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MysteriaMaxim (5 points)

You can prosecute someone for 2 separate crimes. Not sure if this is generally understood by DOJ.

cilantro (1 point) *

Agreed and today's concern troll attacks have been hilarious.

McCabe is still under at least one FBI investigation that we're aware of, possibly others and possibly part of Durham's criminal investigation too.

Yesterday the shill narrative was calling for violence against liberals, the day before it was racism against Yang to dissuade his supporters from joining our MAGA movement... and today it's a call to abandon all hope for justice.

I wonder what the shill narrative will be tomorrow?

Whatever President Trump and AG Barr are planning, we'll know in a few months when the Durham criminal investigation concludes and the indictments are released.

deleted (0 points) *
mossomo (1 point)

Its horrible. Fags like me have lost all faith in the country, the system, and the idea of America. Its not the land of the free, its the land of the connected.

Commiewrecker17 [S] (-1 points)

Haaa that sucks for you. Found the Bernie voter.

mossomo (1 point) *

WTF are you thinking son. I think America has turned into a joke, so ya think I want more socialism with lil sprinkle of communism and will vote for Bernie?

How did you arrive there? You’re just joking me.

Commiewrecker17 [S] (0 points)

Self own?

gawd-emperor (0 points) *

Those hoo believe dat and-y similar gar bage like q and mili tary tribunals are retarded, want justice get it yourself, protest, fight, never give up and maybe you get jus tice , those fairy tales are laughable and-y pathetic

Commiewrecker17 [S] (1 point)

😂 you just made me lol.

mossomo (1 point)

Depend on the side of the bed I wake up.

But Q stands for hope to a lot of people, its not a good idea to take their hope away.

lanre (0 points)

Q stands for staying asleep in the hope that someone else is taking care of your problems for you.

mossomo (1 point)

Hows voting working for you? Hasn’t worked for me. I’ll go as far to say I’ve been deceived most my life.

How would you go about fixing a corrupt political establishment? Outside of voting, rallying, protesting, letter campaigns, and social media influence - what else is there to do legally? The remainder would put you in jail.

Commiewrecker17 [S] (-5 points)

But before you go losing your concern-fagging minds, consider what has happened already and what is in the works. This isn't "it". These fags will get theirs, just watch.

TJac (4 points)

O.K. what has happened already and what is in the "works"?

FactsOverFeelings (3 points)

Just you wait and see. It will happen. Like a bar that perpetually promises free beer tomorrow.

Commiewrecker17 [S] (-2 points)

You're a fucking faggot. If you don't know now, you never will. Stupid fuck, no sense wasting my effort to educate an obvious retard who a.) Isn't paying attention or b.) Is a silly faggot shill. Soak your faggot head 🖕

TJac (1 point)

In other words nothing has happened and more investigations are in the"works"?

mossomo (2 points)

Justice is promised right after the re-election. We just got to win this one. Then I swear. I swear since 2017.

I admit it’s hard to stay optimistic.

lanre (0 points)

I swear guys, vote for me and I'll get my AG and head of the FBI, who have been waist deep in swamp life their whole careers, to really put the screws to their lifelong friends and coworkers who probably have all sorts of dirt on them.