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BlueSaltMiner [S] 70 points ago

Say it with me: Brokered Convention! ?

UndercoverSpez 25 points ago

Does this help with that?

BlueSaltMiner [S] 35 points ago

Yes. Candidates need 15% to get delegates. Without Pete, chances are higher that Bloomer and Biden get >15%, thus getting more delegates, thus higher chance Bernie stays <50%

UndercoverSpez 13 points ago


DrainNIH 7 points ago

So, how then does this process choose the nominee?

westrock2000 7 points ago

No one knows for sure, but it won’t help their argument about getting rid of the electoral college and “every vote matters”.

spezisacuckold 15 points ago

Don't worry, the majority of their base will forget a week after it happens.

MichelleObamasBulge 7 points ago

If the DNC wanted to convince its base to support the electoral college and to believe that they always supported it and that it was only those evil right wingers who ever opposed it... it would only take about two weeks to pull off. These people are so demoralized they will accept whatever nonsense they're told

You can see it happening in real time with censorship and PC backlash. They are slowly starting to try to claim that they are the ones who who were being censored and they are the ones who fought back against it. Within a year or so the narrative will be that right wingers somehow colluded with social media to censor people and enforce PC and it was only thwarted by the noble, freedom-loving left wingers

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VetforTrump 1 point ago

The base dont get to be involved.

ArchangelleTrump 2 points ago (edited)

They'll forget if Commifornia votes in the general and Trump loses popular vote.

PezzShivers 2 points ago (edited)

Yeah we do know.... okay.. candidates gain delegates depending on how well they preform. In 2016 the DNC also gave out "Super-Delegates" Super-Delegates are the people who run the democratic party. They are the Establishment/The swanp of the DNC. They are all people who pretty much work in it. They can choose whoever they want. They used to give out a set number at each primary spot. So in each state a candidate would get delegates based on how well they did and they would also get Super-delegates based on nothing. Super delegates could go to any candidate they choose pretty much. Thats the only way Hillary had more delegates than Bernie. He won the majority of american voter delegates but lost pretty much all the Super Delegates. After the backlash they recieved in 2016 for what they did to Bernie they decided to change the rules for this election and so now Super-Delegates will only come into play if it becomes a brokered convention and goes to a 2nd ticket. The DNC has been saying that Super Delegates are nothing to worry about and they will not pick the nominee bc there has never had to be a 2nd ticket before. Lol (this is how Bernie will be screwed again) At the DNC comvention Bernie will have the majority of delegates but will not have enough to not cause a brokered convention. So when they go to the second ticket, Joe Biden will become the nominee bc he will get basically ALL the super delegates and will beat Bernie. Remember Super Delegates are ALL establishment party insiders and will be going to Joe. This is the DNC controls who their nominee is. Whatever the case... it's a win-win for us. If Bernie somehow wins... It will be the easiest election ever against a socialist. The first time he debates Tump he's done. If/When Joe wins it will be clearer than ever to everyone that Bernie has gotten fucked over for the 2nd time in a row and it will cause so much division that all his young people will not turn out to vote

Sumarongi 1 point ago

Lots of riots and burning stuff in Milwaukee

covfefe613 43 points ago

Pulls the plug ?

spez_this 12 points ago

Dammit, you beat me to it! Have an upvote.

SourcesFamiliar 14 points ago

Why quit now? He went so... deep.

NotProgCensored 10 points ago

and Booty Fudge drops out

GhostOfMyFormerSelf 27 points ago

Best Twitter comment: "His followers might feel rear ended by this."

Aisle-is-closed 21 points ago

First they prop him up (go watch the video of the crazy Iowa coin flip where a guy literally turns the coin over in his hand), and now they told him to leave.

Makes you wonder what they promised or threatened.

Mike0xquitelong 20 points ago

Apparently he thought it was too much of a pain in the ass, bringing up the rear all the time.

Plus he was trailing in the campaign race.

westrock2000 9 points ago

There had been rumors of trouble in the campaign and that he was up to his elbows in shit. But I felt he always had so much energy, he was always ball deep to rekt ‘em

KilroyJCNJ 5 points ago

So it makes sense that he is backing out. . .

glasseye 3 points ago

Yea, he kept finding himself on the bottom...

koikatturtle 19 points ago

I remember hearing that when clinton ran in 2016. What does brokered convention mean?

rageous 35 points ago

It means they choose who will win instead of the constituents choosing... AKA they steal it.

rickscarf 20 points ago

It's when nobody has enough bound delegate votes to seal the deal on the first round of voting. Those bound delegates are released to vote for whoever they want on subsequent rounds, and lots of backroom deals go on. It is entirely possible someone who hasn't even been in the race could be nominated from the floor, although unlikely.

incogneato 7 points ago

yeah. Like Hillary or Michelle.

RespectfulKoiFeeder 4 points ago


westrock2000 6 points ago

But we are hoping ? ?

Presidentxi 2 points ago

Check out the last season of Veep, expertly shown the process. The whole episode is them running around the arena from green room to green rom cutting deals

krzyzowiec 2 points ago

I actually see liberals lamenting that Republicans are more democratic for honoring the people's wish and selecting Trump. I double checked to be sure, but Trump had 70% of the delegates, Cruz was second with around 20%. The party would have committed suicide in choosing anyone else.

Bernie is frankly speaking not that popular in their party. He scares the moderates, and will be lucky to have 40/50% support by the end.

ImperialxWarloed 14 points ago

Damn. I thought he’d stay in it a bit longer. I want them to stay in as long as possible to create a brokered convention.

BlueSaltMiner [S] 20 points ago

This is better. As Pete his voters won’t go Bernie, they’ll join Biden or Bloomberg. Pete wouldn’t get 15% in most states Tuesday, so their votes would go to waste. Now the voters join Biden and Bloomberg, increasing their chances to get 15% and get delegates. It is the Democrat swamp that probably pushed him to drop out prior to Super Tuesday and I am sure the Bernie Bros are angry.

KilroyJCNJ 18 points ago

The weird thing about that is Pete is probably as big a Commie as BolshieBernie, but hides it much better. Pete’s father was president of The Gramsci Society, which supports and promotes Hard-core Marxism.

Pete is a Red Diaper Baby.

Truthseeeeker -1 points ago

He’s obviously not a commie like Bernie, he used to admire him yeah but he’s moved to a slightly more rational position.

azn_gay_conservative 7 points ago

democrats lie. i dont believe that one bit.

ImperialxWarloed 5 points ago

Good point. I hope you’re right about who they vote for.

SemperFree 1 point ago

Doubt the Bernie Bros even notice.

SouthernGirlforTrump 3 points ago

Biden probably offered him VP. Just a guess, anyway.

Rescuedogdad 9 points ago

Can’t find confirmation.

CancelTheSwamp 8 points ago

He pulled out early, causing a stink.

GreenBurrito 7 points ago

Pete's packing it in

Mad_Hattie 7 points ago

Let me know if it gets confirmed.

Southern_Belle 6 points ago

Booty backed his booty out?

KilroyJCNJ 6 points ago

Back that azz ——

Oops - wrong failed campaign. . .

Mudbone 6 points ago

Funny, I just saw one of his adds on HGTV, about 10 minutes before this was posted.

highenergywinning 6 points ago

Buh bye Booty edge

JimmyNelson 6 points ago

Biden running mate.

server_cloth45 6 points ago


nazereth1 5 points ago


guitarmastershredder 5 points ago

I can’t find this on sources yet... is it really true?

Proud_American 5 points ago

He could have made bigger gains with the people by bending over backwards, but apparently it was a direction he wasn’t willing to go.

Sealith 4 points ago

I honestly thought he was Dems best shot at countering Trump in the election and now he's gone. Now I can't even think how how any of the remaining members have a chance. Maybe Biden but even the Democrats don't seem to like him as much anymore.

Presidentxi 1 point ago

Bernie is the biggest threat to trump in a general. Biden will be a fucking cakewalk.

deleted 1 point ago
KilroyJCNJ 4 points ago

It just came up on Axios.

And spellcheck spelled it “Adios” - what are the odds?

GreenBurrito 4 points ago

Pete's packing it in

rickscarf 4 points ago

Can't wait for the Trump tweet

deleted 3 points ago
TrumpCard1776 3 points ago

Butt Plug Pete is out.

rosie 3 points ago

Not seeing this anywhere I would consider reliable.

rosie 3 points ago

Now it's starting to pop up on a number of sites.

Salt-N-Pepe 2 points ago

South Bend-Over!

JFellows72 1 point ago

Dont trash on us South Bend pedes lol

krazikofiman 2 points ago

All those plugs going on discount!

Due_Freedom 2 points ago


Tomtoonami93 2 points ago

FUN FACT: Under the new DNC rules, delegates from candidates who've dropped out can now pledge themselves to whomever they're told to.

AbrahamLincoln 2 points ago

Interesting. I was looking for that info earlier today but DNC rules are a massive clusterfuck so I couldn't find it.

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MAGAnic316 1 point ago (edited)

So Butgig obviously getting a DNC-sponsored summer house and sports car sometime in the next few weeks

VetforTrump 1 point ago

Its the voters that end a campaign

ScrewSpez 1 point ago

Bye bye Beetle Juice.

AT_Finn 1 point ago

Good riddance Butt boy

Staatssicherheit 1 point ago

As far as vanity campaigns go, Buttgag's was pretty successful. I wonder what the DNC used to bribe him to get out. I guess they are going full steam ahead with Creepy Joe.

ImmortalJoe 1 point ago

Damn, and I just figured out how to pronounce his name.

Weird, he seemed like the safest pick Dems could make at a brokered convention

Thep1mp 1 point ago


glasseye 1 point ago

So sad, I had memes that made my father gasp. Maybe they can be recycled in a few years...

FudgyFudgeBots 1 point ago

They're saving him for 2024. Getting his name out there, pulling him put before DJT gets on him and ruins him forever.

boredrandomguy 1 point ago

Hey Pete. Don't let the doorknob hit you on the way out. :P