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cilantro 3 points ago *

3 Years of Crybaby Concern Trolling

It's an election year and concern trolls have been shilling at 100%.

What has happened so far regarding arrests:

So before we all pee our panties, let's get the Durham criminal investigation indictments and see if all of President Trump's efforts have been fruitful. This will be the definitive test to see if our DoJ can be salvaged.

Or we could feed the concern trolls and scream and cry about doomsday fantasies... during an election year.

Viiiii [S] -2 points ago

No one- NO ONE -has been held accountable for their crimes. You can pander all you want to the ‘base’ with your ‘trust the plan’ but NO ONE has been held accountable, and nothing you say will change that.

cilantro 2 points ago *

We've never had Donald Trump as President before either.

We've also never seen our MSM or the Democrats so panicked in the past.

Before throwing President Trump under the bus during an election year, why not keep an open and critical mind until we know if he's been successful or not?

We'll get the Durham criminal investigation indictments soon and then we'll know for sure.

Doesn't that sound better than screaming and crying and throwing mud over nothing?

Viiiii [S] -2 points ago

No, I’m not “crying over nothing” and you are a disingenuous fool for implying that. I’m raising the point that the administration that some one you follow so blindly has done NOTHING it said it would.

Supporting Trump is ok, the rest of them are still the corrupt US gov. People like you attacking, and insulting people that bring this up makes and insinuating that the clear lack of equal justice is ‘nothing’ make YOU part of the problem, and a big one at that.

MehNahMehNah 1 point ago

I hope that it is about timing with the upcoming election.

Viiiii [S] 0 points ago

Why does justice need to be used as a political tool? I do not support that in any way.

MehNahMehNah 1 point ago

Not a tool, an expectation.

Viiiii [S] 0 points ago

Yes- an expectation that justice will be served in a timely fashion and not sandbagged for political gain. The fact that it’s an election year shouldn’t matter, justice should trump politics.

GeoG85 1 point ago *

I still have a bit of faith in Barr. The Deep State are slippery cunts. But we are hitting them back lately. McCabe got off but we did hit him. In 2016, we were mounting our offensive. Now, we're getting hits in. Just need to pass Voter I.D. to secure the 2020, and eventually, the constant hits on the Deep State will result in them start to dropping. Imo*

Viiiii [S] -1 points ago


Barr tells Trump to ‘stfu and stop tweeting’ and informing the American people about DOJ cases in a public interview.

BidenSmellsKids 0 points ago *

This account only has 1 post, joined 34 minutes ago and their first post was concern trolling. If you think its a coincidence that CNN and users like this are both trying to remove Barr, think again. They are spamming our boards, with concern troll posts, in an organized manner, to make you lose trust in Trump's attorney general.

Let me tell you commies, I'll lose trust in William Barr when Trump fires him, until then, SHUT THE FUCK UP.

deleted [S] 0 points ago
UltimatePistachio -1 points ago

I don't see how this is concern trolling, it's accurate and it's likely going to be the trend.

I hope I'm wrong about that, but I just don't see the trend here changing...

cilantro 0 points ago *

likely going to be the trend

Why do you think President Trump will continue the trend?

Do you believe President Trump has maintained the status quo in any other areas?

Don't feed the concern trolls.

UltimatePistachio -1 points ago *

I think this will be the trend because this is politics and that's how it works. I'd love to see all the wrongdoers wind up in prison and pay for their crimes but If I was in the same shoes I wouldn't want to start a full out war over arresting a group of faggots who were being slimy politicians.

Also, I don't know how I'm feeding "concern trolls" here... the trend is the trend -- it can certainly change but I just don't think it will.

cilantro 0 points ago *

the trend is the trend

Your argument invalidates itself because President Trump has tipped all other aspects of the status quo on it's head.

President Trump is breaking all of the previous records for success.

Yet you still think President Trump will fail.

Your argument contradicts itself.

Viiiii [S] -1 points ago

Tipped all aspects of the status quo on their head? In what way?

cilantro 1 point ago
  • Ending ISIS

  • Creating peace with North Korea

  • Not starting wars

  • Withdrawing troops

  • Massive tax cuts

  • Massive regulation cuts

  • Massive VA reform

  • Record breaking employment

  • Record breaking unemployment lows

  • Massive industrial revolution

  • Record breaking stock-market rally

  • Reforming our border security laws and building the wall


deleted -1 points ago
BidenSmellsKids -2 points ago

This seems concerning

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