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YouGotbbQd 30 points ago

But why are you still looking at Drudge tho?

TruthVelocity 15 points ago

Use Rantingly or Gab Trends!


F drudge

noagendashow [S] 1 point ago

every once in awhile (not very often) I peek in to see what the enemy is up to (enemy meaning Drudge Deep State)

CowForCow 9 points ago

Does he want to be assassinated?

DrBJTester 4 points ago

The evidence points to some type of death wish.

Picador20 2 points ago

No, he will resign voluntarily and the Child Eater from Chappaqua will finally "win" the Presidency.

usuck911 2 points ago

Exactly!! Bloomberg will resign 6 months after winning the Presidency and Hilary will be President.

noagendashow [S] 1 point ago

yep, my thoughts exactly... but he'll have special perks for letting Hillary in. Someone please make a cartoon of Blooomberg as a Trojan Horse with Hillary inside

MAGA2020KEK 6 points ago

Hopefully Bill doesn’t get to excited and get his cigars ready for interims. Mike, Hillary and Bill with the controls should be a 3 stooges episode

MikeVicksAstrologist 7 points ago

I really don't think most Americans like Hillary as much as democrats STILL think they like Hillary. Total disconnect there.

Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake.

DrBJTester 3 points ago

We need a better word for this level of "mistake" I'm torn between clusterfuck and train wreck.

Cue_Cumber 2 points ago

Debacle, as in the Iowa caucus debacle, aka the Debaucus.

Babycakes 3 points ago

o yes, the women who leaves dead bodiein Arkansas and Washington, pleass investigate the Hillary Clinton FOUNDATIONand tHATahtSCAMWILLdescribe one ugly American a wrap sheet a mile long.

Babycakes 0 points ago

cAN'T WAit to see mindless bill Clinton. mAYBE HC CAN EXCHange him and support women.instead of stating monics raped bill Clinton. is this women full of bs ulsl shit or just a palin liar.

deleted 6 points ago
Jadae 3 points ago

They always like to put her with smaller men.


He’s in the foreground, it’s one of those forced perspective things like when you hold a fish closer to the camera.

DomsDad1997 6 points ago

Why would you put your life at such risk if you were to win?

DrBJTester 3 points ago

Mini Mike is not that bright.

magabirdlady 4 points ago

He is buying his way to the nomination. I mean no debating or anything.. And now he wants the old has-been hag as his running mate..How gross is this....

noagendashow [S] 3 points ago


Sgt_Thundercok 3 points ago

Hey, I predicted it right before you!

Babycakes 3 points ago

of course. it's the billionaire and crook against out president

KiltedTailor 2 points ago

Of course "Bloomers' is funding the entire resists movement. He made a public state about doing just that, and that is why he is running for Pres, tho he will not win, to help the Anti-Trump Campaign. Source "The Federalist" of about two weeks past.

deleted 1 point ago
OhLollyLollyPop 1 point ago

Dear Lord! No!! I just want that evil, crazy bitch to go away!

bill_the_butcher 1 point ago

What a stellar team of unlikables

habanero 1 point ago

At this point I think Bloomberg's goal is to throw the election to Trump. Which would make sense - the current frontrunners would decimate his wealth in pretty much no time a tall, not to mention crash the markets and cause a deep economic recession. He quite obviously doesn't want to be president, and by picking HRC as his running mate he ensures that even if he completely saturates the internet and TV with ads for a year to push all other dem candidates out he won't be elected anyway. So for a couple billion dollars he can preserve the remainder of his $40B net worth. Good investment.

LegacyOfWinning 1 point ago

No, he really is just a crazy lib.

SwampSwan 1 point ago

Hillary couldn't be elected dog-catcher lol.