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soksniffer 3 points ago

Look on the bright side... there are no voter ID requirements here, and early voting starts Feb. 22. "Vote early, vote often"

Baelor_The_Bellend 3 points ago

And they're trying to get rid of prop 13 (limits property tax hikes) again. Now that most the conservatives have left for Texas or other states, that will probably get yanked as well.

FactsOverFeelings 1 point ago

Prop 13 was dead years ago. How’s your mello rouse treating you out there in Commieland?

shipoutofdanger 3 points ago

so how does that encourage buying a new enviornmentally friendly car when they tax the ever loving fuck out of it?

Pro-tip - you can mail in a check too.

The 2.1% fee for online processing goes to a "private company" however, not to CA state.

I can only imagine which one of Pelosi or Feinstein's children runs that private company.

King 2 points ago

now yoi are thinking

BidenSmellsKids [S] -1 points ago *

What really pisses me off is they are taxing my truck, but then they add online sales tax to my purchase. How the fuck do you tax me for PAYING FOR YOUR TAX?? I'm not making a purchase, I'm paying a tax.

FactsOverFeelings 0 points ago

Since when do Mexicans have blue hair?