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cilantro -3 points ago

Yes, AG Bill Barr pays me in rainbows and glitter.

Have you ever eaten glitter? It's delicious and my stools look like a disco party!

The_Sentinel [S] 1 point ago *

LMAO! Sure, whatever makes you feel good about yourself.

cilantro -2 points ago *

Discussing the concerning level of concerning concern among concerned users makes me feel good.

You make me feel good.


The_Sentinel [S] 1 point ago

You are doing great at copy and paste. Keep it up. Enjoy! It only points to your lack of originality. What have you been saying about 'concern' TROLLS?

Your determined defense of your very own opinion is consistently sad.

Why don't you do everybody on this site a favor and go and mix with some lettuce, a good amount of onions, tomatoes, and whatever else you favor and make yourself into a great tossed troll salad.

Make sure and take all of your meds to ensure that you continue feeling good.