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Gobberwarts 4 points ago

The Constitution doesn't have a race.

DeepStateEnemy 3 points ago

Jesus Christ

MindsetRoulette 1 point ago

Brother. White. Bit of a unpayable life debt, but mostly everyone else just made my life a pain in the ass for no real reason.

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cilantro -4 points ago *

We're all debt slaves to whichever foreign nation owns and controls our unconstitutional Central Bank scam.

The minds of our brothers and sisters are being poisoned by the foreign nationals who own Hollywood and our mainstream news media.

You could then look at which country owns the largest refugee relocation foundations that exclusively try to flood only white countries with inbred jihadists.

You'll find the same people are responsible for all of these attempts at white genocide.

That's where I'd start digging if you truly want to be red-pilled.

Some red pills aren't easy to swallow.

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cilantro 1 point ago

There are no shortage of different groups participating in refugee relocation, however only one group of people dedicate their efforts exclusively to flooding ONLY white countries with inbred jihadists.

More than anyone else, these people have destroyed countless European countries.

On a completely different topic, the Kalergi Plan is my favorite Wikipedia page because it's 100% dedicated to demanding you believe it's a hoax and never do any research or you're a white nationalist Nazi.

That's when you know it's worth digging.

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cilantro 0 points ago

I am no expert on the Kalergi plan but the Second World War was a long time ago.

And yet Europe has been destroyed.

leftism and Islam

Muslims are the biological weapons of the globalists.

Leftism was usurped by globalists, along with owing the mainstream media in every white country, to help implement their globalist New World Order.

Liberalism never used to be about destroying white countries with unlimited 3rd world invasion.

You have confused liberals with globalists. The difference is liberals are the useful idiots of the globalists.

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cilantro 0 points ago

Today they are all worshiping Islam

And yet all the most powerful globalists are all Jewish and their behaviors seem to be straight out of the Jewish Talmud...

I guess that slipped your mind.

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TJac 2 points ago

Not ruled,blocked by GOP Elites.

Verrerogo 1 point ago *

Trump afraid? Trump is the most unafraid president or person I have ever seen.

He has done more in three years than anybody else. He has kicked over lots of cans and he looks good for re-election although we must not get complacent.

cilantro -2 points ago *

Even Nixon's hands were tied because of who owns our seditious mainstream media.

This has been a problem for generations.

President Trump is forced to walk a thin line because any attempt to name the enemy would be political suicide.

President Trump needed to relocate our embassy to Jerusalem just to stop our MSM from claiming he was literally Hitler, 24/7.

That said, note that President Trump's strategy from before he was elected was to punch the (ahem) "globalists" in the throat by attacking their most dangerous weapon - their ownership of our MSM.

What President Trump has accomplished is a miracle - he has made "fake news" a household term and trust in our mainstream media, even among the normies, is at an all time low.

Our MSM won't survive President Trump because they chose to take the path of attacking President Trump 24/7... and now if they stop lying and stabbing America in the back, President Trump's approval rating would be astronomical...

...so instead we'll witness the destruction of the MSM in America... and thank President Trump and Jesus for that.

Verrerogo 1 point ago *

The MSM hated that he moved the embassy to Jerusalem. All leftists hated that, and all leftists hate Israel. You can be a Zionist or a leftist, pick one. You can't be both.

Trump was friendly with Jews in the real estate business in New York for decades, and has a Jewish daughter and grand children. He seems fond of Jared Kushner, and trusts him with things. He does not seem sorry to have a modestly dressed, long skirted, daughter with a bunch of children.

That's why he moved the embassy. Not to make the media happy. The media have gone right on claiming he's Hitler and are doing it right now.

He has gone around the media, and sassed them, but he hasn't exactly won against them. They haven't budged, they haven't gotten used to him, they haven't normalized him.

Israelis adore Trump.

Except for the horrible paid off leftists there, but Israel ignores them.

Religious Jews love Trump. Mostly.

Secular Jews don't like him. Except some who do. Maybe more than is visible. They are afraid to be visible.

cilantro 1 point ago *

They haven't budged

Our mainstream media wants America to die screaming.

You should be relieved that our seditious MSM hasn't started liking President Trump.

It's difficult to know what Jews generally think about America, given their history consists of being exiled 1,030 times over the past 3,500 years for stabbing their host nations in the back.

Verrerogo 2 points ago *

I don't think Trump cares what they think one way or the other.

cilantro 1 point ago *

Have you noticed how every mainstream news network is perfectly synchronized in their attacks against President Trump?

They are literally working together in a conspiracy to kill America.

Their mission is to poison our minds and give up our guns, open our boarders and allow America to become a third world shithole.

Whoever are pulling the strings, their plan does not include prosperous white Christian countries.

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