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just_another_pede 2 points ago

Gregg makes a good point. What I'm confused about is how independent each of the various district offices are. Barr assumed office a year ago (February 14, 2019). But, when you talk about the functional swamp, I think most of it is within the area that Barr now heads: corrupt prosecutors, corrupt judges, etc. In The Real Watergate Scandal we see how the prosecutors as well as Judge John Sirica were corrupt to the bone. I'm not sure how fast you can clean out all that filth.

deleted 0 points ago
sixfingerdildo -1 points ago

Barr came in with a lot of fire and brimstone. Maybe Epstein threw cold water on him?

Sour taste in the mouth is sour. Wtf reaction isn't undeserved.

MAGANatsFan -2 points ago

Barr is golden MAGA. Enough with you trolls trying to separate Trumps supporters from Barr.

LoneStarWinner [S] 2 points ago

Get a grip. Gregg Jarrett is 100% MAGA.

BidenSmellsKids -3 points ago

This sounds really, really concerning to me.