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one3five 13 points ago

God bless that patriot.

generalshermansballs 12 points ago

Well that’s refreshing for once. And in New Jersey no less. Impressive. ??

bill_the_butcher 12 points ago

Hawiian judge rules he is to be jailed for 90 days

Belleoffreedom 7 points ago

Caught ya being good!

solarsavior 7 points ago


TrumpFortyFive 6 points ago *

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The owner of the flag who posted the video is Rick Guerino Jr. and the FedEx driver’s name is Chris Oslovitch. How can we here at TD.win salute and/or thank these men?

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mrh218 6 points ago

Based FedEx! There was another driver that confronted protesters a couple years ago and forcibly took flags from them to prevent a flag burning.


Batch77 5 points ago

Give that man a brick.

rageous 4 points ago *


SlcSkyWatcher 3 points ago

I'll just leave this here


DragonNRG 2 points ago

I am terrible at folding things properly, much less outside in the wind. This guy wins.

PotentialWizard 2 points ago


Flagwaverforever 2 points ago

That made me weep tears of pride. Yay.?

riffology 2 points ago

Hats off to that patriot. Doing something good not knowing that he was going to be watched.

RMR57 2 points ago

Not everyone has been indoctrinated by Commie professors and Hollywood.