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DaemonKrog 5 points ago

Aren't there several thousand sealed indictments?

LittleBlackKat 3 points ago

AG Barr’s only claims to fame are:

  1. He thinks Epstein killed himself.
  2. His dad gave Epstein a job. and now
  3. He has a problem with President Trump’s tweets.

What a total Deep State hack.

VikingHalo45 2 points ago

When you put it that way.....

Return_Of_The_LAMFF 0 points ago (edited)

There are several threads this morning pushing the ChristCuck narrative that we need to be more patient with Barr because Durham is going to bring the indictments. LOL. Thanks for putting it in a graphic that hopefully these retarded It's Habbening morons can understand.

BowelSharpton [S] 2 points ago

With the advent of thedonald.win, I double post here & and at the "titanic", i.e., The_donald. I got PURE HATE for this one 'over there' ([email protected]#$%^&* and your negative concern trolling.....blah blah blah....trust the plan, Q sez....yada yada yada). Okie-doke. The tick-tock bullshit from OUR side is just as damned exhausting and FUTILE as the manufactured hoaxes from The Left.