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CucumberInLine (-3 points)

I remember the first time I read "the protocols of Zion" and the mindset they sought to instill... it was all around me. they did it.

the plan to enslave the world is as old as history. protocols of Zion was written around1780, translated to English 100 years later. it is the freemason plan to enslave the world through control of information and public opinion. pretty funny describing how to do controlled opposition with the printing press, yet it is the same today through television. if you choose to duckduckgo.com and read it, where you see "Jew" read "illuminati." have fun!

Harambe (1 point)

Ah yes, "da jews". There are literally millions of Soros' running around. They must be stopped! All jews are Soros.

So stupid when you post low IQ shit like this

CucumberInLine (1 point) *

I specifically said to read "Jews" as freemason. not my fault they call themselves Jews, but are not. synagogue of Satan. it also mentions "our lodges" several times. no Jew calls their temple a lodge.

looks like it worked because all you saw was "muh joos" and were afraid to dig further.

CucumberInLine (0 points)

downvoted, but I didn't write it, and I fight against its message, every day.

you must understand the true enemy, the ones who seek to divide us. or, go back to sleep.

FactsOverFeelings (0 points)

So Freemasons are the real enemy? What level is George Soros? Is he level 69 yet?

RoboGerbil (2 points)

Freemasons are just the anti-jew section of the nazi party. It's another way to divide us. Whoever is pushing all the religion vs religion narrative lately are the same ones trying to enslave us all.

CucumberInLine (1 point)

freemasons, knights of Malta, etc. deep state. illuminati. call them whatever you like. different groups, different goals, similar operating procedure.