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Scuffers 8 points ago *

Barr needs to make a point of sacking him, along with all the others, then bring in one-off outside council to take on and review every one of these cases.

VikingHalo45 5 points ago

Barr is too scared to do that. He is too worried about wrongful termination lawsuits.

buco 6 points ago

This, the deep state DOJ runs rampant, Barr refuses to intervene.

Scuffers 4 points ago

Not so sure, I think Barr's only real concern is what happens once John Roberts (SC) get's hold of stuff.

until RBG's gone and Trump can get another 'normal' person on the SC, he has to be careful

Stonewallsam 3 points ago *

He should have already sacked him when he took over. And a whole lot more.

Scuffers 6 points ago

That was Trump's biggest mis-step, not firing absolutely everybody day 1.

Sessions did nothing to help this either

______________drStrk 5 points ago

Come on Barr, you piece of shit. DO SOMETHING MOTHER FUCKER

Deplorable_Ruski_Bot 4 points ago *

small chance in hell


PERHAPS they get off "scott free" in the OIG so they run loose & do what lefties do.... BRAG & blab , in mean time everything they say/do is recorded (bugged) later...MILITARY TRIBUNALS of their fearless leaders...as thier rat minions slowly spill the beans & prvide evidence, since they think they are off the hook...

I might be dreaming, but I hope THAT is the case...

& the Awans & washing-machine-Shultzie need to be brought to justice (this ant over)

luke21 -1 points ago

When has anything ever happened to the deep state? It's always tomorrow tomorrow, some inspector general report, Barr, Durham, next month, no month after that...but there's a brigade of deep state troll bullies that insult people and keep everyone in line looking at the bouncing ball. They are all over conservative websites.

VikingHalo45 3 points ago

And there it is.....

______________drStrk 4 points ago

This fucking sucks, Page & McCabe are in bed having sex and laughing at all this.

What a fucking joke

Deplorable_Ruski_Bot 3 points ago

holy crap...y'all need to read the COMMENTS on this article (on gateway pundit website).... some good back & forth going on....

waddisme 2 points ago

I am hoping in GEOTUS's and Barr's 4D chess world that, they are letting all these swamp rats expose themselves and hopefully hang themselves with their own rope.

VikingHalo45 1 point ago

I can’t tell if you are joking or not.... ?

waddisme 1 point ago

Hoping - not joking.

DearCow 1 point ago *

Imran Awan is Pakistani ISI, working with the CIA to spy on Congress and the Senate since the CIA can't legally do that. During the Iran-Contra scandal William Barr's job was to make it all go away. William Barr's father hired Jeffrey Epstein. What do you think he's going to do in this situation?

katsumi27 1 point ago

“This all ends with everyone understanding that HRC tortures children to death and then eats them.” John Miranda Freelance.

Cianevalies 1 point ago

And all this Does is fire up the Base to demand a real swamp clean out at the next election. Only way this Stops is if Potus gets a super majority.

americathegr888 0 points ago

Our country is completely dead, bois. We live in a socialist hellhole in all but name. The law exists to impede legal, legacy Americans while giving unlimited handouts to legal and illegal invaders from the third world.