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spezisacuckold 15 points ago

Don't worry, the majority of their base will forget a week after it happens.

MichelleObamasBulge 7 points ago

If the DNC wanted to convince its base to support the electoral college and to believe that they always supported it and that it was only those evil right wingers who ever opposed it... it would only take about two weeks to pull off. These people are so demoralized they will accept whatever nonsense they're told

You can see it happening in real time with censorship and PC backlash. They are slowly starting to try to claim that they are the ones who who were being censored and they are the ones who fought back against it. Within a year or so the narrative will be that right wingers somehow colluded with social media to censor people and enforce PC and it was only thwarted by the noble, freedom-loving left wingers

Presidentxi 2 points ago

Wow this is depressing and probably true

christianknight 1 point ago

Problem is tradcons will play right into that trick too. More and more of them support media censorship.

VetforTrump 1 point ago

The base dont get to be involved.