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UltimatePistachio -1 points ago (edited)

I think this will be the trend because this is politics and that's how it works. I'd love to see all the wrongdoers wind up in prison and pay for their crimes but If I was in the same shoes I wouldn't want to start a full out war over arresting a group of faggots who were being slimy politicians.

Also, I don't know how I'm feeding "concern trolls" here... the trend is the trend -- it can certainly change but I just don't think it will.

cilantro 0 points ago (edited)

the trend is the trend

Your argument invalidates itself because President Trump has tipped all other aspects of the status quo on it's head.

President Trump is breaking all of the previous records for success.

Yet you still think President Trump will fail.

Your argument contradicts itself.

Viiiii [S] -1 points ago

Tipped all aspects of the status quo on their head? In what way?

cilantro 1 point ago
  • Ending ISIS

  • Creating peace with North Korea

  • Not starting wars

  • Withdrawing troops

  • Massive tax cuts

  • Massive regulation cuts

  • Massive VA reform

  • Record breaking employment

  • Record breaking unemployment lows

  • Massive industrial revolution

  • Record breaking stock-market rally

  • Reforming our border security laws and building the wall