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cilantro 1 point ago


These concern troll posts are so low energy.

We have no idea how many FBI investigations are underway because they aren't made public. Huber didn't have any power to make indictments and we won't know what's happening until the Durham criminal investigation makes it's indictments public.

Yesterday, shills flooded this site with posts calling for violence against liberals.

The day before we were flooded with racist posts against Yang in an attempt to dissuade Yang supporters from boarding the Trump Train.

And today's concern troll narrative is that AG Barr is the enemy and we're all doomed. DOOOOOOOOOOMED!

I can't wait to see what desperate bullshit the shills will try tomorrow?

I hope Soros is paying a fortune for all these shills to impotently bash their heads against the wall.

Baelor_The_Bellend 1 point ago

I was hoping for Futurama

GooseHonkHonk [S] 1 point ago

Go fuck yourself. I'm not a concern troll or Soros shill you fucking cunt.
Do you seriously believe that no Patriots are fucking pissed off and sick of this shit?

Gobberwarts 0 points ago

You go first, dude. Right behind you.