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nothingberg [S] (6 points)

sorry this is awful in terms of colors. i did this angrily in a couple of minutes in inkscape. I know it's low effort, and sorry. I just had to put my anger-energy somewhere

I'm furious tonight about the DOJ. Disheartened, angry

I want to believe

But it's feeling more like we're losing every day

The smolletts and avenatis are just letting off a MINISCULE amount of steam that this country has to keep the damn boiler from exploding

Garnet56 (3 points)

Don't stress out, you did fine. Have a beer and chill.

nothingberg [S] (4 points)

I'm dead-tired of the tick tocks, 4 D chess, the dan bonginos with his "insiders" and their incredible mental contortions

it's also equally possible that things are what they appear to be....TOTAL CORRUPTION and slow walking non-justice by the entire government,

fugg (2 points) *

We all are. And I don't care about "deep state" anymore because the reality is , there is nothing I can do about these people. So I'm not letting it ruin my day anymore.
This is all media-driven for ratings. Time to move on; keep pushing Trump' agenda and don't let this stuff slow us down anymore.

CucumberInLine (3 points)

I don't know what is going on and the colours hurt my eyes. but we can resolve this real quick.

if someone walked across the street and shot somebody in the head, would you charge and try them for jaywalking, or go for murder?

if somebody committed treason, and then lied about it, would you charge and try them for purgery, or go for treason?

now what if someone committed treason with a group of others. would you try one first and show your cards, or would you wait, monitor, and catch as many in the net as possible?

let's discuss this, rationally. what are your gripes with the above?

soksniffer (5 points)

That the murder charge wouldn't be ignored for 3+ years, and the suspect would be hauled in likely without bail until the trial.

CucumberInLine (1 point)

you're not understanding how big this is. do you know what a sealed indictment is? a grand jury decides there is enough evidence for a trial, but they hold-off on charging and trying. this is done, for example, with gangs and similar, where the charges and discovery would allow related criminals to escape. so they hold them to all drop at once. we are at about 150,000 right now. an unprecedented number, by far.

back to my analogy: imagine that murder was gang-related, and you could shut down a whole regional ms-13. would you throw that away to get just the small guy on murder?

nothingberg [S] (1 point)

I get your argument and your points are well taken

But keep in mind, that "if they are trying to get more evidence" or "trying to dragnet more people", they have ALL the tools and technology to do this

Do you honestly think that those encrypted blackberries cannot be hacked by the NSA?

Do you honestly think that when bill binney ex NSA who wrote the NSA dragnetting programs thinthread and prism, that when he said "WE COLLECT IT ALL" that he was lying. Keep in mind, he quit the NSA in 2001, a month after 9/11

Obama dumped tens of billions (trillions over the years) into the NSA infrastructure to do even more. Do you honestly think

honestly now

that they don't already HAVE ALL THE EVIDENCE they need?

I think they do

I think they've got these people's ENTIRE network flushed out...even if they used encrypted phones, the NSA still has the metadata

metadata is going to be the key to all of this (metadata --> who they contacted, for how long, when it happened, how many times they call, what time of day they call, where they were when they called, which carrier they used, what type of phone they used)

they have it ALL

The ONLY reason they are dragging this out is because of OPTICS

which informs PUBLIC OPINION

Now here's my gamble --- Trumps' support is over 50% of america now. So I say it's time to split king solomons baby and CHOOSE SIDES

choose the side of the lawful patriots, against the wicked, lawless, amoral criminals of the deepstate and go ahead and dragnet their asses

They have more than enough

If the NSA says they don't they are either wildly incompetent (no) or they are lying (yes)

Trump installed the NSA director (its his guy...no one talks about this new guy dir of nsa, so that means he's on Trumps side)

They have it all

It's time to release the kracken

CucumberInLine (1 point)

yes we have it all. problem is, that nsa data isn't admissible under normal circumstances.

also, public opinion is the most important factor. we had it all with pizzagate and you see how that went. q is a program to get people thinking, and establish a new news, by the people for the people. one of the goals at least.

we are almost there.

nothingberg [S] (1 point)


nothingberg [S] (1 point)

My gripes are they have more than enough information NOW to make indictments NOW and get it done NOW. What are they waiting for? I think they are slow walking for political reasons, IF they are slow walking

We've got no guarantees they aren't going to slow walk this right thru the 2020 election and then right after say, "see she's going to jail"

and then slow walk thru the 2024 election and it never happens

deleted (2 points)
nothingberg [S] (1 point) *

Sorry to correct you but you've made several misstatements.

He's in the UK in Belmarsh prison, last I checked. UK has no such charge--ie he is being held without any crime. Originally he was there for skipping bail but that was a charge of 3 months, which he duly served. Now he's being held for no charges. This is against ALL precedent for law, going back to the middle ages and even to ROMAN law... it's called a violation of habeus corpus

Sweden has vacated all their charges. The UK says they are holding him to keep him from leaving their jurisdiction since UK has an extradition treaty with the US which they are negotiating. So while they are charged with "protecting him" in their custody, they are destroying his mind with drugs, isolation and torture.

Why are they doing this, instead of keeping him in "protective custody" in a minimum security jail and keeping him well fed as a diplomatic ward?

Because what he knows could bring down the UK. YEP. If he goes to the US, and testifies, what he kjnows would bring down the deepstate, and that includes the queens privy council and central bankers of the city of london, Hakluyt, cambridge analytica oppo research firms, MI5/ MI6 and more....

If they allowed him to leave teh Ecuadorian Embassy, Assange could have fled to a country with no US-extradition treaty such as Russia


Then he'd be out of the jurisdiction of NATO / FIVE EYES countries and they'd never get his testimony

So UK is playing this funny game where they say "yeah we'll take care of your prisoner, US CIA....we'll take care of him FOR GOOD"

Of course, POTUS isn't intervening

He could

He has all the power in the world to take these two actions:


  2. IMMEDIATELY COMMUTE HIS SENTENCE (or give clemency and reduce it to "time served" with his detention in Ecuadorean embassay based on a lie from Sweden)

nothingberg [S] (1 point)

NXIVM is a closed loop (a finite network), just like the smolletts and avenattis of the world they are SMALL BEANS

Now some would argue NXIVM is part of a larger thing. I would agree. Let's get that larger thing, not stop at NXIVM. It's almost like NXIVM was a throwaway...a sacrificial lamb to save the larger organization

I mean we get reniere, mack and bronfman....any more???? I didnt' think so

It's almost like it's a dumb show

YOu're actualy proving my point for me, believe it or not.

I think of CLINTON FOUNDATION and its constellation of donor feeder orgs.

Clinton foundation is a fake charity incubator for fake charitries. It's almost like a blueprint for fake charities or "Franchisees"

NXIVM is kind of like a franchisee of something larger....WHAT IS THAT SOMETHING LARGER THING?

FactsOverFeelings (0 points)

Nothing berg was in nxivm? Oh, wow. We need a new color for his chart.


I get what you’re saying...Q was all over that stuff. Now tell me something about how pizzagate is being unraveled.

deleted (1 point)
nothingberg [S] (1 point)

Thank you. Your points are my points too. 100% on the last sentence. THis is what concerns me

We MUST get rid of the deepstate, entirely, and put in place something that inhibits them. I have a minority opinion here on this board, but I could prove

historically, through much much evidence both geneologically, ideologically, organizationally / administratively and financially....

.....that these people are ideological continuation of the nazi party from ww2

The atlantic council is the continuation of the nazi party, they've only gone anti-national and globalist. THey've flipped from nationalist to antinationalist (unipolar or globalist)...but now they are 'global fascists'

Garnet56 (1 point)

Yeah I've about had it with q, trust the plan, we have everything, trust sessions, trust Huber, not one vital deep state arrest with a significant sentence. If MI and Pres Trump are running this op then I have to be honest. They overstated their power to attack and greatly underestimated the power of the globalist deep state. And your right no matter how many criminals like the Awans or Epstein escape justice the cult just keeps on with feel the pain and panic in DC. The fact of the matter is AG Barr seems to have little gumption to right his badly listing ship. His words and I quote on the Stone trial by his DOJ, a righteous prosecution, he is sessions with bagpipes. I voted for President Trump and I'll vote for him again but he keeps appointing deep staters, and don't give me this shit about wanting to show Americans the level of corruption we have all known it was here for decades. Remember Bagpipe Bill was on watch when Epstein whatever, we all knew it was going to happen, but the head of the DOJ did not imagine that.

Harambe (1 point)

Q is chicom agitprop

nothingberg [S] (1 point)

Chicom of CHAIcom (clinton health access initiative)?

GreenDrakeHatch (0 points)

Trump tweet this morning vs. Q drop one year ago today. Just a coincidence, again?


BuckOfama (-1 points)

So we convict McCabe for the piddly charge of lying to the FBI and then what? He does a few months' time, maybe a year or two, then gets out to pull more subversive, swamp monster shit? No, thank you. I'd rather wait a little longer for the stuff that will put him and others away for good. Do you want this done now, or do you want it done correctly? It can't be both. Let Durham do his thing, and let's see what happens. If nothing comes of THAT, then I'll admit I was wrong. Until then, fucking relax. I know we've all been champing at the bit for quite some time, but the concern-faggotry is really quite tiresome at this point, as well as extremely unhelpful.

fugg (4 points)

McCabe is not being charged because there is nothing else. If there was, these charges would never have been brought up in the first place- as prosecutors would be focusing on the bigger charges.

BuckOfama (1 point)

"[A]s prosecutors would be focusing on the bigger charges."

What do you think Durham is doing? Having a tea party? Again, if I'm wrong and nothing at all comes of his investigation, then fine, I'll admit so. Until then, it is foolish to think what we see is all there is. Expecting to drain such a deep, massive swamp by picking off peons little by little as they come is unrealistic. Taking out "chunks" at a time (if not the whole thing all at once) is more effective, and that means you need to make sure you have all your ducks in a row first. A key part of that is making sure there are no leaks so the swamp doesn't catch on to what's going on. Unfortunately, that means we don't know, either, making it appear as though nothing big is happening. That's just my two cents.

Look, I understand the impatience. We're ALL champing at the bit for people to go down. But I honestly think there's a bigger picture here that we're just not quite seeing yet. And again, if I turn out to be wrong, so be it. I'll hold that. But I'm not yet ready to mope around here with a defeatist attitude and diminish the victories we HAVE had like the OP did just because the big fish aren't frying right this very second.

nothingberg [S] (2 points) *

What do you think Durham is doing? Having a tea party?

Let's flip it around.



Yes I do

We've seen NOTHING from Huber

We've seen NOTHING from Durham (aka Huber 2)

We've seen NOTHING THAT HELPS US from BARR and Trump is sitting on his hands


We Want to see Results!

nothingberg [S] (1 point)

but...but it takes time

Do you know how much money the DOJ has? Do you know how many employees they have? How many US attorneys they have? How much human and financial sources they can leverage to get something done?

It would astound you --- they have a $31,000,000,000 budget, around 2 billion a year for US attorneys alone....they also have the ability to delegate tasks to INTERPOL and other law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI itself, which the DOJ is superior to in the chain of command

Think of them as a law firm that has the privilege of being friendly with--as in working every single day with--a court system, with thousands and thousands of attorneys, who themselves has privileged access to legal documents, state secrets (clearances), a national court documents system (inslaw or whatever its called now...promis), funding for serving legal documents, law enforcement witneesss and subpoena service programs, intelligence, FBI information, NSA / CIA information as applicable and what they are willing to share....domestic and foreign private security contractor coordination, FISA courts....

Do you honestly think it takes YEARS for them to get this done?


BuckOfama (1 point)

First of all, Huber wasn't conducting a criminal investigation and therefore, wasn't capable of making indictments, so I didn't expect any arrests coming from Huber. Durham is, and his investigation is still ongoing. And just because you're not fully aware of what he is doing is not grounds for saying he's not doing anything, especially since the investigation is still underway.

"Do you honestly think it takes YEARS for them to get this done?"

Honestly? Yes, I do. Know why? Because this swamp is deep and massive. It's a swamp that has existed for decades and has had a long time to grow and fester. You're not going to clean it up in a matter of weeks, or even months. That's unrealistic. I know the swamp stinks to High Heaven and we want to get rid of it, but to do it correctly, guess what? That's right: It takes time. A task as big as draining the swamp is something I'm willing to wait for. I'm sorry you apparently don't feel the same.

The DOJ has its own fair share of swamp creatures, too (inb4 "BaRr iS sWaMp!"). Why do you think Barr formed a separate channel to receive the info from Rudy's investigation? You don't want the DOJ swamp to have access to that information and make moves to counter or impede any action. Hence, we have Nadler throwing a fit about it. The swamp is everywhere and it's not going to roll over and just let us take it out. It fights back and tries to do what it can to delay.

At the end of the day, my point is we don't know everything, so to say, "Nothing is happening, nothing will ever happen, we're all fucked," I feel is myopic. POTUS has access to a hell of a lot more info than we do, and it looks to me like he knows how to play the game. And no, I'm not "risking a whole lot with my assumptions." At best, I'm right and all this doom-and-gloom defeatism was all wasted energy, and at worst, I'm just wrong. Not like I'll be executed for speculating incorrectly.

Pede, I know you're tired of hoping and waiting. I know having to be patient when you know the draining of the swamp is the potential prize at the end is frustrating at times. And I know over the years prior to President Trump, we have become frighteningly accustomed to losing, and old habits die hard. But it is not helpful to diminish what victories we have had (victories we probably wouldn't have seen had Trump not been president), and spread a message of "All is lost" when this is far from over. After all, we still have to make sure we get the man a 2nd term.

nothingberg [S] (2 points)

The idea that Mccabe is going to be charged with ANYTHING is a narrative you guys are telling yourselves

My point is there is ZERO proof that mccabe is going to be charged with treason. If you have it, bring it forward.

You're risking a WHOLE lot with your assumptions

and I dont' appreciate the name-calling of my post as concern-faggotry. calling people names because you don't fully understand or can't argue is something that a leftist does