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BowelSharpton [S] 0 points ago

The beaten-to-death "Angry lady & smudge the cat" meme replaced with this fat pig Ana Navarro who's one of those who VERY deceptively labels herself the "token conservative" (like her fellow fatty Meghan McCain).....so she can get on all the nasty talk-shows like The Spew and do nothing but BADMOUTH conservatives - this being the ONLY 'conservative' voice that is allowed and applauded. This infamous pic of her filing her nails is during a CNN ambush (aka 'interview') featuring an individual from Trump's Hispanic Advisory Council (or something to that effect) laying out those forbidden things called FACTS about the outrageous spike in felony crimes like MURDER among ILLEGALS (MS-13, etc) and this FAT PIG pulls out a nail file to show her contempt. I've always hated this screeching sow, since then I DESPISE her. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/cnns-ana-navarro-files-her-nails-during-segment-on-illegal-immigrants