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MBKUltra 6 points ago

Netflix is Obama Money Laundering and Pedos, so not surprised.

criticalMass 4 points ago

Corey has had numerous chances. And as far as im concerned, someone with so much info is just enabling the perpetrators by not just coming forward by now. How many kids have been abused since his first allegation? Come on, my dude.

BeauBidenBrainTumor 0 points ago

I'm convinced he just likes the attention he gets by threatening to name the pedos, but never actually doing it. To be honest, it makes me doubt him altogether. After so much time, I am equally convinced he's just trying to keep the public interested in him despite his failed career as I am about him having been molested.

Return_Of_The_LAMFF 3 points ago

RIP Corey Feldman 2020

Landslide_2020 3 points ago

And unless the names he mentions are very large and powerful people, nothing he says will have an impact on Hollyweird. No one with the power to do anything substantial about it is going to touch this with a 10 foot pole. Unless big time individuals names, with proof are put out there.

I just want to throw this out there.

Corey Feldman didn't kill himself. No matter what the autopsy says.

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Earlie 2 points ago

Oh, is Corey finally going to say the name of the guy we already know about?

Maybe he'll put together another funding request, wouldn't that be exciting.

If he was any serious threat to the establishment, he would have died years ago.

MAGA2020KEK 1 point ago

Why do I get the feeling this is DS decoy? Remember a few years back when Ashton Kutcher came to court to expose human trafficking right after Harvey Weinstein was blowing up. I think Kutcher did that so people thought Hollywood actors were stepping forward but then Kutcher just got quite again. I believe Cory was abused but something is fishy here. Cory has been off the radar in Hollywood for a looooong time. Cory’s story about going into hiding does make sense but still..... it seems like Cory has been hyping this for years to build a big payday. Maybe Cory is exposing them but something just seems off with this???

Cianevalies 1 point ago *

He gonna be dead quicker then lil Mike with Hillary as a VP