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BidenSmellsKids 10 points ago *

Sounds concerning. Can you mind explaining why the only thing censored that you posted was multiple concerning submissions about William Barr, on the same day CNN, ABC, NYT, MSNBC, NPR all published articles questioning Barr's integrity? While you here, can you also explain why the same 4-5 users keep posting the same thing, in each other's threads?

cilantro 6 points ago

TheDonald.Win was never intended as a true free speech forum.

It is far better than Reddit, however this forum's function is to act as a welcoming place for President Trump supporters and normies who want to learn more about the MAGA movement without the seditious mainstream media bias.

Start your own free speech platform if that's what you want, or visit Voat.co.

MAGA2020KEK -1 points ago

Awwwww.... you 6 day old accounts are cute when you mad. You should troll yourself somewhere under a bridge

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TJac 2 points ago

Swamp Manatee.I like it gonna steal.