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Isaiah53 [S] 14 points ago

Meanwhile, China's Christians are risking their lives right now in order to distribute relief supplies and combat the virus:


unleash_maga 10 points ago

I hate that we are so heavily linked with this terrible country.

JoshHawley2024 8 points ago

You don't wanna end up with an illegal Bible in china.

Next week going you know you'll be in the forest at a reeducation camp

Isaiah53 [S] 10 points ago

That doesn't matter to Christians.

Besides, look at what China is doing to the State-faithful right now...shoving the government worshippers into vans and trucks, nailing them into buildings to starve to death, beating them in the streets; we all pick who we worship. It is foolish to worship anything made by man.

AwakeAwareNow 1 point ago

It's like you can't get the bible on the internet.

jschmid4 6 points ago

With so much bigly Big Tech censorship it is a good idea to have a physical Bible just in case!

Stonewallsam 6 points ago *

Never let a good crisis go to waste right? No doubt they are rounding up political dissenters as well. They are not driving people out of their houses with sticks, walking the streets with guns and breaking necks because of CV.

45semiautosp 5 points ago

Chicom's gonna Chicom.

timmythetooth 4 points ago

Not for long I hope.

Omgwtfbbq 2 points ago

China is asshoe. Had they listened to that doctor, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

DearCow 2 points ago

I find it so interesting that Democrats can watch all these videos of what the Chinese government are doing to their own people and still think we should only allow the government military and police to have guns.

jschmid4 2 points ago

I think at some point South Koreans are going to have to go into China to re-evangelize them.

South Korea is YUGEly Christian and one time had a million people attend one of Rev. Billy Graham's crusades.

AwakeAwareNow 1 point ago

BTW if Russia is China's ally.. then where are they in how China treats their people.

selfstarter20 -1 points ago *

Christian Scientists would bring a copy of Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy. They would begin reading from this and since it is based on Biblical Teachings and read in conjunction with the bible, People would be healed. I have read it and can not find any passages in it that would violate the instructions in the Bible. Critics could find problems with Religious Dogma, but I don't. A Christian Scientist would weigh the implications of a personal healing versus going to a hospital. The news reports of keeping their sick kids from going to the hospital are one sided. Try being a parent, people tell me its difficult.
Can we find a document like this anywhere else?

crowgottaeat 1 point ago

How would that help Chinese Christians with China cracking down on their Bibles? China is still a censorious and propaganda state that will crack down on anything that isn't given party's seal of approval, which means nothing printed outside of China. And to get it printed inside of China legally, you have to get it approved by the Chinese government.