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Anon331717 (13 points) *

Gowdy never accomplished shit. He talked big, because he was a big bad prosecutor somewhere. He was nothing but a cool sound bite, but a paper tiger.

4more (6 points)

They're all like that. Talk big when it doesn't matter. Get that gig on Fox news for saying what people want to hear. Never accomplish any of it.

Belleoffreedom (1 point) *

He was on an oversight committee. That is not prosecutor. So much fundamental misunderstanding of our system. It's almost like the last group of trolls found a new topic, and a new set of puppets.

1776er (5 points)

Dude go back and look at some of the clips of Gowdy and Chaffetz. They looked like they were getting something done and gave great sound bites, but nothing changed at all. Then cozy job at Fox for both of them.

buco (1 point) *

Lindsay Graham is next for Fox.

Anon331717 (1 point)

So much misunderstanding of what I posted. I never said he was a government prosecutor. You ha e obviously never watched any video of him constantly talking about being a prosecutor. Seems u are the troll kiddo.

DeepStateEnemy [S] (4 points)

Hey comment troll. Have some faith in President Trump? I have all the faith in the world in President Trump, it's Barr and the DOJ I don't trust.

gawd-emperor (1 point)

Fuck Barr he does nothing fuck doj

jojoaz (1 point)

That is the real problem, The FBI and DOJ need a good purge. I trust Trump I don't trust the F.B.I. or DOJ.

Batch77 (3 points)

Rep are all full of shit when it comes to the rubber hitting the road. PUSSY's every single one of them.

MindsetRoulette (1 point)

Can't they just pretend everyone is a dirty underclass peasant?

ElGuapo (1 point)

Is it really this easy to tear apart a sub with this Concern Troll bullshit? Do people not realize these trolls with these asinine memes are trying to divide everyone here and sow divide? Use your heads, not your emotions and don't listen to this bullshit. Things are messy and take time, especially when you're going up against an entity as influential and monstrous as the ones Trump is trying to take down. You don't have the stomach for it and you want to to spend all day creating embarrassing, fuck boy memes like this go ahead , just keep it the fuck out of here.

Need4Pede (1 point)

RIP Michael Clarke Duncan. ❤

minotaurbeach (0 points)

Don't underestimate Barr. He's Biden his time.

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BeMyFren (0 points)

So what happens when nobody is held accountable?

cilantro (-5 points) *


These concern troll posts are so low energy.

Although the OP gets points for taking Gowdy's quote out of context.

There's no need to scream and cry and pee your panties until we see the indictments from Durham's criminal investigation, in a few months time.

Have some faith in President Trump.

Until then, people are filling their diapers over nothing.

BillionsAndBillions (14 points)

Yeah guys, everybody go back to sleep for a few months. The good guys have got this handled. The government is about to make sure the government pays for the government's crimes, for certain this time.

FactsOverFeelings (5 points)

Yawn to you. Nothing will happen. Bet me. The only thing we can expect is 4 more years of Trump will remove them from power so they can spend all the money they bilked from you and me. God owns the vengeance market, though.

cilantro (-8 points)

Have you ever noticed how most patriots discuss politics in terms of beliefs and theories, while only the shills claim to definitively know that the future and how we're always doomed?

That said, I deeply concerned about your concerning level of concern about the concerning fact that the sky is falling.


bill_the_butcher (6 points)

Have you ever noticed shills copy and paste a lot pierre?

cilantro (-2 points)

Yes and thank you for drawing my attention to that.

bill_the_butcher (4 points)

Pierre cilantro strikes again

cilantro (-3 points)

Ha ha - thanks for the support.

There sure has been a lot of concern trolls shilling at 100% today!

CQVFEFE (4 points)

Thanks for being the voice of reason.

Just look at the actions of the DoJ this week alone

Also....the White Hats are not going to waste time prosecuting McCabe for process crimes like lying when they have much bigger, eadily proven charges to nail him on like conspiracy, subversion, and espionage. That's just how it works.

Storm's a-brewin'

cilantro (0 points) *

I know, right?

Have you seen how our MSM and the Democrats are freaking our over AG Barr - he'll likely be the next person they target for impeachment?

Also, this.

I can't wait to see what today's concern-troll shill narrative will be!

CQVFEFE (-2 points) *

I upvoted all your posts in this thread

I don't understand the following mentality:

I'm a Trump supporter, voted for him in 2016, can't wait for 2020...

I trust Trump...

I disagree with democrats' claim that he's "flying by the seat of his pants", impulsive, operating without any sort of plan...

I realize the deep state has existed for over 70 years, an entrenched and malevolent bureaucracy packed with deeply sick, perverted, dangerous arch-criminals betraying our trust and eroding our cherished liberty-based government from within...

Trump is a die-hard American patriot who's proven he loves us and this country and has earned the loyalty of the police, military, border patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement...

He gets how evil the deep state and their marketing and propaganda unit, the fake news media, are...

He devoted an entire chapter in his best-selling book to GETTING EVEN, says if you don't get even, "you're just a chump"...

It makes sense that if you have evidence someone has committed both shoplifting and a string of bank robberies, the justice dept. will focus on the bank robberies carrying the 25+ year prison term instead of the shoplifting...

BUT!!! Trump has had three whole years—completely unhindered and allowed to do his job—to eradicate this 70-year scourge. Yet he's DONE NOTHING!!!! Every single bad actor at the top of government should, in my highly educated and valuable opinion (I have no security clearance) already have been arrested by now, and tried, convicted, sentenced, and either executed or imprisoned—by the same corrupt judges infesting the judiciary who are in on the subversion...

The fact that this has not occurred is absolute undeniable de facto proof that no bad actors at the top level will EVER be punished in any way, Trump will simply let them all walk free, he's exactly like every other deepstate president we've had...HE HAS NO PLAN!! THERE IS NO PLAN TO TRUST!! HONEST!! He's unreliable and completely powerless before the awesome strength and majesty of the deep state!!!


cilantro (0 points)

BUT!!! Trump has had three whole years—completely unhindered and allowed to do his job—to eradicate this 70-year scourge. Yet he's DONE NOTHING!!!!

This is where you are wrong.

Given your rebuttal, consider how ludicrous it is for you to expect major arrests in 2017 while Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, ect. were still in positions of power? Try and rebut this if you can, but we both know that you can't.

The Mueller investigation (into nothing) lasted from May 2017 to March 2019 and during this time, Mueller had 100% control over all FBI investigations that were active because his scope documents were classified... so you can guarantee all deep state investigations were frozen during this period...

...so that leaves the last 10 months in which the FBI could partially function... and during this time, the Horowitz and Durham investigations have taken place.

Horowitz didn't have the authority to indict anyone and he didn't have the authority to investigate any of the CIA's bullshit claims... so that only leaves Durham... and we'll know the score on that in a few months.

Can you see how childishly naive it is to expect the impossible from President Trump, like feeling dissented that Santa didn't bring you a dragon for Christmas?

Rather than screaming and crying and peeing your panties, just wait a few months and you'll definitively know if our DoJ can be saved. Use this time to pray for the best while prepping for the worst... but please have enough self respect not to fill your diapers over imaginary concern troll problems that you gobbled up with a spoon.

CQVFEFE (1 point) *

LOL I agree, silly.

If you would go back and read my post again, just the top part near the beginning, where it says "I don't understand the following mentality." Seriously, go check it out.

Suddenly realize that I powerfully reinforced all your viewpoints before you did.

Then I want you to feel amused by your completely unnecessary emotional reaction. Enjoy the amusement rather than shame or embarrassment. Why not? We're in the middle of the greatest period in American history since the 18th century. Criminals who tried to ruin what the Founders created are about to feel the pain of justice.

Like I said, I've gone through this thread and upvoted all your comments. Including even this one (which had been downvoted by someone) because it was just a goofy mistake.