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Mark 3 points ago

Antifa girls aren't really girls, so it's okay bust their shit and leave them leaking..

WanderingAutist 4 points ago

This is the legacy of three generations of Hippy parenting. Entitled kids, particularly women, with who have never suffered repercussion for acting out.

Antifa is a bunch of young men white knighting females who shriek like harpies yet are completely unaware of their situational surroundings.

I'm not advocating violence against women but as the old saying goes "Act like a man, get treated like a man."

Mark 1 point ago

I am, Bro..but well, said..

WanderingAutist 2 points ago

I don't think we're in disagreement here that when a woman enters the arena and acts violently she is fair game.

Remember Moldylocks eating a fist?


She tried to act like a man.

Mark 1 point ago (edited)

There is something that gets under my skin, especially those aggressive, masked, short-porker style antifa girls..also known to be carrying knives ..fair game indeed..