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Liberty_Prime 37 points ago

Could just be lower traffic.

KAG_FTW 43 points ago

Still though, this site is perfect!

And we have an app on the way?! It's too easy to be a Trump supporter these days! Still ain't tired of winning!

TuckerCarlson2024 20 points ago

There’s an app on the way?? Thats news to me!

Pelosis_xanax 15 points ago

I can’t see how we could get an app. If you build it, Apple and Google will kick it out of their respective marketplaces just as surely as Reddit is kicking us off their platform

JamesSunderland 12 points ago

You can still side load apps on Android using an .apk

It's just another computer program. We don't inherently need permission from one of big tech's closed ecosystems to install them either.

It's basically how I get a lot of apps onto my amazon tablet that are not available in their app store.

RightIsMight 4 points ago

This is how I got the YouTube alternative NewPipe.

TheOutsider 3 points ago

Tell me more about this. I am new to all this. How do I stop being a slave to Google? I have switched to duckduckgo for past 3 yrs but bitchute doesn't have what YouTube offers.

MythArcana 3 points ago (edited)

If you have Android, paste this link directly into your browser and should automatically download NewPipe.


You can then install it from the download link in your browser, or use your Android file manager to go to download folder and you can click on it to install from there.

You could then import your YouTube subscriptions into NewPipe. Just keep in mind that when you subscribe to anything in NewPipe, it is not directly linked to your YouTube account because it doesn't use the YouTube API.

erkmacgurk 3 points ago

NIce. We should have a sticky that gives step by step instructions on how to uncuck our digital lives.

TheOutsider 1 point ago

Yeah, thats true. Just check install from unknown sources, you can have any app. But I think iPhone users will have problems.

deleted 1 point ago (edited)
DivvyDivet 1 point ago

Android can install apps outside the app store. Apple users are screwed unless you jailbreak.

Bluestorm83 6 points ago

Site's great, but not QUITE perfect (yet, improvements seem to pop up all the time, in my humblest of estimations.) I'd like, for instance, automatic upvoting of whatever you yourself post, and a couple more refinements to what's in the inbox, I miss the "Context" link that would show me what came before the reply I'm reading, etc.

But it'll come. It will totally come.

leing15 3 points ago (edited)

The performance (page loading time, taking long time to submit comments, errors loading pages and submitting comments, etc.) does need to be fixed ASAP or new people will visit once and not come back. It's probably a server problem, but we need to upgrade then.

I sure miss the "Context" button too. Not only within the thread, but also in our "Messages" page that list replies to our comments.

Sometimes I get a reply that is not very specific and I don't even know what comment the reply is for. If I want to make sure, I have to go go through the whole thread to find that reply and and the comment that was replied to. While it's not a big deal when the thread has only a few comments, it gets complicated in a more popular thread.

I also miss the comment editor that made formatting easy, and even though I believe this was a feature made possible by the "RES extension," I also miss the "BIG editor" (a much larger comment window that opened on a layer on top of the thread page, which also had easy formatting buttons, characters count, and a preview pane on the side), and miss even just the preview pane below the regular small comment window, so we can check formatting in real time.

Another thing is that, in dark mode, the titles of threads you already opened don't change colors to make it easy to identify which threads you haven't visited (I need the dark mode because of dry eyes problem, but even in light mode, the color difference between visited and non-visited is minimal).

FaddyMcSaddy 3 points ago

It’s got that 2015 feel

WisecrackJack 2 points ago

There’s an app being made?

ChadManspread 2 points ago

What's this about an app? I've felt that if there was a team in place to create this site as a backup in the first place, they surely have the skill to keep making it winning-er, and would certainly be able to get some pedes to develop an app. Imagine if Reddit fell to .win!

Whoopies_tds 24 points ago

Maybe this ?? Yesterday wasn’t too bad in the morning but by nighttime it was horrendous in EST

VoltaireCentipede 17 points ago

I think it was everyone coming in for the rally. I know that I never used to post on reddit but I would come in for the MAGAthread to read comments while listening to the Don speak in realtime.

UpTrump 10 points ago

I just wish we had more upvotes and could thus prove reddit suppressed our numbers!

leing15 5 points ago (edited)

We don't have nearly 800K users yet, and with how slow this site gets when there are more people here, the ones who visit to check it out won't stick around.

LordOfTheReeeeengs 5 points ago

Agreed. I've been in the web business for 15 years. I've tried messaging the team about how to improve things, prevent DDoS, etc. But I don't get any response. I would love to be able to help, just need to be given the opportunity.

redbeard 25 points ago

Full stack engineer here — ping me if you want help.

King 5 points ago

no, me!

i can code in any language

heyyoudvd 5 points ago

But I was told Trump supporters are a bunch slack-jawed yokels with low IQs who don’t know how to read lines on maps!?

redbeard 1 point ago

We have the best autists

FappingWithYourWife 20 points ago (edited)

Thicc turtles.

TMNTs were the first real "alternative", subversive comics that I was exposed to as a kid. Long, long before my brother in law told me about Zap and Robert Crumb.

codewarrior2007 16 points ago

Mods = Gods

KAG_FTW 15 points ago

They be admins now!

GeoG85 2 points ago

Admin = Win?

Barbieblonde 2 points ago (edited)

Founders of this site to a promising young Mod :

"Lieutenant... how would you like to master of your own site, a Grand Admin? She's being built in secret. All we can tell you is that she will be a Capital Site of 'The Line' and able to stand toe to toe with whatever the commies at reddit throw at her... a site to carry the American flag and defend our Nation... in this coming Great Meme War II... what say you?"

Mod : "Let me see her plans... I have some important changes you may not have thought of... those bastards have more zombie systems worldwide than you may know... all but the U.S. mainland is compromised. How is she for stores against DDOS attacks from the E.U.? China isn't the only grave threat she will face and Russia calls all the shots... though ultimately still answer to the Coastal Elites."

PremiumPatriotPepe 1 point ago

Mods = Gods has such a nice ring to it though!

deadBeefCafe2014 12 points ago

For a scrappy bunch of pedes, the mods and admins over here have done a seriously bang up job in a short period of time.

RogueSchwartz 10 points ago

I was just going to comment on that...quick response times.

Knight1_of_Sunset 8 points ago

I don't even have to the captcha right now! How sweet is that!

SmokeyScottishpede 9 points ago

Slow site to me is secretly great news, means too many users. People are migrating over from spezzit.

PoorMansPsychiatrist 5 points ago

It's dead over there

xiao_maga_part2 8 points ago

Better today, but I don't know if it's a glitch or some fag in his basement, but my comments are getting downvoted to zero immediately.

Diotima 8 points ago

It's much better this morning!

whiskey_shitz 7 points ago

Yep, much better. Well done

JoshHawley2024 7 points ago

More hamsters were hired

Fenianlad 1 point ago

You mean oppressed and worked to the bone for meager compensation, comrade.

clownshoes 4 points ago

Lag is pretty bad today.

ArchieInTheBunker 4 points ago

This site reminds me of vintage T_D. The memes are spicier and it's giving me find memories of 2016

CancelTheSwamp 4 points ago

Thank you for this site. We would be scattered without it.

MetroTrumper 3 points ago

Thanks fellows! Gonna be spending more time on here since Reddit T_D is on the way out.

deleted 3 points ago
leing15 1 point ago

Yeah, It's much better than yesterday, but not fast, and it's probably only better because there aren't as many people here now as there were yesterday.

I posted a short comment earlier and it took a while "submitting" before it finally posted.

LugNuts 1 point ago

The site seems fine, its being delayed en route - mine always hangs because of CloudFlare analytics (Google). I would be surprised it it was deliberate.

patriotX 2 points ago

Is this technology?

luke21 2 points ago

I was getting a browser check and a 404 every sign on.

Jcholl9 2 points ago

Teenage Mutant Ninja Frogs Conservatives!

Vir4030 2 points ago


fatdon 2 points ago

Do you guys have a band of volunteers to help with the site and administration? Where are you guys getting revenue to keep this site operational...

AmericanJawa 2 points ago

But why the sad pepes?

ThePeperine1 2 points ago

very nice!

herrothere 1 point ago

This mobile site literally works better and is easier to use than Reddit's.

Reddit better take notes.

phate451 1 point ago

From a mobile, still takes about 20 seconds to get into a link

King 1 point ago (edited)

we ddos'd cloudflare!

tendies 1 point ago

Much better for me too.. nice work ?

givethismanacoat 1 point ago

It was really lagging earlier so much so that it reminded me of dial up.

hellohello 1 point ago

Loving it... Keep the train moving! Honestly, it almost seems faster than reddit's cuck servers/hosts.

Almagest 1 point ago