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Viiiii [S] -2 points ago

No one- NO ONE -has been held accountable for their crimes. You can pander all you want to the ‘base’ with your ‘trust the plan’ but NO ONE has been held accountable, and nothing you say will change that.

cilantro 2 points ago (edited)

We've never had Donald Trump as President before either.

We've also never seen our MSM or the Democrats so panicked in the past.

Before throwing President Trump under the bus during an election year, why not keep an open and critical mind until we know if he's been successful or not?

We'll get the Durham criminal investigation indictments soon and then we'll know for sure.

Doesn't that sound better than screaming and crying and throwing mud over nothing?

Viiiii [S] -2 points ago

No, I’m not “crying over nothing” and you are a disingenuous fool for implying that. I’m raising the point that the administration that some one you follow so blindly has done NOTHING it said it would.

Supporting Trump is ok, the rest of them are still the corrupt US gov. People like you attacking, and insulting people that bring this up makes and insinuating that the clear lack of equal justice is ‘nothing’ make YOU part of the problem, and a big one at that.