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TrumpFortyFive 2 points ago *

Speaking of email servers, where are the backups of her private mail server? Off-site? DAT tape? Hard Drive? Cloud?

NonyaDB 1 point ago

On that part they - and by "they" I mean Platte River Networks - were actually smart/stupid by using Datto to back it up.
Datto makes a virtual copy of the entire server to a local Datto backup server (some are tiny) which then proceeds to upload to Datto's cloud backup infrastructure.
Last I heard, the FBI had a copy of it straight from Datto and then no one ever heard anything more about it ever again.
I want an investigation as to why a small MSP located in Colorado with no offices or personnel in New York was hired to manage and maintain an email server in New York.
I work for a small MSP myself and we've never run across that before. It just isn't done by small MSPs.
That shit doesn't make logical or business sense.

TrumpFortyFive 1 point ago

It makes sense if you’re trying to hide something. Make things complicated, entangle difference jurisdictions, etc.