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SciFiOctoPi 27 points ago

People in California will be shitting themselves in the streets! Wait a minute....

MAGANatsFan 8 points ago


Babycakes 5 points ago


DrBJTester 2 points ago

That was funnier than a street full of shit in Nancy Pelosi's neighborhood.

deepstatehate 14 points ago

she needs to immediately end the EPA for good.

Seahawks2020 12 points ago

Wishing her strength. Scott Pruitt (former EPA chief) and his family were so viciously attacked by the insane left everyday.

MAGAnic316 5 points ago *

Their impotent hatred was pathetic.

That entire agency was one of the left's key Trojan horses for advancing Marxism and racking up all those sweet sweet government regs under the auspices of muh rainforests, muh ozone layer, and more recently muh climate change.

BeauBidenBrainTumor 14 points ago

EPA does some good work, but definitely needs to be pushed away from the "climate change" hysteria. Mandy sounds like the best person to do this.

Yucky 3 points ago

Yes, Trump is having them focus on what matters: clean air, water and soil. And also the tangential issues like plastic pollution, food waste, etc.

But not on this crazy bullshit where we send billions of dollars to corrupt third world shitholes and magically emissions go down.

deleted 1 point ago
DrBJTester 5 points ago

Rational Environmental Protection is going to be the best thing ever! Trumptonian brilliance!

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Shogun144 4 points ago

Outstanding news. I would much rather abolish the EPA entirely, but I understand the president can only work with the currently possible. There is something to be said for being good stewards of the environment and our natural resources, but Environmentalism and its adherents have not been concerned with that in decades. It is a leftist attack vector on constitutional government, nothing more.

just_another_pede 1 point ago

I think (but feel free to convince me otherwise) that the original EPA was a good thing. But like all government institutions, it has grown and is now a bio hazard in itself.

mossomo 2 points ago


bill_the_butcher 2 points ago

The Reeeeeeeeeeeeeing will be Historic

just_another_pede 1 point ago

We need to figure out some way to retake the colleges and universities. With the current Marxist educational balance, eventually they are going to win.

Yucky 1 point ago

Nice! good going Mandy!