale is so goddamn smart.

ldanwill [S] 8 points ago

In 08 and 12 election cycles, dems dominated social media while conservatives just read Drudge report. Thanks in large part to Parscale, that's not the case

Stormysrectalseepage 5 points ago

And the tallest campaign manager! That I can tell you

NeoPepe 3 points ago

I want to see a pic of him next to minimike.

adam_schiff 6 points ago

Our arrows will block out the sun! And cucks will cry in the shade!

Magentapede 6 points ago (edited)

Will it have cringey Warren-esque meme templates?

ldanwill [S] 8 points ago

Not if you're the one sending the memes

JoePCool14 1 point ago

Make your own memes.

Optimus187 5 points ago

Vet here. I'll stay in my regiment. Thanks for the opportunity, but I like being underground

DaLaohu 5 points ago

I thought this was the digital army?

ldanwill [S] 4 points ago

Whynotboth.jpg. We could also take the memes created here and spread them using these methods

SlothB77 4 points ago

I remember when T_D had new posts. Not anymore.

18-to-life 2 points ago

It's like school in the summer.

VikingHalo45 4 points ago (edited)

I wish. Farcebook and Instagone will shadow ban you and put you in jail for posting anything. Zuck will not let our message get out.

grizzlyyy 4 points ago

Let's go! MAGA Country! Let's get our glorious President re-elected!

cbird54 3 points ago

This is actually official? Something about that name doesn't feel right.

ldanwill [S] 1 point ago

Yeah, name isn't wonderful, but they have a pretty damn solid system in place

cbird54 3 points ago (edited)

Just feels like an easy thing to attack as being "radical" I mean it's cool when we talk about the meme wars and shit as a joke but it's a bit weird when it gets official.

18-to-life 6 points ago

We here at TDwin are the epicenter, all meme warfare flows from us. We need to engage the normies out there who will blanket the landscape in winning.

01Jollybeaker 2 points ago

I keep getting suspended from FB for memes with quotes from significant people

I lost Twitter because of the same thing.

Legitimate quotes but they were classified as hate speech.

I made another Twitter account and they suspended me for making another account.

My digital foot print keeps shrinking

TrumpOrTreason 2 points ago

Pine this!

deleted 1 point ago
deleted [S] 1 point ago
CaptainChrisPBacon 1 point ago

Goddamn. That is some serious next level shit. Holy crap Trump is a trailblazer for how future Presidential Campaign will have to do to win. Now until the Presidents steps on the necks of these Commie Social Medias sites and makes them adhere to the first amendment it will not be much good.

sfantu 1 point ago

Bot herders of the world ... !

Vir4030 1 point ago

This is amazing! We've been doing this for years, but here it is with a TON of organization and production quality.