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nothingberg [S] 6 points ago

Surely one of those has to stick

rooftoptendie 5 points ago

so is this gonna be the actual DOJ or the fake DOJ... sigh

AntiProgressive 4 points ago

I hope they tattoo "adulteress" on forehead and deport her back to Somalia

LacyLiberty 4 points ago

Sigh. And we all know how serious DOJ is about prosecuting highly placed criminals.

BidenSmellsKids 0 points ago

Sounds concerning

LilLadyLiberty4All 4 points ago

And this is why they are so desperate to get that new forward way act passed. She wouldn't be deported.

DarkRiver 3 points ago

Very true. Thank you Tucker for highlighting it. I think POTUS also retweeted it with It will not happen

LilLadyLiberty4All 2 points ago

Yes, I'm so glad Tucker brought this to light. This should have never been a thing to begin with. Democrats disgust me.

deleted 4 points ago
Musman 3 points ago

I'll get excited when shes in cuffs and headed to prison.

pb032 1 point ago

this ^ (Musman)

ActualTaxuvader 3 points ago

I did a deep dive and read all of the PJ Media articles - it's a hell of a story. I can't see how it won't stick. MULTIPLE felonies including 8 years of falsified tax returns...

LittleBlackKat 2 points ago

Oh no! Another DOJ investigation! lol

deleted 2 points ago
ImpeachedDeplorable 2 points ago (edited)

"Some person did something."

CQVFEFE 2 points ago


Maybiusalauy 1 point ago

There are few things on this planet that could make me smile as big as seeing ilhan dragged away kicking and screaming onto a plane back to shitmalia.

ineevholprobber 1 point ago

This comment is available as a text file here. Please feel free to repost it.

Reminder of what SHE represents in OUR government. In Islam there is:

  • NO freedom of speech
  • NO freedom of religion
  • NO freedom of artistic expression
  • NO freedom of the press
  • NO right to bear arms... for non-Muslims
  • NO equality, since a non-Muslim is never equal to a Muslim, and women are never equal to men
  • NO democracy, since that would mean a non-Muslim is equal to a Muslim
  • NO equal justice under the law, since Sharia has one set of laws for Muslim men and a different set of laws for women and non-Muslims
  • NO abolition, since slavery has always been a big part of Islam - and still is today

10 Ways Democracy Contradicts Islamic Law "The 10 principles of democracy are all one big transgression. A man who has his faith in Allah and fears him will never accept them."

The establishment of Sharia is a fundamental objective of every Muslim (Koran 9:29). Any government that limits Sharia in any way is the enemy of Allah and must be fought (Sahih Muslim 1:33 and many more).

Islam violates at minimum the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Eighth, Thirteenth, and Fourteenth Amendments. It has NO place ANYWHERE in the United States.