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Trump4a3rdTerm 6 points ago *

I've been hearing that the DOJ feels it'll be impossible to get a jury to convict any of the coup plotters in DC, where 95% of the population voted against Trump and TDS is rampant. If that's the case, something has to change. We cannot have a system where one side has their lives ruined over minor things and nothing ever happens to those involved with the coup.

Lyndhurst [S] 2 points ago

Tribunals in Gitmo.

deleted 1 point ago
cilantro -4 points ago

You believe President Trump is keeping Gitmo open to use against his supporters?

If you are a concern troll then you need to dial it back a little.

shipoutofdanger 2 points ago

not only that... in this case the actual JUDGE had a hand in dismissing because he didn't like that Trump was tweeting about it.

I shit you not - read the article. Bush appointed judge went activist and pretty much killed this case because he didn't like the PEOPLE'S PRESIDENT BEING PISSED OFF.

deleted 2 points ago
ImpeachedDeplorable 1 point ago *

Well, for one thing they'd probably have to use Comey as a witness. See the problem?

Ilanna 1 point ago

I've been hearing that they are starting a new investigation in McCabe, Comey, etc...and Barr is after something huge. Im...more than a little annoyed at the delays, but here's hoping something good comes of all this.

cilantro -1 points ago

It's unfortunate that we won't win every court case, especially when so many of our judges are liberal activists, however McCabe is still under a string of FBI investigations and the Durham criminal investigation may have some indictments for him too.

Sadly, justice isn't like ordering a pizza... but we'll know soon enough if McCabe will know justice.

BidenSmellsKids -4 points ago

This sounds very concerning.