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12DogsPaws (2 points)

By the time anything MAY happen (I have very serious doubts), statutes of limitations will kick in and NOTHING will be indictable or prosecutable.

But yeah - tic toc (my arse!)

shipoutofdanger (2 points)

yeah if POTUS went with "ZERO INDICTMENTS" rather thank MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN... I might have taken a second look at Cruz...

But seriously, it's a National Disgrace. We know it. Trump knows it. Everyone knows it.

Belleoffreedom (2 points)

Democrats posting heavily here. oh. well.

cilantro (1 point) *

Top Mueller prosecutor: DOJ starting new investigation into James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strzok

We'll definitively know what the score is in a few months when the Durham criminal investigation releases it's indictments... but the fact our lying MSM is peeing their panties over AG Barr is a good indication.

I suspect our MSM will be targeting AG Barr for impeachment next.

Until then, have some faith in President Trump and please ignore the concern trolls claiming that we're all doomed.

gawd-emperor (2 points)

Hahaha, pathetic

No dem will go to jail

deleted (3 points)
shipoutofdanger (1 point)

"We'll definitively know what the score is in a few months when the Durham criminal investigation releases it's indictments"

um... you were saying?

cilantro (0 points)

Yes, would you like me to repeat myself?

The Durham criminal investigation won't be completed for a few more months.

I hope that resolves your confusion on the matter.

shipoutofdanger (0 points)

"shills always now absolutely what will happen with 100000%"

cilantro (0 points)

So your claim is the Durham report will be late, even though there's been no indication of that?

Is that what you are sad about?

Is that what your argument has been reduced to - wish-thinking that something will be late?

shipoutofdanger (1 point)

no, my claim is that you are doing exactly what you are accusing and criticizing others of doing.

... continue reading thread?
bill_the_butcher [S] (-1 points)

4 day old shill account

... continue reading thread?
Harambe (1 point)

But muh trust the plan

gawd-emperor (-1 points)

Lol, plan to get nailed by big mikes dik

OrangeManNotBad (1 point)

You can't use the swamp plugs to drain the swamp. Trump has the balls, these other losers are slaves to the dark deep state of the DemonRats. Trump 2020!

severian (1 point)

Jews don't prosecute their own duh

DeepStateEnemy (0 points)

Pierre cilantro strikes again. Tick tock, tick tock......

cilantro (1 point)

You should edit your comment because it makes you look like one person concern trolling from three different smartphones.

gawd-emperor (-1 points) *

Three zeros

chestPainMcGriddles (-1 points)

People complaining about the lack of arrests are not concern trolls. They just want meaningful arrests. Results.

bill_the_butcher [S] (-2 points)

Pierre cilantro is doing his best to correct the record though